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SIAM Presents ... a Featured Lecture from our Archives

James Luedtke and Jeff Linderoth, University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Sven Leyffer, Argonne National Laboratory, presented a minitutorial titled Mixed-integer Nonlinear Optimization at the 2014 SIAM Conference on Optimization. These conference presentations are available online along with more presentations from this conference and other SIAM meetings at SIAM Presents.
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ACM-SIAM Symposium on Control and Its Applications (CT15)

July 8 – 10, 2015 - Paris, France-- This conference will showcase a wide range of topics in control and systems theory, such as control of PDEs, computational mathematics for control and optimization, real-time optimization and data assimilation, cooperative control for unmanned autonomous vehicles, dynamic games, cellular and biological regulation, etc.
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Optimal Error Estimates for First-Order Gaussian Beam Approximations to the Schrödinger Equation

Read this abstract from SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis. Author: Chunxiong Zhen
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