MS6 ~ Sunday, May 21, 1995 ~ 10:00 AM

Dynamical Systems in Control of Fluid Flows -- A University/Industry Perspective

Fluid flow control is an area that is receiving much attention recently. The need for ever more higher performance of fluid related devices dictates the need for precise control methods for nonlinear fluid phenomena. As the speakers in this minisymposium will show, dynamical systems can make a significant contribution to this field. The current directions of research include "classical" approaches of stability and control based on examining the fluid equations as a large modal system in the vicinity of an unstable fixed point; "optimal and suboptimal control" approaches which are based on variational principles; and "radical" approaches that attempt to construct and control low dimensional models of highly nonlinear systems as a premise for the control of selected fluid areas in physical space. The speakers will give a sampling of these methods.

Organizer: Gal Berkooz, Cornell University

Local Models of Turbulent Processes
Philip J. Holmes, Princeton University
Feedback Control for Turbulent Channel Flow
Roger Temam, University of Indiana, Bloomington and Université de Paris-Sud, France
Active Control of Convection
Haim Bau, University of Pennsylvania
Active and Passive Jet Control: Theory and Experiments
Gal Berkooz, Organizer