Thursday, June 20
1:30-3:30 PM
Room 303

Cycle Covers of Graphs

Decompositions into cycles has been a topic of study since the nineteenth century. Cycle covers have an interesting relationship with the Chinese postman problem which provides a very useful tool for solving some routing problems. Cycle decompositions are useful for some scheduling problems and algorithmic considerations for networks. The relationship between cycle covers and special cubic graphs is currently being investigated and some researchers are using techniques developed in design theory to attack decomposition problems.

The speakers in this minisymposium will present some recent work on cycle covers and decompositions into directed cycles.

Organizer: Brian Roger Alspach
Simon Fraser University, Canada

1:30 An Extension of the 6-Flow Theorem and an Application to Short Cycle Covers
Genghua Fan, Arizona State University
2:00 Cycle Covers and Removable Cycles
Luis A. Goddyn, Simon Fraser University, Canada
2:30 Almost Resolvable Directed Cycle Systems
Chris Rodger, Auburn University
3:00 Small Cycle Double Covers of Planar Graphs
Karen Seyffarth, University of Calgary, Canada

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MEM, 4/10/96