Summer Research Program

SIAM-Simons Undergraduate Summer Research Program

The SIAM-Simons Undergraduate Summer Research Program will establish five sites across the United States for a six-week summer program of research and learning in applied mathematics and computational science.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting March 6 and until all spaces are filled.

About the Program

Each year, the SIAM-Simons Undergraduate Summer Research Program will establish five sites across the United States for a six-week program of research and learning in applied mathematics and computational science. One faculty mentor and two students at each site will work together for these six weeks. Students will learn how to conduct scientific research, effectively communicate mathematics and computational science principles, and will gain an improved understanding of how they can pursue a career in applied mathematics and computational science. Students and mentors from the five sites will come together via video conference to present their work, participate in professional development activities, and engage in community-building initiatives to bring all participants together and foster a strong sense of belonging.

Faculty mentors will be chosen from SIAM’s experienced and highly qualified member base. Mentors will be selected to work closely with the student participants and SIAM and will receive a stipend for their participation.

Students accepted to the program will:

  • Receive a weekly stipend, and expenses for lodging, meals, and travel will be covered
  • Visit the Flatiron Institute in Manhattan
  • Attend the SIAM Annual Meeting the year following their summer intensive to present their research project

Eligibility Criteria and Required Materials

  • Applicant statement: students will need to submit a written statement regarding their interest in the program
  • College transcripts
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation

This program targets U.S. students from groups underrepresented in applied mathematics and computational mathematics in the U.S., specifically ethnic minorities (African American/Black, Hispanic, Native American/Indigenous Peoples, Native Alaskan, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander). The program is intended to broaden participation in mathematics by minority students who are currently underrepresented and historically marginalized in our discipline.

About the Simons Foundation

The Simons Foundation, co-founded in 1994 by Jim and Marilyn Simons, works to advance the frontiers of research in basic science and mathematics. The foundation provides grants to individual investigators and their projects through academic institutions and conducts in-house scientific research supporting teams of top computational scientists through its Flatiron Institute. Jim and Marilyn Simons co-chair the foundation’s board.

SIAM is incredibly grateful to the Simons Foundation for funding this important new program (award number 1036702) that will provide support and career advancement opportunities for undergraduate students who are historically underrepresented in the mathematical and computational sciences.

Statement on Inclusiveness

As a professional society, SIAM is committed to providing an inclusive climate that encourages the open expression and exchange of ideas, that is free from all forms of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, and that is welcoming and comfortable to all members and to those who participate in its activities. In pursuit of that commitment, SIAM is dedicated to the philosophy of equality of opportunity and treatment for all participants regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion or religious belief, age, marital status, disabilities, veteran status, field of expertise, or any other reason not related to scientific merit. This philosophy extends from SIAM conferences, to its publications, and to its governing structures and bodies. We expect all members of SIAM and participants in SIAM activities to work towards this commitment.