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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


Multiscale Finite-Volume CVD-MPFA Formulations on Structured and Unstructured Grids
Elliot Parramore, Michael G. Edwards, Mayur Pal, and Sadok Lamine

Eulerian Geometrical Optics and Fast Huygens Sweeping Methods for Three-Dimensional Time-Harmonic High-Frequency Maxwell's Equations in Inhomogeneous Media
Jianliang Qian, Wangtao Lu, Lijun Yuan, Songting Luo, and Robert Burridge


Optimization of Textile-Like Materials via Homogenization and Beam Approximations
Julia Orlik, Grigory Panasenko, and Vladimir Shiryaev

Mesoscopic Modeling of Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Kinetics in the Subdiffusive Regime
Emilie Blanc, Stefan Engblom, Andreas Hellander, and Per Lötstedt

A Transmission Problem Across a Fractal Self-Similar Interface
Yves Achdou and Thibaut Deheuvels

Energy Scaling and Asymptotic Properties of Step Bunching in Epitaxial Growth with Elasticity Effects
Tao Luo, Yang Xiang, and Nung Kwan Yip


SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


A Geometric Approach to Stationary Defect Solutions in One Space Dimension
A. Doelman, P. van Heijster, and F. Xie

Multiresolution Dynamic Mode Decomposition
J. Nathan Kutz, Xing Fu, and Steven L. Brunton

Conley--Morse Databases for the Angular Dynamics of Newton's Method on the Plane
Justin Bush, Wes Cowan, Shaun Harker, and Konstantin Mischaikow

Generalized Parametric Resonance
O. Shoshani and S. W. Shaw

A Skeleton of Collision Dynamics: Hierarchical Network Structure among Even-Symmetric Steady Pulses in Binary Fluid Convection
Takeshi Watanabe, Makoto Iima, and Yasumasa Nishiura

Some Results on Injectivity and Multistationarity in Chemical Reaction Networks
Murad Banaji and Casian Pantea


Bifurcation Control and Universal Unfolding for Hopf-Zero Singularities with Leading Solenoidal Terms
Majid Gazor and Nasrin Sadri


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


Homogenization of a Row of Dislocation Dipoles from Discrete Dislocation Dynamics
Stephen Jonathan Chapman, Yang Xiang, and Yichao Zhu

Oscillatory Dynamics for a Coupled Membrane-Bulk Diffusion Model with Fitzhugh--Nagumo Membrane Kinetics
J. Gou and M. J. Ward

On the Construction of Virtual Interior Point Source Travel Time Distances from the Hyperbolic Neumann-to-Dirichlet Map
Maarten V. de Hoop, Paul Kepley, and Lauri Oksanen


Existence Theory for the Radially Symmetric Contact Lens Equation
David S. Ross, Kara L. Maki, and Emily K. Holz

Transient Thermal Mixed Boundary Value Problems in the Half-Space
William J. Parnell, Vu-Hieu Nguyen, Raphael Assier, Salah Naili, and I. David Abrahams

On a Nonlinear Parabolic Problem arising in the Quantum Diffusive Description of a Degenerate Fermion Gas

Luigi Barletti and Francesco Salvarani


SIAM Journal on Computing


Generalized Symmetry Breaking Tasks and Nondeterminism in Concurrent Objects
Armando Castan͂eda, Damien Imbs, Sergio Rajsbaum, and Michel Raynal

Non-Black-Box Simulation from One-Way Functions and Applications to Resettable Security
Kai-Min Chung, Rafael Pass, and Karn Seth

Special Section on the Forty-Fifth Annual ACM Symposium on the Theory of Computing (STOC 2013)
James Aspnes, Yuval Ishai, and Peter Bro Miltersen

An o(n) Monotonicity Tester for Boolean Functions over the Hypercube
D. Chakrabarty and C. Seshadhri

Answering n2+o(1) Counting Queries with Differential Privacy is Hard
Jonathan Ullman

Natural Proofs versus Derandomization
R. Ryan Williams

Approximating k-Median via Pseudo-Approximation
Shi Li and Ola Svensson

Maintaining Shortest Paths Under Deletions in Weighted Directed Graphs
Aaron Bernstein

The Geometry of Differential Privacy: The Small Database and Approximate Cases
Aleksandar Nikolov, Kunal Talwar, and Li Zhang

Superlinear Advantage for Exact Quantum Algorithms
Andris Ambainis


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


A Constrained Control Problem with Degenerate Coefficients and Degenerate Backward SPDEs with Singular Terminal Condition
Ulrich Horst, Jinniao Qiu, and Qi Zhang

Towards M-stationarity for Optimal Control of the Obstacle Problem with Control Constraints
Gerd Wachsmuth

Rationally Inattentive Control of Markov Processes
Ehsan Shafieepoorfard, Maxim Raginsky, and Sean P. Meyn

A Pseudo-Markov Property for Controlled Diffusion Processes
Julien Claisse, Denis Talay, and Xiaolu Tan

Extended Deterministic Mean-Field Games
Diogo A. Gomes and Vardan K. Voskanyan

A Variational Method for Second Order Shape Derivatives
Guy Bouchitté, Ilaria Fragalà, and Ilaria Lucardesi

Stationary Mean Field Games Systems Defined on Networks
Fabio Camilli and Claudio Marchi


A General Integral Quadratic Constraints Theorem with Applications to a Class of Sampled-Data Systems
M. Fetzer and C. W. Scherer

Optimality of Refraction Strategies for Spectrally Negative Lévy Processes
Daniel Hernández-Hernández, José-Luis Pérez, and Kazutoshi Yamazak


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


On a Conjecture of Cusick Concerning the Sum of Digits of n and n+t
Michael Drmota, Manuel Kauers, and Lukas Spiegelhofer

Cyclotomic Numerical Semigroups
Emil-Alexandru Ciolan, Pedro A. García-Sánchez, and Pieter Moree

Lattice 3-Polytopes with Few Lattice Points
M. Blanco and F. Santos

Lattice 3-Polytopes with Six Lattice Points
M. Blanco and F. Santos

On the Maximum Quartet Distance between Phylogenetic Trees
Noga Alon, Humberto Naves, and Benny Sudakov

h-Polynomials of Reduction Trees
Karola Mészáros

Sum of Squares Certificates for Containment of H-Polytopes in V-Polytopes
Kai Kellner and Thorsten Theobald

Approximating the Generalized Terminal Backup Problem via Half-Integral Multiflow Relaxation
Takuro Fukunaga

Sampling and Counting 3-Orientations of Planar Triangulations
Sarah Miracle, Dana Randall, Amanda Pascoe Streib, and Prasad Tetali


Claw-Free t-Perfect Graphs Can Be Recognized in Polynomial Time
Henning Bruhn and Oliver Schaudt

Abelian Networks I. Foundations and Examples
Benjamin Bond and Lionel Levine

Reassembling Trees for the Traveling Salesman
Jens Vygen


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


A Correction Note for Price Dynamics in a Markovian Limit Order Market
Geliang Zhang, Hugh Christensen, Guolong Li, and Simon Godsill

A Dual Algorithm for Stochastic Control Problems: Applications to Uncertain Volatility Models and CVA
Pierre Henry-Labordère, Christian Litterer, and Zhenjie Ren


Purchasing Term Life Insurance to Reach a Bequest Goal while Consuming
Erhan Bayraktar, S. David Promislow, and Virginia R. Young

A Backward Dual Representation for the Quantile Hedging of Bermudan Options
Bruno Bouchard, Géraldine Bouveret, and Jean-François Chassagneux

The Critical Price of the American Put Near Maturity in the Jump Diffusion Model
Aych Bouselmi and Damien Lamberton


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


A Wavelet Frame Method with Shape Prior for Ultrasound Video Segmentation
Jiulong Liu, Xiaoqun Zhang, Bin Dong, Zuowei Shen, and Lixu Gu

Exact Inversion of the Cone Transform Arising in an Application of a Compton Camera Consisting of Line Detectors
Chang-Yeol Jung and Sunghwan Moon


An Efficient Algorithm for Video Superresolution Based on a Sequential Model
P. Héas, A. Drémeau, and C. Herzet

Fiber Orientation Distribution Estimation Using a Peaceman--Rachford Splitting Method
Yannan Chen, Yu-Hong Dai, and Deren Han

Total Variation on a Tree
Vladimir Kolmogorov, Thomas Pock, and Michal Rolinek

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


Vibro-Impact Problems with Dry Friction---Part II: Tangential Contacts and Frictional Catastrophes
Laetitia Paoli

Weak and Young Measure Solutions for Hyperbolic Initial Boundary Value Problems of Elastodynamics in the Orlicz--Sobolev Space Setting
Hong Thai Nguyen and Dariusz Paͅczka

Ultrasound Modulated Bioluminescence Tomography and Controllability of the Radiative Transport Equation
Guillaume Bal, Francis J. Chung, and John C. Schotland

Simplicity and Finiteness of Discrete Spectrum of the Benjamin--Ono Scattering Operator
Yilun Wu

Global Strong Solutions of the Full Navier--Stokes and Q-Tensor System for Nematic Liquid Crystal Flows in Two Dimensions
Cecilia Cavaterra, Elisabetta Rocca, Hao Wu, and Xiang Xu

Existence of Chapman--Jouguet Detonation and Deflagration Waves
Ingenuin Gasser, Peter Szmolyan, and Johannes Wächtler

Ergodicity of Stochastic Shell Models Driven by Pure Jump Noise

Hakima Bessaih, Erika Hausenblas, and Paul A. Razafimandimby

Dirac Cones for Point Scatterers on a Honeycomb Lattice
Minjae Lee

Global Weak Solutions to the Compressible Quantum Navier--Stokes Equations with Damping
Alexis F. Vasseur and Cheng Yu

Existence, Uniqueness, and Asymptotic Behavior for Nonlocal Parabolic Problems with Dominating Gradient Terms

Guy Barles and Erwin Topp


Asymptotic Behavior for a One-Dimensional Nonlocal Diffusion Equation in Exterior Domains
Carmen Cortázar, Manuel Elgueta, Fernando Quirós, and Noemí Wolanski

On a Model for the Evolution of Morphogens in a Growing Tissue
G. M. Coclite, M. M. Coclite, and S. Mishra

Characterization of Solutions to Dissipative Systems with Sharp Algebraic Decay
Lorenzo Brandolese

Unfolding Operator Method for Thin Domains with a Locally Periodic Highly Oscillatory Boundary
José M. Arrieta and Manuel Villanueva-Pesqueira

Gevrey Class Smoothing Effect for the Prandtl Equation
Wei-Xi Li, Di Wu, and Chao-Jiang Xu


SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


Block-Diagonal Preconditioning for Optimal Control Problems Constrained by PDEs with Uncertain Inputs
Peter Benner, Akwum Onwunta, and Martin Stoll

Krylov Approximation of Linear ODEs with Polynomial Parameterization
Antti Koskela, Elias Jarlebring, and Michiel E. Hochstenbach

A Canonical CS Representation of a Pair of Subspaces
G. W. Stewart

The Number of Distinct Eigenvalues of a Matrix After Perturbation
P. E. Farrell

A Homotopy Method for Finding All Solutions of a Multiparameter Eigenvalue Problem
Bo Dong, Bo Yu, and Yan Yu

The Inverse Eigenvector Problem for Real Tridiagonal Matrices
Beresford Parlett, Froilán M. Dopico, and Carla Ferreira


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


Analysis of a Coupled Fluid-Structure Model with Applications to Hemodynamics
T. Chacón Rebollo, V. Girault, F. Murat, and O. Pironneau

Discretized Dynamical Low-Rank Approximation in the Presence of Small Singular Values
Emil Kieri, Christian Lubich, and Hanna Walach

The Interface Control Domain Decomposition Method for Stokes--Darcy Coupling
Marco Discacciati, Paola Gervasio, Alessandro Giacomini, and Alfio Quarteroni

An Augmented Mixed Finite Element Method for the Navier--Stokes Equations with Variable Viscosity
Jessika Caman͂o, Gabriel N. Gatica, Ricardo Oyarzúa, and Giordano Tierra

Full Discretization of Semilinear Stochastic Wave Equations Driven by Multiplicative Noise
Rikard Anton, David Cohen, Stig Larsson, and Xiaojie Wang

Asymptotically Stable Particle-In-Cell Methods for the Vlasov--Poisson System with a Strong External Magnetic Field
Francis Filbet and Luis Miguel Rodrigues

BPX Preconditioner for Nonstandard Finite Element Methods for Diffusion Problems
Binjie Li and Xiaoping Xie

A Posteriori Error Estimation for Control-Constrained, Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control Problems

René Schneider and Gerd Wachsmuth

A Finite Element Method for a Curlcurl-Graddiv Eigenvalue Interface Problem
Huoyuan Duan, Ping Lin, and Roger C. E. Tan

Finite Element Approximations of Parabolic Optimal Control Problems with Controls Acting on a Lower Dimensional Manifold
Wei Gong and Ningning Yan

Error Estimate for Time-Explicit Finite Volume Approximation of Strong Solutions to Systems of Conservation Laws
Clément Cancès, Hélène Mathis, and Nicolas Seguin

A High-Order, Analytically Divergence-Free Approximation Method for the Time-Dependent Stokes Problem
Christopher Keim and Holger Wendland

Entropy Stable Finite Volume Scheme for Ideal Compressible MHD on 2-D Cartesian Meshes
Praveen Chandrashekar and Christian Klingenberg


Weakly Chained Matrices, Policy Iteration, and Impulse Control
P. Azimzadeh and P. A. Forsyth


SIAM Journal on Optimization


Variable Metric Inexact Line-Search-Based Methods for Nonsmooth Optimization
S. Bonettini, I. Loris, F. Porta, and M. Prato

A Majorized ADMM with Indefinite Proximal Terms for Linearly Constrained Convex Composite Optimization
Min Li, Defeng Sun, and Kim-Chuan Toh

Evaluation Complexity for Nonlinear Constrained Optimization Using Unscaled KKT Conditions and High-Order Models
E. G. Birgin, J. L. Gardenghi, J. M. Martínez, S. A. Santos, and Ph. L. Toint

The Douglas--Rachford Algorithm for Two (Not Necessarily Intersecting) Affine Subspaces
Heinz H. Bauschke and Walaa M. Moursi

Coderivatives and the Solution Map of a Linear Constraint System
Duong Thi Kim Huyen and Nguyen Dong Yen

A Stochastic Quasi-Newton Method for Large-Scale Optimization

R. H. Byrd, S. L. Hansen, Jorge Nocedal, and Y. Singer

Local Monotonicity and Full Stability for Parametric Variational Systems
B. S. Mordukhovich and T. T. A. Nghia

Polynomial Vector Variational Inequalities under Polynomial Constraints and Applications
N. T. T. Huong, J.-C. Yao, and N. D. Yen


An Efficient Inexact ABCD Method for Least Squares Semidefinite Programming
Defeng Sun, Kim-Chuan Toh, and Liuqin Yang

An Augmented Lagrangian Based Algorithm for Distributed NonConvex Optimization
Boris Houska, Janick Frasch, and Moritz Diehl


SIAM Review

SIREV 58-2


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


Interpolation of Inverse Operators for Preconditioning Parameter-Dependent Equations
Olivier Zahm and Anthony Nouy

A Practical Guide to the Recovery of Wavelet Coefficients from Fourier Measurements
Milana Gataric and Clarice Poon

Pseudotransient Continuation for Combustion Simulation with Detailed Reaction Mechanisms
M. A. Hansen and J. C. Sutherland

Direct Inversion of the Three-Dimensional Pseudo-polar Fourier Transform
Amir Averbuch, Gil Shabat, and Yoel Shkolnisky

An Improved Method for Solving Quasi-linear Convection Diffusion Problems on a Coarse Mesh
Sara Pollock

Energy Stable Model Reduction of Neurons by Nonnegative Discrete Empirical Interpolation

David Amsallem and Jan Nordström

Massively Parallel Algorithms for the Lattice Boltzmann Method on NonUniform Grids

Florian Schornbaum and Ulrich Rüde

Orthogonal Bases for Vertex-Mapped Pyramids
Jesse Chan and T. Warburton

The Nonnegative Matrix Factorization: Regularization and Complexity
K. Ito and A. K. Landi

The Role of Numerical Boundary Procedures in the Stability of Perfectly Matched Layers
Kenneth Duru

Operator-Splitting Based Fast Sweeping Methods for Isotropic Wave Propagation in a Moving Fluid
Roland Glowinski, Shingyu Leung, and Jianliang Qian

A Fast Block-Greedy Algorithm for Quasi-optimal Meshless Trial Subspace Selection
Leevan Ling


Deterministic Mean-Field Ensemble Kalman Filtering
Kody J. H. Law, Hamidou Tembine, and Raul Tempone

On the Jump Conditions for an Immersed Interface Method
Mounir Bennoune, Jérôme Morin-Drouin, and Robert G. Owens

Multilevel Ensemble Transform Particle Filtering
A. Gregory, C. J. Cotter, and S. Reich

A New Mixed Formulation and Efficient Numerical Solution of Ginzburg--Landau Equations Under the Temporal Gauge
Huadong Gao and Weiwei Sun

Superfast Divide-and-Conquer Method and Perturbation Analysis for Structured Eigenvalue Solutions
James Vogel, Jianlin Xia, Stephen Cauley, and Venkataramanan Balakrishnan

Computational and In Vitro Studies of Blast-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption
M. J. Del Razo, Y. Morofuji, J. S. Meabon, B. R. Huber, E. R. Peskind, W. A. Banks, P. D. Mourad, R. J. LeVeque, and D. G. Cook

A Hybrid Method for Systems of Closely Spaced Dielectric Spheres and Ions
Zecheng Gan, Shidong Jiang, Erik Luijten, and Zhenli Xu

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


A Multilevel Monte Carlo Method for Computing Failure Probabilities
Daniel Elfverson, Fredrik Hellman, and Axel Målqvist

The Algebraic Method in Quadrature for Uncertainty Quantification
Jordan Ko and Henry P. Wynn

Empirical Regression Method for Backward Doubly Stochastic Differential Equations
Achref Bachouch, Emmanuel Gobet, and Anis Matoussi

Accurate Solution of Bayesian Inverse Uncertainty Quantification Problems Combining Reduced Basis Methods and Reduction Error Models
A. Manzoni, S. Pagani, and T. Lassila

A First Order Scheme for Backward Doubly Stochastic Differential Equations
Feng Bao, Yanzhao Cao, Amnon Meir, and Weidong Zhao

Complexity Reduction in Many Particle Systems with Random Initial Data
Leonid Berlyand, Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin, and Mykhailo Potomkin

Stochastic Collocation Methods for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations with Random Coefficients
David A. Barajas-Solano and Daniel M. Tartakovsky


Hierarchical Emulation: A Method for Modeling and Comparing Nested Simulators
Rachel H. Oughton and Peter S. Craig

Multilevel Accelerated Quadrature for PDEs with Log-Normally Distributed Diffusion Coefficient
Helmut Harbrecht, Michael Peters, and Markus Siebenmorgen


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 60-1


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