SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis

Editorial Board

Editorial Board


Angela Kunoth
University of Cologne

Associate Editors

Mark Ainsworth
Brown University
Georgios Akrivis
University of Ioannina
Gang Bao
Zhejiang University
Sören Bartels
Universitat Freiburg
Peter Binev
University of South Carolina
Pavel Bochev
Sandia National Laboratories
Susanne C. Brenner
Louisiana State University
Hermann Brunner
Hong Kong Baptist University
Annalisa Buffa
Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne
Zhiqiang Cai
Purdue University
Suncica Canic
University of California, Berkeley
Yanzhao Cao
Auburn University
Xiaojun Chen
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Zhiming Chen
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Snorre H. Christiansen
University of Oslo
Ronald Cools
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Alan Demlow
Texas A&M University
Qiang Du
Columbia University
Charles Elliott
University of Warwick
Donald Estep
Simon Fraser University
Gabriel N. Gatica
Universidad De Concepcion
Emmanuil H. Georgoulis
University of Leicester
National Technical University of Athens

Jay Gopalakrishnan
Portland State University
Sigal Gottlieb
University of Massachusetts
Nicola Guglielmi
Universita di L'Aquila
Thomas Hagstrom
Southern Methodist University
Helmut Harbrecht
Universitat Basel
Roland Herzog
Technical University Chemnitz
Michael Hintermueller
Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics
Arnulf Jentzen
ETH Zurich
Kenneth Karlsen
University of Oslo
C. T. Kelley
North Carolina State University
Daniel Kressner
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Karl Kunisch
Karl Franzens Universitat Graz
Frances Y. Kuo
University of New South Wales
William Layton
University of Pittsburgh
Fengyan Li
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Christian Lubich
Universitaet Tuebingen
Carla Manni
Universita di Roma "Tor Vergata"
Thomas A. Manteuffel
Front Range Sci Computations
University of Colorado Boulder

William McLean
University of New South Wales
Amnon J. Meir
Southern Methodist University
Markus J. Melenk
Vienna University of Technology
Adam Oberman
McGill University
Houman Owhadi
California Institute of Technology
Michael L. Parks
Sandia National Laboratories
Ilaria Perugia
University of Vienna
Malgorzata Peszynska
Oregon State University
Guergana Petrova
Texas A&M University
Petr Plechac
University of Delaware
Catherine Powell
University of Manchester
Sebastian Reich
Universitaet Potsdam
Arnold Reusken
RWTH Aachen University
Béatrice Rivière
Rice University
Martin Rumpf
Universitaet Bonn
Robert Scheichl
University of Heidelberg
Valeria Simoncini
Università di Bologna
Rob Stevenson
University of Amsterdam
Manuel Torrilhon
RWTH Aachen University
Holger Wendland
University of Bayreuth
Thomas P. Wihler
University of Bern
Jun Zou
Chinese University of Hong Kong
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