Journal Policies

Journal Policies

SIAM has continued to publish top-notch journals since 1953. Throughout the decades, we have established important policies to help govern our publishing process and guarantee quality. These policies and procedures cover materials that are submitted, in review, accepted for publication, or already appearing in a SIAM publication.

Journal Policies List

Author Appeals

Procedures for authors who wish to contest a decision.

Authorial Integrity in Scientific Publication

SIAM values intellectual honesty and personal responsibility. As such, we do not tolerate plagiarism or any kind of authorial misconduct.

Open Access

If your manuscript been accepted for publication, you have the option to pay a one-time fee and place the full published article in Open Access, freely available to all.

Potentially Offensive Material

Though SIAM has no general rule on what is appropriate for publications, we will not publish material that will presumably offend our community.

Protecting Referee Personal Information

In the interest of protecting reviewer anonymity, it is important to check for personal information contained within referee reports and remove it if discovered in hidden areas.

Refereeing & Revision Times

SIAM’s journals consider more than 5,000 submitted manuscripts every year - an enormous effort that relies on hundreds of volunteer editors and thousands of volunteer referees.

SIAM Name Change Policy

SIAM Publications respects that authors may seek to change their names for reasons such as marriage, divorce, alignment with gender identity, or religious conversion. This policy outlines how SIAM will work with SIAM authors who request a change to their name on their published record.