Monday, May 20
4:50-6:50 PM
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Models and Formulation

Optimization of Decomposable Systems
Mark Sh. Levin, The University of Aizu, Japan
A Proposal for the Quality Control in the Paper Industry
Maria Teresinha Arns Steiner, Celso Carnieri and Luciano Gavinho,
Universidade Federal do Parana, Brazil
A Multiple Objective Optimization Model for Portfolio Selection
Zhen Huang, Otterbein College; and Lijia Guo, Ohio State University
A Stochastic Programming Electric Power Long-term Planning Model
Zhongxian Wang, Montclair State University
Analysis of the Hessian for Inviscid Aerodynamic Optimization
Eyal Arian, ICASE-NASA Langley Research Center, and Shlomo Ta'asan,
Carnegie Mellon University
System Optimization Technology
Galina A. Dolenko, Kiev University, Ukraine

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LMH, 2/28/96