Wednesday, May 22
10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Oak Bay 1

Conjugate Gradient and Lanczos Methods

Iterative Methods for Large-Scale Indefinite Systems
P. Chin, University of Western Ontario, Canada; and A. Vannelli, University of Waterloo, Canada
Iterative Methods for Weighted Least Squares
Elena Y. Bobrovnikova and Stephen A. Vavasis, Cornell University
Tensor-GMRES Methods for Large Nonlinear Equations
Dan Feng, RIACS, NASA Ames Research Center; and Thomas H. Pulliam, NASA Ames Research Center
A New Matrix-Free Algorithm for the Large-Scale Trust-Region Subproblem
Sandra A. Santos, State University of Campinas, Brazil; and Danny C. Sorensen, Rice University
Potential Functions for Non-Symmetric Sets of Linear Equations
L.C.W. Dixon, University of Hartfordshire, United Kingdom; and J.L. Nazareth, Washington State University

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JCG, 3/4/96