Monday, June 17
10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Room 301

Partially Ordered Sets (Part I of II)

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in finite partially ordered sets (posets) and researchers have discovered a wealth of fascinating results for these structures. As an added bonus, applications and connections with many other areas of discrete mathematics have been found, and the rapidly expanding list of allied topics includes planar graphs, probabilistic methods, correlation, Ramsey theory, algorithms and enumeration. Not surprisingly, the proof techniques required for these results exhibit all the distinguishing qualities of modern research in discrete mathematics, especially a healthy mixture of cleverness combined with powerful tools from mainstream areas of classical mathematics.

The speakers will survey some of the most interesting highlights of recent research on finite posets and sketch what appears to us to be the most promising directions for the future. The talks will be intended, in the main, for non-specialists.

Organizer: William T. Trotter
Arizona State University

10:00 Finite Partially Ordered Sets: Why Do So Many People Now Care About Them?
William T. Trotter, Organizer
10:30 On-Line Problems for Posets and Graphs
Stefan Felsner, Freie UniversitĄt Berlin, Germany
11:00 Algorithmic Questions on Partial Orders
Jeremy Spinrad, Vanderbilt University
11:30 Enumerating Maps and Determining Image-size for Partially Ordered Sets
Dwight Duffus, Emory University; Tomasz Luczak, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland; Vojtech Rodl, Emory University; and Andrzej Rucinski, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

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MEM, 3/21/96