Guidelines for Prize Committees

SIAM Prizes are established to highlight the best work in our community. They are intended to recognize individual achievement and to showcase the work of our community to the outside world.

Various SIAM Prizes have been established each with a different purpose or demographic---for senior researchers (lifetime achievement), for mid-career researchers, early career researchers or students.

The following guidelines augment, but do not supersede, existing prize specifications.

  1. Committees should pay careful attention to written nomination packages. Individuals have made considerable effort to generate a nomination package.

  2. Committees should consider carefully the purpose and intent of the prize, and measure the nominations against the purpose listed in the prize specifications. The selection committee should take care to not simply choose from names of nominees known to the committee members.

  3. Competing nominations must be well documented.  A copy of any nomination package received by the chair or another member of the committee should be forwarded to the prize administrators at the SIAM office. The SIAM office will disseminate all packages and archive the nominations for an appropriate period of time.

  4. A prize committee may generate additional nominations, which must be submitted along with appropriate documentation to the SIAM office.

  5. SIAM is working over the next three years or so towards imposing lower bounds on the number of nominations that must be received in order for a prize to be awarded and strongly encourages prize committees to ensure receipt of a sufficient number of nominations representing the best of the field. A rough guide is 6 nominations for major prizes and 3 for SIAG prizes.

  6. Discussions should be open to all selection committee members. Any discussions of prize nominations/selections should preferably be at a meeting set in advance (most likely a teleconference) with all invited to participate, or by email with everyone on the committee included. Exceptions can be made for conflicts of interest [see].

  7. A committee may conclude that no prize should be awarded if it feels that there is no nomination of sufficiently high quality.

  8. Previous nominations will roll over for one cycle when it makes sense to do so. For example, it makes sense to roll over a nomination for a lifetime achievement award but not for a best dissertation prize (since there is a small window of eligibility in the latter case). This is a SIAM policy decision and not the decision of the selection committee or its chair. The SIAM office will include the rolled-over nominations in the packages of nominations that it distributes to the committee.

  9. The membership of the prize committee will be made public at the time of the announcement of the call for nominations.  Members of the prize committee are not eligible for nomination but may themselves make nominations.
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