Tuesday, May 21
8:00-10:00 AM
Oak Bay 1

Interior Methods

On the Application of Interior-Point Methodology to Groundwater Remediation
Maged M. Hamed and Richard A. Tapia, Rice University; Mary F. Wheeler, Uinversity of Texas,
Austin; and Wei Yuan, Rice University
The Implementation of an Interior Point Method for General Nonlinear Programming using Trust Regions
Mary Beth Hribar and Jorge Nocedal, Northwestern University; Richard Byrd, University of Colorado
On Effective Finite Termination Techniques within Interior Point Methods for Linear Programming Problems
Pamela J. Williams, Rice University
An Interior Projected Trust-region-based Algorithm for Linearly Constrained Minimization
Thomas Coleman, Cornell University; and Jianguo Liu, University of California, San Diego
LOCO: An Interior-Point Code for Convex Optimization
Robert J. Vanderbei, Princeton University
Improving the Efficiency of Interior-Point Methods Using Conic Formulations
Michael C. Grant, Stanford University

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