Selection Criteria

Fellows Selection Criteria

Fellows Selection Criteria

This guideline provides general information for someone interested in nominating a fellow and gives a general background on things to consider when making a nomination.

Making a Nomination: What to Consider

Contributions to the field may be made in a variety of ways, depending on the individual’s type of employment and professional emphasis. The following guidelines are meant to assist those writing nominating packages. Candidates may have relevant qualifications in more than one of the areas listed below, but one may suffice.


For people working outside academia, publications may not be their primary contribution. In this case, a nomination should describe the contributions of the individual to advancing the discipline through other means. The kinds of question you might address include:

  • What product development, advancement in systems, application or operation, project management, process development, manufacturing innovation, or other application of technology was the direct result of the nominee's personal effort? (Typically this would involve a significant application of mathematics or computational science.)
  • Has the individual made an innovative, creative or significant development, advancement or application of applied mathematics or computational science that can be described?
  • Can one list the most important tangible and verifiable evidence of the nominee's contributions and, if pertinent, relevant significant technical publications?
  • Where a team effort was involved, can one identify and document the specific technical contributions of the nominee?
  • One should be able describe and verify the lasting impact of the nominee’s contribution.


Some of the following questions may be relevant if considering someone whose contributions have been in education:

  • What impact has the nominee had on education in the fields of interest to SIAM?
  • What unique and innovative curricula or courses has the nominee personally developed? What innovative and unique contributions has the nominee made to education as an administrator in fields relevant to SIAM?
  • Has the nominee written a pioneering text in his/her field?
  • What impact have these innovations had? What is the range of acceptance—local, regional, or worldwide?
  • What is the lasting impact of these efforts on education in fields relevant to SIAM?


For many SIAM members, research is a major part of their contributions to the field. The following questions are relevant:

  • What discoveries or advances in the state of the art made by the nominee indicate innovation, creativity, and importance of the nominee's research in fields served by SIAM?
  • Can one highlight a few relevant papers published in refereed journals and other tangible and verifiable evidence and explain the significance of the nominee's accomplishments? (The CV should contain a more comprehensive list.)
  • Where a team effort was involved, can one identify and document the specific technical contributions of the nominee?
  • What is the lasting impact of the nominee's contributions?

Technical Leader

For people outside academia, technical leadership may be a major part of their career. Consider the following questions:

  • What outstanding engineering application or scientific accomplishments resulted from a managerial, team, or company-wide effort that was led by this nominee?
  • Can one explain the technical innovation, difficulties and risk involved, and how this made an impact? (The nominee's organizational position, while important, should not be used as the sole evidence of achievements or technical contribution.)
  • Can one describe and verify the specific technical contributions that the nominee made which made the achievement possible? How did applied mathematics/computational science play a role in this effort?
  • What is the lasting impact of the nominee's contribution?

Service to SIAM or its Community

For some individuals, service to the community may be a primary accomplishment. This may apply, for example, to people serving in funding agencies or other government positions. Outstanding service to SIAM and the applied mathematics and computational science community includes projects and innovative programs and leadership roles taken to advance the discipline and its application through SIAM and other scientific, trade, professional and technical society activities. One should be able to specify the nature, duration, and significance of major efforts.

  • Can one highlight a few major SIAM and other technical society offices held? The CV should contain a comprehensive list along with dates, including committee/board memberships, SIAM Activity Group and Section activities, special assignments (editor, conference organizer, etc.).
  • Are there significant service awards, membership in honor societies, Fellow or comparable grades held in technical societies, educational, government and international awards?
  • Has the person made a significant impact on the professional development of individuals in the fields served by SIAM through accomplishments like educational programs and courses, curriculum development and innovation, textbook publication and acceptance, administrative and teaching excellence?
  • Of special note are activities to advance the field of applied mathematics or computational science and/or the profession.

Fellows Selection Committee

The Fellows Selection Committee is charged with evaluating nominees and selecting the SIAM Fellows. The committee may not select more than the target number of Fellows, but may choose to select fewer Fellows if the nomination pool so warrants. The documentation submitted with a nomination is the basis for a selection decision.

The Fellows Selection Committee will consist of 16 members serving staggered two-year terms. Only SIAM Fellows who are also regular SIAM members and who have not served on the Fellows Selection Committee in the preceding five years are eligible for appointment to the committee. Each year, eight new committee members will be appointed by the Major Awards Committee from among those eligible, and the SIAM President will designate one of the continuing committee members as chair.

The Major Awards Committee, when appointing the Fellows Selection Committee, and the Fellows Selection Committee, when evaluating nominees, will give careful attention to the non-academic membership of SIAM.

Members of the Fellows Selection Committee may not nominate anyone to be a Fellow while in office. Learn more about the Fellows Selection Committee.

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