MS1 ~ Sunday, May 21, 1995 ~ 10:00 AM

Space-Time Chaos, Coherent Structures and Intermittency in Extended Dynamical Systems

Recently the new class of extended dynamical systems was introduced. These systems are called Lattice Dynamical Systems (LDS) because a "physical space" in these models forms a lattice. Such systems naturally appear in the computer simulations of PDEs. Studies of LDS allow one to define exactly in some cases and to study rigorously such phenomena as space-time chaos, spatial chaos, coherent structures, etc. that are widely used in applications but are still vague so far. The minisymposium will be devoted to some last results in this area that deal with a characterization of chaos in high-dimensional systems and stochastic synchronization in lattices of nonlinear oscillators. Both rigorous and numerical results will be given.

Organizer: Leonid A. Bunimovich, Georgia Institute of Technology

Stochastic Synchronization in Lattices of Nonlinear Oscillators
Valentine Afraimovich, Georgia Institute of Technology
Characterization of Extensive Chaos
Henry S. Greenside, Duke University
Dynamics of Lattice Differential Equations
John Mallet-Paret, Brown University
From Finite to Infinite Systems and Back
Leonid A. Bunimovich, Organizer