Tuesday, May 21
12:45-2:45 PM
Saanich 2

Differential Inclusion

An Algorithm for Optimal Control Problems Based on Differential Inclusions
Fernando Lobo Pereira, Joao Borges de Sousa and Anibal Coimbra de Matos, Universidade
do Porto Rua dos Bragas, Portugal
Discrete Approximations for Nonconvex Differential Inclusions with Delay
Ruth Trubnik, Morris Brown College
Approximate Invariance and Differential Inclusions in Hilbert Spaces
F.H. Clark, Universite de Montreal, Canada; Yu.S. Ledyaev, Universite de Montreal, Canada and
Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Russia; and M.L. Radulescu, Universite de Montreal, Canada
Boundary Value Problems for Differential Inclusions
Alexsander Ivan Bulgakov, Tambov State University, Russia
Regularization of Nonconvex Boundary Value Problems in the Small Deformation Theory
Igor A. Brigadnov, North-West Polytechnic Institute, Russia

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