Monday Afternoon, January 29, 1996
Grand Ballroom North

Session 9

Chair: Satish B. Rao, NEC Research Institute
2:00-2:20 Routing and Admission Control in General Topology Networks with Poisson Arrivals
Anil Kamath, Omri Palmon, and Serge Plotkin, Stanford University
2:25-2:45 A Commercial Application of Survivable Network Design: ITP/INPLANS CCS Network Topology Analyzer
Milena Mihail and Marco Mostrel, Bellcore; Nate Dean, AT&T Bell Laboratories; and David Shallcross, Bellcore
2:50-3:10 Selecting Training Inputs via Greedy Rank Covering
Adam L. Buchsbaum and Jan P.H. van Santen, AT&T Bell Laboratories
3:15-3:35 Data Collection for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey - A Network Flow Heuristic
Robert Lupton and F. Miller Maley, Princeton University; and Neal Young, AT&T Bell Laboratories

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