SIAM External Prize Canvassing Committee

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Tony Chan
Anders Forsgren
Susan Friedlander (Chair)
Irene Gamba
Andreas Griewank
Ilse Ipsen


David Keyes
Ricardo Nochetto
James Sethian
Michael Ulbrich
Olof Widlund


A Working Group of the Major Awards Committee

Purpose: The External Prize Canvassing Committee was created as a working group of the Major Awards Committee in order to encourage and facilitate nominations for external prizes and awards in the disciplines served by SIAM. In some occasions, SIAM may be the nominating institution.  External prizes are prizes relevant to the SIAM membership but which are not administered by SIAM.

A second purpose of this committee is to assist the VP for Science Policy in making recommendations of SIAM members for government advisory panels and committees.


Background and Procedures

In 1979, the SIAM Council charged the Major Awards Committee with fostering nominations for selected external prizes. These included the Waterman Prize (NSF) and the U.S. National Medal of Science, among others.

The Major Awards Committee decided to create an External Prize Canvassing Committee to assist with this charge, beginning in 2014.

The intent is that this committee would compile suggestions for nominees for certain external major awards or prizes. This list would be approved by the Major Awards Committee.

The External Prize Canvassing Committee members would then solicit individuals (or departments) to put together a nomination package. While EPCC members could choose to write a nomination, the normal process would be for them to encourage knowledgeable individuals or employers to produce the nomination.

The list of prizes for which nominations might be solicited would be approved and maintained by the Major Awards Committee.


Committee Composition and Structure

The External Prize Canvassing Committee will normally have 8-12 members.  The SIAM VP at Large shall be an ex-officio member of this committee.

The Major Awards Committee will draw up a proposed list of members for approval by the SIAM President and recommend one of these as the chair. Terms on this committee shall be normally two years.  The chair of this committee reports to the Major Awards Committee which is chaired by the VP at Large. Members of this committee should have experience and knowledge of the community required to carry out the charge of this committee.

At its inception, members will be appointed until December 31, 2016, while the chair will be appointed until December 31, 2017. Eventually, about half the committee may rotate off every year.


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