Books on Careers in the Mathematical Sciences

The following is a list of books with guidelines and ideas on careers in the mathematical sciences:

Sample books: 101 Careers in Mathematics, Second Edition
Andrew Sterrett, Editor, Mathematical Association of America, 2003

A Mathematician’s Survival Guide: Graduate School and Early Career Development
Steven G. Krantz, American Mathematical Society, 2003

Advice to Rocket Scientists: A Career Survival Guide for Scientists and Engineers
Jim Longuski, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2003

Careers for Number Crunchers & Other Quantitative Types, Second Edition
Rebecca Burnett, McGraw-Hill, 2002

Careers in Focus: Mathematics and Physics, Second Edition
Ferguson Publishing, 2008

Careers in Mathematics: Teacher, Statistician, Actuary, Operations Research, Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst
Institute for Career Research, 2005

Great Jobs for Math Majors, Second Edition
Stephen Lambert & Ruth DeCotis, McGraw-Hill, 2006

Secrets to Success in Industry Careers: Essential Skills for Science and Business
L. Borbye, Academic Press, 2007

She Does Math: Real-Life Problems from Women on the Job
Marla Parker, Editor, Mathematical Association of America, 1995

What Every Engineer Should Know About Career Management
Mike Ficco, CRC Press, 2009


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