Monday, May 20
4:50-6:50 PM

Interior Methods

On a Theoretical Framework for Parameter Adjustment in Homotopy Methods
Michael J. Todd, Cornell University
Determination of Interior Points of Systems of Inequality and Equality Constraints
Ilya I. Dikin and Olga M. Popova, Siberian Energy Institute, Russia
On the Self--Concordance of the Universal Barrier Function
Osman Guler, University of Maryland Baltimore County
On the Characterization of Q-Superlinear Convergence of Quasi-Newton Interior-Point
Methods for Nonlinear Programming
H. J. Martinez, Universidad del Valle, Colombia; Z. Parada and Richard A. Tapia,
Rice University
An Interior Point Algorithm with Adaptive Solver for Large-Scale Linear Programming Problems
Dianne P. O'Leary and Weichung Wang, University of Maryland, College Park
Solving the Optimal Control Problems by the Algorithms Based on the Methods of Interior
Points and Penalty Functions
Alexander Yu. Filatov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

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LMH, 2/28/96