About SIAM

SIAM exists to ensure the strongest interactions between mathematics and other scientific and technological communities through membership activities, publication of journals and books, and conferences.

Officers, Board and Council

The mathematical and computational scientists who lead our efforts.


SIAM Members volunteer to serve on committees addressing special initiatives.

More About SIAM

An overview of applied math and computational science, departments, staff and some history.

SIAM Connect

News, networking, nuance
Read the latest news about SIAM and our members.

Science Policy and Funding

SIAM is committed to providing timely information to its membership and to policy makers regarding science policy and funding.

SIAM Unwrapped Archives

News & announcements for the SIAM membership community.

Bylaws and Reports

View and download PDFs of SIAM's Annual Report to Members, Annual Financial Report, bylaws, and Math In Industry Report..

Nominations and Suggestions

Nominate a collegue to be considered for a committee, volunteer to be considered for an appointment, or make a suggestion about anything else concerning SIAM.

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