Thursday, June 20
10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Room 303

Combinatorial Design Theory

This minisymposium will focus on combinatorial design theory and related areas of finite geometry and applications to statistics, coding theory and cryptography. The speakers will provide an overview of current research in combinatorial design theory.

Organizer: Luc M. Teirlinck
Auburn University

10:00 Large Sets of Steiner Triple Systems
Alexander Rosa, McMaster University, Canada
10:30 Orthogonal Arrays of Strength 3
Donald L. Kreher, Michigan Technological University
11:00 A Survey of Buekenhout_Metz Unitals
Gary L. Ebert, University of Delaware
11:30 Packing Lines, Planes, etc.: Packings in Grassmannian Spaces, with Applications to Medicine and Statistics
Neil J.A. Sloan, AT&T Bell Laboratories

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MEM, 4/10/96