Tuesday, May 21
8:00-10:00 AM
Salon A

Optimization and Differential-Algebraic Equations (Part II of II)
(Invited Minisymposium)

For description, see Part I, MS11.

Organizers: Kathryn E. Brenan, The Aerospace Corporation; and
John T. Betts, The Boeing Company

Solving Five Ugly Test-Problems with GESOP
K. H. Well, UniversitĄt Stuttgart, Germany
Solving Optimal Control Problems with State Constraints via the Combined
Indirect/Direct Transcription Method
Oskar von Stryk, Technische UniversitĄt Munchen, Germany
Computing Adjoint Variables via Sensitivity Analysis
W. P. Hallman, The Aerospace Corporation
Robust Receding Horizon Optimal Control
M. L. Bell, D. J. N. Limebeer, and Roger W. H. Sargent,
Imperial College of Science, United Kingdom

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LMH, 3/15/96