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Class of 2012

SIAM Fellows 2012

SIAM Fellows Program. Honor SIAM members who are recognized by their peers as distinguished for their contributions to the discipline. Help make outstanding SIAM members more competitive for awards and honors when they are being compared with colleagues from other disciplines.

Tamer Basar | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

For contributions to dynamic game theory and application to robust control of systems with uncertainty.

Michele Benzi | Emory University

For contributions to numerical linear algebra and its applications, especially sparse linear systems and preconditioning.

Anthony M. Bloch | University of Michigan

For contributions to the dynamics and control of mechanical systems.

Pavel B. Bochev | Sandia National Laboratories

For contributions to numerical partial differential equations, especially least-squares finite element methods, stabilized finite element methods, and software.

Richard A. Brualdi | University of Wisconsin-Madison, Emeritus

For contributions to linear algebra and combinatorics.

Gui-Qiang G. Chen | University of Oxford

For contributions to the mathematical analysis of partial differential equations, fluid mechanics, hyperbolic systems of conservation laws, and shock waves.

G. Bard Ermentrout | University of Pittsburgh

For contributions to applied dynamical systems and mathematical biology, in particular the theory of coupled oscillators and neural pattern formation.

Richard S. Falk | Rutgers University

For contributions to the understanding of the stability and convergence properties of the finite element method, and for service to the numerical analysis community.

Lisa J. Fauci | Tulane University

For contributions to computational biofluid dynamics and applications.

David R. Ferguson | Applied Mathematical Analysis and The Boeing Company, Retired

For pioneering efforts in the development and deployment of polynomial splines and constrained data fitting in the aerospace industry.

M. Gregory Forest | University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

For contributions to integrable and nearly integrable partial differential equations, material science, and to polymeric, liquid crystalline, and biological and biomedical fluid mechanics.

Susan Friedlander | University of Southern California

For contributions to applied mathematics through research, editorial work, and conference organizing, and for serving as a role model for young people, especially young women.

Irene M. Gamba | The University of Texas at Austin

For contributions to analytical and numerical methods for statistical transport problems in complex particle systems.

Walter Gautschi | Purdue University, Retired

For fundamental contributions to the constructive theory of orthogonal polynomials with applications to approximation theory.

Donald Goldfarb | Columbia University

For contributions to nonlinear, discrete, and convex optimization.

Sven Hammarling | Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd, Semiretired, and University of Manchester

For contributions to numerical linear algebra, including the LAPACK project.

Pavol Hell | Simon Fraser University

For contributions to graph theory.

Bruce Hendrickson | Sandia National Laboratories

For contributions to combinatorial and parallel algorithms in scientific computing.

Kirk E. Jordan | IBM Corporation

For contributions to computational science and engineering, high performance computing applications, and leadership in industrial mathematics.

Michael I. Jordan | University of California, Berkeley

For contributions to machine learning, in particular variational approaches to statistical inference.

James P. Keener | University of Utah

For pioneering the mathematics of cardiac electrophysiology, elucidating scroll waves, the bidomain equations, and the mechanism of defibrillation.

Naomi Ehrich Leonard | Princeton University

For contributions to the control of underwater vehicles and the coordination of ensembles of independent agents, and for fundamental work in understanding the organization of animal schools and swarms.

Philip Kumar Maini | University of Oxford

For contributions to mathematical biology.

Geoffrey B. McFadden | National Institute of Standards and Technology

For advances in mathematics applied to fluid dynamics, solidification, and the interaction of the two, using sharp and diffuse interface theories.

Edward Ott | University of Maryland, College Park

For broad and deep investigations of nonlinear dynamical systems, which highlight both theory and application.

Tamar Schlick | New York University

For contributions to integration, optimization, and modeling techniques for the study of biomolecular structure and function.

David B. Shmoys | Cornell University

For contributions to the design, analysis, and application of efficient discrete optimization algorithms in scheduling, facility location, networks, and sustainability.

Mary Silber | Northwestern University

For contributions to the analysis of bifurcations in the presence of symmetry.

Barry F. Smith | Argonne National Laboratory

For contributions to domain decomposition, developing the powerful software package PETSc, and simulating complex scientific and engineering phenomena on massively parallel architectures.

Tao Tang | Hong Kong Baptist University

For contributions to computational fluid dynamics and in particular, development of adaptive algorithms.

Edriss S. Titi | Weizmann Institute of Science and University of California, Irvine

For analytical and computational studies of nonlinear partial differential equations with applications to fluid mechanics and geophysics.

Robert J. Vanderbei | Princeton University

For contributions to technologies for exoplanet searches and to interior-point methods for nonlinear optimization.

Richard S. Varga | Kent State University, Emeritus

For contributions to matrix analysis, numerical analysis, complex variables, and approximation theory.

Jan C. Willems | K.U. Leuven

For development of conceptual and physical aspects of modeling dynamical systems.

Thaleia Zariphopoulou | University of Oxford and The University of Texas at Austin

For contributions to stochastic control and financial mathematics.

Jerry L. Bona | University of Illinois at Chicago

For fundamental contributions to nonlinear waves.