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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


A Gaussian Beam Method for High Frequency Solution of Symmetric Hyperbolic Systems with Polarized Waves
Leland Jefferis and Shi Jin

An Atomistic/Continuum Coupling Method Using Enriched Bases
Jingrun Chen, Carlos J. García-Cervera, and Xiantao Li

On the Uniqueness of Sparse Time-Frequency Representation of Multiscale Data
Chunguang Liu, Zuoqiang Shi, and Thomas Y. Hou

Bayesian Numerical Homogenization
Houman Owhadi

Directional Preconditioner for 2D High Frequency Obstacle Scattering
Lexing Ying

Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Random Waveguides
Ricardo Alonso and Liliana Borcea


Analysis of Transition State Theory Rates upon Spatial Coarse-Graining
Andrew Binder, Mitchell Luskin, Danny Perez, and Arthur F. Voter

Linearized Numerical Homogenization Method for Nonlinear Monotone Parabolic Multiscale Problems
A. Abdulle, M. E. Huber, and G. Vilmart

Quantifying Sampling Noise and Parametric Uncertainty in Atomistic-to-Continuum Simulations Using Surrogate Models
Maher Salloum, Khachik Sargsyan, Reese Jones, Habib N. Najm, and Bert Debusschere

On a Molecular Based Q-Tensor Model for Liquid Crystals with Density Variations
Song Mei and Pingwen Zhang

Numerical Schemes for Stochastic Backscatter in the Inverse Cascade of Quasigeostrophic Turbulence
Ian Grooms, Yoonsang Lee, and Andrew J. Majda

SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


Delayed Feedback Versus Seasonal Forcing: Resonance Phenomena in an El Nin͂o Southern Oscillation Model
Andrew Keane, Bernd Krauskopf, and Claire Postlethwaite

Semidiscretization for Time-Delayed Neural Balance Control
Tamas Insperger, John Milton, and Gabor Stepan

Simplicial Multivalued Maps and the Witness Complex for Dynamical Analysis of Time Series
Zachary Alexander, Elizabeth Bradley, James D. Meiss, and Nicole F. Sanderson

Inertial Manifolds for Certain Subgrid-Scale α-Models of Turbulence
Mohammad Abu Hamed, Yanqiu Guo, and Edriss S. Titi


The Fourth-Order Dispersive Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation: Orbital Stability of a Standing Wave
Fábio Natali and Ademir Pastor

A Topological Approach to the Algorithmic Computation of the Conley Index for Poincaré Maps
Marian Mrozek, Roman Srzednicki, and Frank Weilandt

Characterizing the Effect of Boundary Conditions on Striped Phases
David Morrissey and Arnd Scheel

Forward-Time and Backward-Time Isochrons and Their Interactions
Peter Langfield, Bernd Krauskopf, and Hinke M. Osinga

Classification of Hidden Dynamics in Discontinuous Dynamical Systems
Nicola Guglielmi and Ernst Hairer


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


Relations between Transfer Matrices and Numerical Stability Analysis to Avoid the Ωd Problem
R. Pérez-Álvarez, R. Pernas-Salomón, and V. R. Velasco

An L1 Penalty Method for General Obstacle Problems
Giang Tran, Hayden Schaeffer, William M. Feldman, and Stanley J. Osher

Generalized Continuous Time Random Walks, Master Equations, and Fractional Fokker--Planck Equations
C. N. Angstmann, I. C. Donnelly, B. I. Henry, T. A. M. Langlands, and P. Straka

Exemplar Dynamics and Sound Merger in Language
P. F. Tupper

A Pressure Distribution Imaging Technique with a Conductive Membrane using Electrical Impedance Tomography
Habib Ammari, Kyungkeun Kang, Kyounghun Lee, and Jin Keun Seo

A Penalization Method for Calculating the Flow Beneath Traveling Water Waves of Large Amplitude
A. Constantin, K. Kalimeris, and O. Scherzer

Ripple Compensation for a Class-D Amplifier

Stephen M. Cox and H. du Toit Mouton

Stochastic Motion of Bumps in Planar Neural Fields
Daniel Poll and Zachary P. Kilpatrick

A Theorem on the Surface Traction Field in Potential Representations of Stokes Flow
O. Gonzalez


An Inverse Source Problem for the Elastic Wave in the Lower Half-Space
Justin Tittelfitz

An Advection and Age-Structured Approach to Modeling Bird Migration and Indirect Transmission of Avian Influenza
Stephen A. Gourley, Rachel Jennings, and Rongsong Liu

Diffusion in Spatially Varying Porous Media
Maria Bruna and S. Jonathan Chapman

Analysis of Transient Electromagnetic Scattering from a Three-Dimensional Open Cavity
Peijun Li, Li-Lian Wang, and Aihua Wood

Dynamics of the Nematic-Isotropic Sharp Interface for the Liquid Crystal
Mingwen Fei, Wei Wang, Pingwen Zhang, and Zhifei Zhang

Predicting Triadic Closure in Networks Using Communicability Distance Functions
Ernesto Estrada and Francesca Arrigo

Existence and Exact Multiplicity of Phaselocked Solutions of a Kuramoto Model of Mutually Coupled Oscillators
William C. Troy

Stationary Waves on the Sphere
Slawomir Bialecki, Bogdan Kazmierczak, and Je-Chiang Tsai

FKPP Fronts in Cellular Flows: The Large-Péclet Regime
Alexandra Tzella and Jacques Vanneste

Boundary Layers in Pressure-driven Flow in Smectic A Liquid Crystals
I. W. Stewart, M. Vynnycky and M. F. Tomé

Flow Laminarization and Acceleration by Suspended Particles
Michiel Bertsch, Josephus Hulshof, and Valeriy M. Prostokishin

Stochastic Reductions for Inertial Fluid-Structure Interactions subject to Thermal Fluctuations
Gil Tabak and Paul J. Atzberger

Near-Tip Field for Diffraction on Square Lattice by Crack
Basant Lal Sharma

Electrothermal Transport in Silicon Carbide Semiconductors via a Hydrodynamic Model
Orazio Muscato and Vincenza Di Stefano


SIAM Journal on Computing


Polynomial Learning of Distribution Families
Mikhail Belkin and Kaushik Sinha

Multicommodity Flows and Cuts in Polymatroidal Networks
Chandra Chekuri, Sreeram Kannan, Adnan Raja, and Pramod Viswanath

Approximating Minimization Diagrams and Generalized Proximity Search
Sariel Har-Peled and Nirman Kumar


Cutting Corners Cheaply, or How to Remove Steiner Points
Lior Kamma, Robert Krauthgamer, and Huy L. Nguy

Steiner Shallow-Light Trees Are Exponentially Lighter than Spanning Ones
Michael Elkin and Shay Solomon

Operator Precedence Languages: Their Automata-Theoretic and Logic Characterization
Violetta Lonati, Dino Mandrioli, Federica Panella, and Matteo Pradella

Counting List Matrix Partitions of Graphs
Andreas Göbel, Leslie Ann Goldberg, Colin McQuillan, David Richerby, and Tomoyuki Yamakami

Space Complexity in Polynomial Calculus
Yuval Filmus, Massimo Lauria, Jakob Nordström, Noga Ron-Zewi and Neil Thapen

On the Number of Iterations for Dantzig--Wolfe Optimization and Packing-Covering Approximation Algorithms
Philip Klein and Neal E. Young


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


Asymptotic Perron's Method and Simple Markov Strategies in Stochastic Games and Control
Mihai Sîrbu

H Problem with Nonstrict Inequality and All Solutions: Interpolation Approach
Jovan Stefanovski

Networked Control Systems in the Presence of Scheduling Protocols and Communication Delays
Kun Liu, Emilia Fridman, and Laurentiu Hetel

Vanishing Discount Limit and Nonexpansive Optimal Control and Differential Games
P. Cannarsa and M. Quincampoix

Control Sequencing in a Game of Identity Pursuit-Evasion
Carl J. Wenk

On the Moment Stability of Stochastic Parametrically Forced Equations with Rank One Forcing
T. J. Blass, L. A. Romero, and J. R. Torczynski

Asymptotic Control for a Class of Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes Associated to Temperate Viruses
Dan Goreac

Regularity of the Hamiltonian Along Optimal Trajectories
M. Palladino and R. B. Vinter

Approximate Controllability of Fractional Evolution Systems with Riemann--Liouville Fractional Derivatives
Zhenhai Liu and Xiuwen Li

On Stability Equivalence between Dynamic Output Feedback and Static Output Feedback for a Class of Second Order Infinite-Dimensional Systems
Hongyinping Feng and Bao-Zhu Guo

The Maximum Principle for Global Solutions of Stochastic Stackelberg Differential Games
Alain Bensoussan, Shaokuan Chen, and Suresh P. Sethi

On Convergence of Value Iteration for a Class of Total Cost Markov Decision Processes
Huizhen Yu

Minimax Lagrangian Approach to the Differentiability of Nonlinear PDE Constrained Shape Functions Without Saddle Point Assumption
Kevin Sturm

Dynamic Programming Subject to Total Variation Distance Ambiguity
Ioannis Tzortzis, Charalambos D. Charalambous, and Themistoklis Charalambous

Extending Robustness and Randomization from Consensus to Symmetrization Algorithms
Luca Mazzarella, Francesco Ticozzi, and Alain Sarlette

A Measure Approach for Continuous Inventory Models: Discounted Cost Criterion
K. L. Helmes, R. H. Stockbridge, and C. Zhu

An Optimal Feedback Control-Strategy Pair For Zero-Sum Linear-Quadratic Stochastic Differential Game: the Riccati Equation Approach
Zhiyong Yu

Second Order and Stability Analysis for Optimal Sparse Control of the FitzHugh--Nagumo Equation
Eduardo Casas, Christopher Ryll, and Fredi Tröltzsch


Robustness of Adaptive Control under Time Delays for Three-Dimensional Curve Tracking
Michael Malisoff and Fumin Zhang

Mean Field Stackelberg Games: Aggregation of Delayed Instructions
A. Bensoussan, M. H. M. Chau, and S. C. P. Yam

Pointwise Second-order Necessary Conditions for Stochastic Optimal Controls, Part I: The Case of Convex Control Constraint
Haisen Zhang and Xu Zhang

On the Asymptotic Estimates for Exit Probabilities and Minimum Exit Rates of Diffusion Processes Pertaining to a Chain of Distributed Control Systems
Getachew K. Befekadu and Panos J. Antsaklis

Smoothness Properties for the Optimal Mixture of Two Isotropic Materials: The Compliance and Eigenvalue Problems
Juan Casado-Díaz

A Spectral Characterization of Controllability for Linear Discrete-Time Systems with Conic Constraints
M. D. Kaba and M. K. Camlibel

Optimal Multiple Stopping with Negative Discount Rate and Random Refraction Times under Lévy Models
Tim Leung, Kazutoshi Yamazaki, and Hongzhong Zhang

Lp-Stabilization of Integrator Chains Subject to Input Saturation Using Lyapunov-Based Homogeneous Design
Yacine Chitour, Mohamed Harmouche, and Salah Laghrouche

Scalable Reduction of Elastic Continuum for Boundary Energy Control
Gou Nishida, Kenji Fujimoto, and Daiji Ichishima

Two End Points Marginal Problem by Stochastic Optimal Transportation
Toshio Mikami

Strong Solutions and Strong Feller Properties for Regime-Switching Diffusion Processes in An Infinite State Space
Jinghai Shao

SemiGlobal Exact Controllability of Nonlinear Plates
Matthias Eller and Daniel Toundykov

On Some Continuity Properties of the Measure Lagrange Multiplier from the Maximum Principle for State Constrained Problems
A. V. Arutyunov and D. Yu. Karamzin

Average Resistance of Toroidal Graphs
Wilbert Samuel Rossi, Paolo Frasca, and Fabio Fagnani

The Multidimensional Wave Equation with Generalized Acoustic Boundary Conditions I: Strong Stability
Z. Abbas and S. Nicaise

The Multidimensional Wave Equation with Generalized Acoustic Boundary Conditions II: Polynomial Stability
Z. Abbas and S. Nicaise

Utility Maximization in a Regime Switching Model with Convex Portfolio Constraints and Margin Requirements: Optimality Relations and Explicit Solutions
Andrew J. Heunis

A Small-Gain Theorem for Random Dynamical Systems with Inputs and Outputs
Michael Marcondes de Freitas

Optimal Boundary Control of a Viscous Cahn-Hilliard System with Dynamic Boundary Condition and Double Obstacle Potentials
Pierluigi Colli , M. Hassan Farshbaf-Shaker, Gianni Gilardi and Jürgen Sprekels

Erratum: Directional Sparsity In Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations
Roland Herzog, Georg Stadler and Gerd Wachsmuth


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


On the Metric S--T Path Traveling Salesman Problem
Zhihan Gao

The Recognition of Simple-Triangle Graphs and of Linear-Interval Orders is Polynomial

George B. Mertzios

On the Concentration of the Domination Number of the Random Graph
Roman Glebov, Anita Liebenau, and Tibor Szabó

On the Impossibility of Dimension Reduction for Doubling Subsets of ℓp
Yair Bartal, Lee-Ad Gottlieb, and Ofer Neiman

Phase coexistence and torpid mixing in the 3-coloring model on Zd
David Galvin, Jeff Kahn, Dana Randall, and Gregory B. Sorkin

The Number of Interlacing Equalities Resulting from Removal of a Vertex from a Tree
Miriam Farber, Charles Johnson, and Leon Zhang

Infinitesimal Rigidity of Symmetric Bar-Joint Frameworks
Bernd Schulze and Shin-ichi Tanigawa

A Polyhedral Frobenius Theorem with Applications to Integer Optimization
David Adjiashvili, Timm Oertel, and Robert Weismantel

Optimal ε-Biased Sets with Just a Little Randomness

Cristopher Moore and Alexander Russell

Light Spanners
Michael Elkin, Ofer Neiman, and Shay Solomon


Detecting and Counting Small Pattern Graphs
Peter Floderus, MirosŁaw Kowaluk, Andrzej Lingas, and Eva-Marta Lundell

String Reconstruction from Substring Compositions
Jayadev Acharya, Hirakendu Das, Olgica Milenkovic, Alon Orlitsky, and Shengjun Pan

Computing Opaque Interior Barriers à la Shermer
Adrian Dumitrescu, Minghui Jiang, and Csaba D. Tóth

Avoiding 5-Circuits in 2-Factors of Cubic Graphs
Barbora Candráková and Robert Lukot'ka

Homomorphisms of Trees into a Path
Péter Csikvári and Zhicong Lin

Plane Triangulations Without a Spanning Halin Subgraph: Counterexamples to the Lovász--Plummer Conjecture on Halin Graphs

Guantao Chen, Hikoe Enomoto, Kenta Ozeki, and Shoichi Tsuchiya

Hadwiger Number of Graphs with Small Chordality
Petr A. Golovach, Pinar Heggernes, Pim van 't Hof, and Christophe Paul

Preventing Unraveling in Social Networks: The Anchored k-Core Problem

Kshipra Bhawalkar, Jon Kleinberg, Kevin Lewi, Tim Roughgarden, and Aneesh Sharma

Walker-Breaker Games
Lisa Espig, Alan Frieze, Michael Krivelevich, and Wesley Pegden

Rédei Actions on Finite Fields and Multiplication Map in Cyclic Group
Claudio Qureshi and Daniel Panario

The Codegree Threshold for 3-Graphs with Independent Neighborhoods
Victor Falgas--Ravry, Edward Marchant, Oleg Pikhurko, and Emil R. Vaughan

Product Construction of Affine Codes
Yeow Meng Chee, Han Mao Kiah, Punarbasu Purkayastha and Patrick Solé

Arbitrary Orientations of Hamilton Cycles in Digraphs
Louis DeBiasio, Daniela Kühn, Theodore Molla, Deryk Oshthus and Amelia Taylor


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


ESO Valuation with Job Termination Risk and Jumps in Stock Price
Tim Leung and Haohua Wan

Optimal Investment with Nonconcave Utilities in Discrete-Time Markets

Miklós Rásonyi

The Formation of Financial Bubbles in Defaultable Markets
Francesca Biagini and Sorin Nedelcu

Consistent Pricing of Options on Leveraged ETFs
Andrew Ahn, Martin Haugh, and Ashish Jain

Valuation and Hedging of Contracts with Funding Costs and Collateralization
Tomasz R. Bielecki and Marek Rutkowski

High Frequency Trading and Asymptotics for Small Risk Aversion in a Markov Renewal Model
Pietro Fodra and Huyên Pham


Reduced Basis Methods for Pricing Options with the Black--Scholes and Heston Models
O. Burkovska, B. Haasdonk, J. Salomon, and B. Wohlmuth

Efficient Option Pricing by Frame Duality with the Fast Fourier Transform
J. Lars Kirkby

Sequential Design for Optimal Stopping Problems
Robert B. Gramacy and Michael Ludkovski

How Superadditive Can a Risk Measure Be?
Ruodu Wang, Valeria Bignozzi and Andreas Tsanakas

Informational Efficiency under Short Sale Constraints
Robert A. Jarrow and Martin Larsson


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


Bayesian Mixed Effect Atlas Estimation with a Diffeomorphic Deformation Model
S. Allassonnière, S. Durrleman, and E. Kuhn

Dual-Domain Filtering
C. Knaus and M. Zwicker

Discrete Conformal Deformation: Algorithm and Experiments
Jian Sun, Tianqi Wu, Xianfeng Gu, and Feng Luo

Time Discrete Geodesic Paths in the Space of Images
B. Berkels, A. Effland, and M. Rumpf

Video Compressive Sensing for Spatial Multiplexing Cameras Using Motion-Flow Models
Aswin C. Sankaranarayanan, Lina Xu, Christoph Studer, Yun Li, Kevin F. Kelly, and Richard G. Baraniuk

Enhanced Variational Image Dehazing
Adrian Galdran, Javier Vazquez-Corral, David Pardo, and Marcelo Bertalmío

Illumination Strategies for Intensity-Only Imaging
Alexei Novikov, Miguel Moscoso, and George Papanicolaou

Invertibility and Estimation of Two-Parameter Polynomial and Division Lens Distortion Models
Daniel Santana-Cedrés, Luis Gomez, Miguel Alemán-Flores, Agustín Salgado, Julio Esclarín, Luis Mazorra, and Luis Alvarez

A Continuous Exact ℓ0 Penalty (CEL0) for Least Squares Regularized Problem

Emmanuel Soubies, Laure Blanc-Féraud, and Gilles Aubert


An Improved Fast Iterative Shrinkage Thresholding Algorithm for Image Deblurring
Md. Zulfiquar Ali Bhotto, M. Omair Ahmad, and M. N. S. Swamy

Synthetic Aperture Inversion for Statistically Nonstationary Target and Clutter Scenes
H. Çağri Yanik and Birsen Yaz

Stability and Resolution Analysis of Topological Derivative\\ Based Localization of Small Electromagnetic Inclusions
Abdul Wahab

Diffeomorphic Density Matching by Optimal Information Transport
Martin Bauer, Sarang Joshi and Klas Modin

Generic Half-Quadratic Optimization for Image Reconstruction
Marc C. Robini and Yuemin Zhu

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


Time-Delayed Instabilities in Complex Burgers Equations
Marta Strani and Benjamin Texier

``Entropic” Solutions to a Thermodynamically Consistent PDE System for Phase Transitions and Damage

Elisabetta Rocca and Riccarda Rossi

The Jump Set under Geometric Regularization. Part 1: Basic Technique and First-Order Denoising

Tuomo Valkonen

Global Small Solution to the 2D MHD System with a Velocity Damping Term
Jiahong Wu, Yifei Wu, and Xiaojing Xu

Static Solutions to the Einstein--Vlasov System with a Nonvanishing Cosmological Constant
Håkan Andréasson, David Fajman, and Maximilian Thaller

Boundary C1,α regularity of an optimal transport problem with cost close to -x · y
Shibing Chen

Where Best to Place a Dirichlet Condition in an Anisotropic Membrane?
Paolo Tilli and Davide Zucco

On Classical Solutions of the Compressible Magnetohydrodynamic Equations with Vacuum
Shengguo Zhu

Minimal Resistance of Curves under the Single Impact Assumption

Arseniy Akopyan and Alexander Plakhov

Convex Integration and Infinitely Many Weak Solutions to the Perona--Malik Equation in All Dimensions
Seonghak Kim and Baisheng Yan

Asymptotic Stability of Plasma Boundary Layers to the Euler--Poisson Equations with Fluid-Boundary Interaction
Masashi Ohnawa

Q-Tensor Continuum Energies as Limits of Head-to-Tail Symmetric Spin Systems
Andrea Braides, Marco Cicalese, and Francesco Solombrino

Well-Posedness and Self-Similar Asymptotics for a Thin-Film Equation

Manuel V. Gnann

Eventual Self-similarity of Solutions for the Diffusion Equation with Nonlinear Absorption and a Point Source
Peter V. Gordon and Cyrill B. Muratov


Analysis of a Class of Degenerate Parabolic Equations with Saturation Mechanisms
Juan Calvo

Global Finite Energy Weak Solutions to the Compressible Nematic Liquid Crystal Flow in Dimension Three
Junyu Lin, Baishun Lai, and Changyou Wang

On Artifacts in Limited Data Spherical Radon Transform: Flat Observation Surfaces
Linh V. Nguyen

Asymptotic Behavior, Spreading Speeds, and Traveling Waves of Nonmonotone Dynamical Systems
Taishan Yi and Xingfu Zou

Stochastic Switching in Infinite Dimensions with Applications to Random Parabolic PDE
Sean D. Lawley, Jonathan C. Mattingly, and Michael C. Reed

Homogenization of Discrete High-Contrast Energies
Andrea Braides, Valeria Chiadò Piat, and Andrey Piatnitski

Large-Data Global Generalized Solutions in a Chemotaxis System with Tensor-Valued Sensitivities
Michael Winkler

Slow Erosion with Rough Geological Layers
Wen Shen

Global Smooth Supersonic Flows in Infinite Expanding Nozzles
Chunpeng Wang and Zhouping Xin

Sharp Weyl Law for Signed Counting Function of Positive Interior Transmission Eigenvalues
E. Lakshtanov and B. Vainberg

Canards of Folded Saddle-Node Type I
Theodore Vo and Martin Wechselberger



SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


Sharp Entrywise Perturbation Bounds for Markov Chains
Erik Thiede, Brian Van Koten, and Jonathan Weare

Fast and Backward Stable Computation of Roots of Polynomials
Jared L. Aurentz, Thomas Mach, Raf Vandebril, and David S. Watkins

Approximating Matrices with Multiple Symmetries
Charles F. Van Loan and Joseph P. Vokt

Estimating a Few Extreme Singular Values and Vectors for Large-Scale Matrices in Tensor Train Format
Namgil Lee and Andrzej Cichocki

Coupled Canonical Polyadic Decompositions and (Coupled) Decompositions in Multilinear Rank- (Lr,n,Lr,n,1) Terms---Part II: Algorithms
Mikael Sørensen, Ignat Domanov, and Lieven De Lathauwer

A CMV-Based Eigensolver for Companion Matrices
R. Bevilacqua, G. M. Del Corso, and L. Gemignani

Note on “On the Singular “Vectors” of the Lyapunov Operator” by R. Byers and S. Nash
Sheng Chen and Yunbo Tian


Generalized Tensor Eigenvalue Problems
Weiyang Ding and Yimin Wei

Spectral Analysis and Spectral Symbol of d-variate Qp Lagrangian FEM Stiffness Matrices
Carlo Garoni, Stefano Serra-Capizzano, and Debora Sesana

Generalized Characteristic Polynomials and Gaussian Cubature Rules
Yuan Xu

Conditioning of Leverage Scores and Computation by QR Decomposition
John T. Holodnak, Ilse C. F. Ipsen, and Thomas Wentworth

A Log-Det Inequality for Random Matrices
Meik Dörpinghaus, Norbert Gaffke, Lorens A. Imhof, and Rudolf Mathar

Scaling-Rotation Distance and Interpolation of Symmetric Positive-Definite Matrices
Sungkyu Jung, Armin Schwartzman, and David Groisser

Strict Sign-Central Matrices

Richard A. Brualdi and Geir Dahl

Tensor Approximation of Stationary Distributions of Chemical Reaction Networks
Vladimir Kazeev and Christoph Schwab

An Algorithm for Finding a 2-Similarity Transformation from a Numerical Contraction to a Contraction
Daeshik Choi and Anne Greenbaum


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


Superconvergence of Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Two-Dimensional Hyperbolic Equations
Waixiang Cao, Chi-Wang Shu, Yang Yang, and Zhimin Zhang

Development and Convergence Analysis of a Finite Volume Scheme for Solving Breakage Equation
Jitendra Kumar, Jitraj Saha, and Evangelos Tsotsas

Stationary Discrete Shock Profiles for Scalar Conservation Laws with a Discontinuous Galerkin Method
Florent Renac

On the Numerical Behavior of Matrix Splitting Iteration Methods for Solving Linear Systems

Zhong-Zhi Bai and Miroslav RozložnÍk

Newton's Method for Monte Carlo--Based Residuals
Jeffrey Willert, Xiaojun Chen, and C. T. Kelley

On the Analysis of the Discretized Kohn--Sham Density Functional Theory

Xin Liu, Zaiwen Wen, Xiao Wang, Michael Ulbrich, and Yaxiang Yuan

An Iterative Minimization Formulation for Saddle Point Search
Weiguo Gao, Jing Leng, and Xiang Zhou

Stabilized Finite Element Approximation of the Mean Curvature Vector on Closed Surfaces
Peter Hansbo, Mats G. Larson, and Sara Zahedi


The Picard Integral Formulation of Weighted Essentially Nonoscillatory Schemes
Andrew J. Christlieb, Yaman Güçlü, and David C. Seal

Accuracy of High Order and Spectral Methods for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws with Discontinuous Solutions
J. Zudrop and J. S. Hesthaven

Stabilized Schemes for the Hydrostatic Stokes Equations
F. Guillén González and J. R. Rodríguez Galván

A Fast Analysis-Based Discrete Hankel Transform Using Asymptotic Expansions
Alex Townsend

Two Energy-Conserved Splitting Methods for Three-Dimensional Time-Domain Maxwell's Equations and the Convergence Analysis
Jiaxiang Cai, Jialin Hong, Yushun Wang, and Yuezheng Gong

A Two-Grid Block-Centered Finite Difference Method For Darcy--Forchheimer Flow in Porous Media
Hongxing Rui and Wei Liu

Convergence of a Higher Order Scheme for the Korteweg--De Vries Equation
Rajib Dutta, Ujjwal Koley, and Nils Henrik Risebro

Robust and Efficient Solution of the Drum Problem via Nyström Approximation of the Fredholm Determinant
Lin Zhao and Alex Barnett

Steady State and Sign Preserving Semi-Implicit Runge--Kutta Methods for ODEs with Stiff Damping Term
Alina Chertock, Shumo Cui, Alexander Kurganov, and Tong Wu

L2 Error Estimates for a Class of Any Order Finite Volume Schemes Over Quadrilateral Meshes
Yanping Lin, Min Yang, and Qingsong Zou

A Staggered Cell-Centered Finite Element Method for Compressible and Nearly-Incompressible Linear Elasticity on General Meshes
Thanh Hai Ong, Thi Thao Phuong Hoang, Stéphane P.A. Bordas, and H. Nguyen-Xuan

Optimal Error Estimates of Spectral Petrov--Galerkin and Collocation Methods for Initial Value Problems of Fractional Differential Equations
Zhongqiang Zhang, Fanhai Zeng and George Em Karniadakis

Uniform Error Estimates for Navier--Stokes Flow with an Exact Moving Boundary Using the Immersed Interface Method
J. Thomas Beale


SIAM Journal on Optimization


Copositive Relaxation Beats Lagrangian Dual Bounds in Quadratically and Linearly Constrained Quadratic Optimization Problems
Immanuel M. Bomze

Structure of Solutions for Continuous Linear Programs with Constant Coefficients
Evgeny Shindin and Gideon Weiss

Iteration Complexity of a Block Coordinate Gradient Descent Method for Convex Optimization
Xiaoqin Hua and Nobuo Yamashita

Semidefinite Descriptions of the Convex Hull of Rotation Matrices
J. Saunderson, P. A. Parrilo, and A. S. Willsky

An Adaptive Partition-Based Approach for Solving Two-Stage Stochastic Programs with Fixed Recourse
Yongjia Song and James Luedtke

Convex Optimal Uncertainty Quantification

Shuo Han, Molei Tao, Ufuk Topcu, Houman Owhadi, and Richard M. Murray

Smoothing SQP Methods for Solving Degenerate Nonsmooth Constrained Optimization Problems with Applications to Bilevel Programs
Mengwei Xu, Jane J. Ye, and Liwei Zhang

Semidefinite Programming For Chance Constrained Optimization Over Semialgebraic Sets
A. M. Jasour, N. S. Aybat, and C. M. Lagoa

Exact Duality in Semidefinite Programming Based on Elementary Reformulations
Minghui Liu and Gábor Pataki

An Active-Set Method for Second-Order Conic-Constrained Quadratic Programming
Noam Goldberg and Sven Leyffer

On the Global Linear Convergence of the ADMM with MultiBlock Variables
Tianyi Lin, Shiqian Ma, and Shuzhong Zhang

An Error Analysis for Polynomial Optimization over the Simplex Based on the Multivariate Hypergeometric Distribution
Etienne de Klerk, Monique Laurent, and Zhao Sun


Direct Search Based on Probabilistic Descent
S. Gratton, C. W. Royer, L. N. Vicente, and Z. Zhang

Coercive Polynomials and Their Newton Polytopes

Tomáš Bajbar and Oliver Stein

An Efficient Gauss--Newton Algorithm for Symmetric Low-Rank Product Matrix Approximations

Xin Liu, Zaiwen Wen, and Yin Zhang

Optimal Mass Transport on Metric Graphs
J. M. Mazón, J. D. Rossi, and J. Toledo

A Feasible Active Set Method for Strictly Convex Quadratic Problems with Simple Bounds
P. Hungerländer and F. Rendl

A Broyden Class of Quasi-Newton Methods for Riemannian Optimization
Wen Huang, K. A. Gallivan, and P.-A. Absil

Block Stochastic Gradient Iteration for Convex and Nonconvex Optimization
Yangyang Xu and Wotao Yin

Optimality Conditions for the Minimization of Quadratic 0-1 Problems

SIAM Review

SIREV 57-3


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


Fully Adaptive Newton--Galerkin Methods for Semilinear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
Mario Amrein and Thomas P. Wihler

Multicore-Optimized Wavefront Diamond Blocking for Optimizing Stencil Updates
T. Malas, G. Hager, H. Ltaief, H. Stengel, G. Wellein, and D. Keyes

Direct Sampling Method for Diffusive Optical Tomography
Yat Tin Chow, Kazufumi Ito, Keji Liu, and Jun Zou

Optimization of Gaussian Random Fields
Eric Dow and Qiqi Wang

Spectrally Accurate Quadratures for Evaluation of Layer Potentials Close to the Boundary for the 2D Stokes and Laplace Equations
Alex Barnett, Bowei Wu, and Shravan Veerapaneni

A Stabilized Cut Finite Element Method for the Three Field Stokes Problem
Erik Burman, Susanne Claus, and André Massing

The Fast Implementation of Higher Order Hermite--Fejér Interpolation
Shuhuang Xiang and Guo He

Time-Splitting Schemes for Fractional Differential Equations I: Smooth Solutions
Wanrong Cao, Zhongqiang Zhang, and George Em Karniadakis

Numerical Methods for a Multicomponent Two-Phase Interface Model with Geometric Mean Influence Parameters

Jisheng Kou and Shuyu Sun

The Method of Fundamental Solutions in Solving Coupled Boundary Value Problems for M/EEG
G. Ala, G. Fasshauer, E. Francomano, S. Ganci, and M. McCourt

Tempered Fractional Sturm--Liouville EigenProblems
Mohsen Zayernouri, Mark Ainsworth, and George Em Karniadakis

A Flexible Iterative Solver for Nonconvex, Equality-Constrained Quadratic Subproblems
Jason E. Hicken and Alp Dener

Positivity-Preserving Finite Difference Weighted ENO Schemes with Constrained Transport for Ideal Magnetohydrodynamic Equations
Andrew J. Christlieb, Yuan Liu, Qi Tang, and Zhengfu Xu

Numerical Approximation of Phase Field Based Shape and Topology Optimization for Fluids

Harald Garcke, Claudia Hecht, Michael Hinze, and Christian Kahle

Igatools: An Isogeometric Analysis Library
M. Sebastian Pauletti, Massimiliano Martinelli, Nicola Cavallini, and Pablo Antolin


Adaptive Wick--Malliavin Approximation to Nonlinear SPDEs with Discrete Random Variables
Mengdi Zheng, Boris Rozovsky, and George E. Karniadakis

A Trivariate Interpolation Algorithm Using a Cube-Partition Searching Procedure

Roberto Cavoretto and Alessandra De Rossi

Analyses of Mixed Continuous and Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the tIme Harmonic Elasticity Problem with Reduced Symmetry
Antonio Márquez, Salim Meddahi, and Thanh Tran

A Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method for Multiphase Viscous Flow

J. P. Whiteley

A Semi-Lagrangian Vlasov Solver in Tensor Train Format
Katharina Kormann

C Compactly Supported and Positive Definite Radial Kernels
Rodrigo B. Platte

An Entropy Satisfying Boundary Layer Surface Mesh Generation
R. Aubry, S. Dey, E. Mestreau, K. Karamete, and D. Gayman

A Proximal Gradient Method for Ensemble Density Functional Theory
Michael Ulbrich, Zaiwen Wen, Chao Yang, Dennis Klöckner, and Zhaosong Lu

Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation for Crack Detection In Brittle Materials
Marco Artina, Massimo Fornasier, Stefano Micheletti, and Simona Perotto

A Fast Matrix-free Algorithm for Spectral Approximations to the Schrödinger Equation
B. Brumm

Deflation Techniques for Finding Distinct Solutions of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
P. E. Farrell, Á. Birkisson, and S. W. Funke

A Krylov Subspace Method for Large-Scale Second-Order Cone Linear Complementarity Problem
Lei-Hong Zhang, Wei Hong Yang, Chungen Shen, and Ren-Cang Li

A Simple and Efficient Method for Modeling Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces
Robert J. Renka

Zolotarev Quadrature Rules and Load Balancing for the FEAST Eigensolver
Stefan Güttel, Eric Polizzi, Ping Tak Peter Tang, and Gautier Viaud

Online Adaptive Model Reduction for Nonlinear Systems via Low-Rank Updates
Benjamin Peherstorfer and Karen Willcox

Simulation of Osmotic Swelling by the Stochastic Immersed Boundary Method
Chen-Hung Wu, Thomas G. Fai, Paul J. Atzberger, and Charles S. Peskin

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


Solving Log-Transformed Random Diffusion Problems by Stochastic Galerkin Mixed Finite Element Methods
Elisabeth Ullmann and Catherine E. Powell

Dimension-Independent MCMC Sampling for Inverse Problems with Non-Gaussian Priors
Sebastian J. Vollmer

A Physics-Based Emulator for the Simulation of Geophysical Mass Flows
Asif Mahmood, Robert L. Wolpert, and E. Bruce Pitman

Constraints versus Priors
Philip B. Stark

Approximate Solutions of Lagrange Multipliers for Information-Theoretic Random Field Models
B. Staber and J. Guilleminot


Low-Rank Solution of Unsteady Diffusion Equations with Stochastic Coefficients
Peter Benner, Akwum Onwunta, and Martin Stoll

Numerical Analysis of the Advection-Diffusion of a Solute in Porous Media with Uncertainty
Julia Charrier

Mini-Minimax Uncertainty Quantification for Emulators
Jeffrey C. Regier and Philip B. Stark

Probabilistic Description of Extreme Events in Intermittently Unstable Dynamical Systems Excited by Correlated Stochastic Processes
Mustafa A. Mohamad and Themistoklis P. Sapsis


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 59-2


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