Monday, May 20
4:50-6:50 PM
Oak Bay 1

Periodic and Chaotic Solutions of Optimal Control Models

During the last decade the following class of problems has been studied in several fields of applied mathematics. Under which conditions is the longrun behavior of the optimal solution to deterministic, autonomous optimal control problems with infinite time horizon periodic or chaotic? The question of endogenously generated limit cycles and chaotic attractors is of importance in various fields of mathematic economics (like optimal growth theory), operations research (dynamic programming applied for instance to marketing, production or finance) and engineering. The speakers will discuss this class of problems and some applications. Although several mechanisms generating complex behavior have already been identified, more work has to be done to gain insights on the compatibility of optimality and complexity.

Organizer: Gustav Feichtinger
Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Periodic and Chaotic Solutions of Non-Concave Optimal Control Problems
Gustav Feichtinger, Organizer
Numerical Solution and Sensitivity Analysis of Periodic Control Problems
Helmut Maurer, Universitat Muenster, Germany
Energy Optimal Periodic Solutions and Feedback Control for Subway Trains with
Non-Connected Control Sets
Johannes Schloder, Universitat Heidelberg, Germany
The Value of an Optimal Investment with Periodic Discount Rate
Malte Sieveking, Universitat Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Germany

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LMH, 3/15/96