Wednesday, May 22
1:50 PM-3:20 PM
Saanich 1

Limited Memory Methods

Limited Memory BFGS Applied to a REQP based On the Augmented Lagrangian
Marli de F.G. Hernandez, State University of Campinas, Brazil; and Mike Bartholomew-Biggs, University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Update Condensation - A New Approach to Limited Storage Quasi-Newton Minimization
Martin B. Reed, Brunel University, United Kingdom
Reduced-Hessian Limited-storage Quasi-Newton Methods
Philip E. Gill, University of California, San Diego: and Michael W. Leonard, Santa Clara University
Preconditioned Limited-Storage Quasi-Newton Methods for Large-Scale Constrained Optimization
Samuel K. Eldersveld and Philip E. Gill, University of California, San Diego
A Lagrangian Dual Ascent Algorithm for Large-Scale Convex Networks
Chih-Hang (John) Wu, Kansas State University

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JCG, 3/4/96