Tuesday, May 21
12:45-2:15 PM
Salon B

Optimization in Control and Design Applications (Part I of II)

The application of optimization methods to optimal control and design problems is a challenging and rewarding endeavor. The appropriate formulation of these applications as optimization problems, the computation of derivatives, the efficient solution of mostly very large subproblems, and the convergence analysis for practical optimization algorithms are issues that have to be addressed. The speakers in this minisymposium report on new developments in optimization methods for this class of problems and on recent applications of optimization methods to important industrial problems.

Organizers: Matthias Heinkenschloss, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Juan Meza, Sandia National Laboratories; and Volker Schulz, Universitat Heidelberg, Germany

Reduced Hessian SQP Methods for Process Optimization: Some Recent Advances
Larry Biegler and David Ternet, Carnegie Mellon University
Numerical Solution of Optimization Boundary Value Problems in Industrial Applications
Hans Georg Bock, Universitat Heidelberg, Germany; and Volker Schulz, Organizer
Comparison of Numerical Methods for Optimal Shape Design Problems Manfred Laumen, Universitat Trier, Germany

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MEM, 3/18 /96