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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


On the Eulerian Large Eddy Simulation of Disperse Phase Flows: An Asymptotic Preserving Scheme for Small Stokes Number Flows
C. Chalons, M. Massot, and A. Vié


Reduced Basis Multiscale Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Problems
Jan S. Hesthaven, Shun Zhang, and Xueyu Zhu

Mixed Generalized Multiscale Finite Element Methods and Applications

Eric T. Chung, Yalchin Efendiev, and Chak Shing Lee

SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


Dynamic Control of Modern, Network-Based Epidemic Models
Fanni Sélley,Ádám Besenyei, Istvan Z. Kiss, and Péter L. Simon

Stability and Long Term Behavior of a Hebbian Network of Kuramoto Oscillators
Robert W. Hölzel and Katharina Krischer

Stability and Bifurcation Analysis of Cyclic Genetic Regulatory Networks with Mixed Time Delays
Guang Ling, Zhi-Hong Guan, Rui-Quan Liao, and Xin-Ming Cheng


Lagrangian Relative Equilibria in a Modified Three-Body Problem with a Rotationally Symmetric Ellipsoid
Antonio Hernández-Gardun͂o and Cristina Stoica

Special Jordan Subspaces and Synchrony Subspaces in Coupled Cell Networks

Célia Sofia Moreira

Classification of Coupled Dynamical Systems with Multiple Delays: Finding the Minimal Number of Delays
L. Lücken, J. P. Pade, and K. Knauer

Nonlinear Langevin Equations for Wandering Patterns in Stochastic Neural Fields
Paul C. Bressloff and Zachary P. Kilpatrick


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


An Analysis of Chevrons in Thin Liquid Crystal Cells
Lei Z. Cheng and Daniel Phillips

High-Order Davies' Approximation for a Solitary Wave Solution in Packham's Complex Plane
Sunao Murashige and Wooyoung Choi

Asymptotic properties of MUSIC-Type Imaging in Two-Dimensional Inverse Scattering from Thin Electromagnetic Inclusions
Won-Kwang Park

Large Asymmetric First-Price Auctions---A Boundary-Layer Approach
Gadi Fibich and Nir Gavish

Reconstruction of an Impedance Cylinder at Oblique Incidence from the Far-Field Data
Gen Nakamura and Haibing Wang


Identification of Chemotaxis Models with Volume-Filling
Herbert Egger, Jan-Frederik Pietschmann, and Matthias Schlottbom


SIAM Journal on Computing


The Power of Linear Programming for General-Valued CSPs
Vladimir Kolmogorov, Johan Thapper, and Stanislav Živný

New Doubling Spanners: Better and Simpler
T.-H. Hubert Chan, Mingfei Li, Li Ning, and Shay Solomon

Large Induced Subgraphs via Triangulations and CMSO
Fedor V. Fomin, Ioan Todinca, and Yngve Villanger

Fully Dynamic Maximal Matching in O(log n) Update Time
Surender Baswana, Manoj Gupta, and Sandeep Sen

Structure Theorem and Isomorphism Test for Graphs with Excluded Topological Subgraphs

Martin Grohe and Dániel Marx

Embedding Metrics into Ultrametrics and Graphs into Spanning Trees with Constant Average Distortion
Ittai Abraham, Yair Bartal, and Ofer Neiman

Finding Collisions in Interactive Protocols---Tight Lower Bounds on the Round and Communication Complexities of Statistically Hiding Commitments
Iftach Haitner, Jonathan J. Hoch, Omer Reingold, and Gil Segev


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


Second Order Conditions for Optimality and Local Controllability of Discrete-Time Systems
M. Barbero-Lin͂án and B. Jakubczyk

A Probabilistic Approach to Large Time Behavior of Mild Solutions of HJB Equations in Infinite Dimension
Ying Hu, Pierre-Yves Madec, and Adrien Richou

Matrix Polynomials, Similar Operators, and the Imaginary Axis Eigenvalues of a Matrix Delay Equation
James Louisell

Morse Families In Optimal Control Problems
María Barbero-Lin͂án, David Iglesias Ponte, and David MartÍn de Diego

Controllability of Some Nonlinear Systems with Drift via Generalized Curvature Properties
Antonio Marigonda and Silvia Rigo

Observability Estimates and Null Controllability for Forward and Backward Linear Stochastic Kuramoto--Sivashinsky Equations
Peng Gao, Mo Chen, and Yong Li

Poisson's Equation in Nonlinear Filtering
Richard S. Laugesen, Prashant G. Mehta, Sean P. Meyn, and Maxim Raginsky

Exponential Stabilization of the Wave Equation by Dirichlet Integral Feedback
Martin Gugat

Funnel Control for the Boundary Controlled Heat Equation
Timo Reis and Tilman Selig


Byzantine Fault Tolerant Distributed Quickest Change Detection
Erhan Bayraktar and Lifeng Lai


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


Improved Analysis of a Max-Cut Algorithm Based on Spectral Partitioning
José A. Soto

Fourier Inversion for Finite Inverse Semigroups
Martin E. Malandro

Excluding a Substar and an Antisubstar
Maria Chudnovsky, Sergey Norin, Bruce Reed, and Paul Seymour

Total Transversals in Hypergraphs and Their Applications
Michael A. Henning and Anders Yeo

When Does a Mixture of Products Contain a Product of Mixtures?
Guido F. Montúfar and Jason Morton

Induced Disjoint Paths in Claw-Free Graphs
Petr A. Golovach, Daniël Paulusma, and Erik Jan van Leeuwen

Cayley Graphs Generated by Small Degree Polynomials over Finite Fields
Igor E. Shparlinski

On Lattices Generated by Finite Abelian Groups
Albrecht Böttcher, Lenny Fukshansky, Stephan Ramon Garcia, and Hiren Maharaj

Plane 3-Trees: Embeddability and Approximation
Stephane Durocher and Debajyoti Mondal

Almost All Friendly Matrices Have Many Obstructions

Richard Montgomery


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


Properties of American Volatility Options in the Mean-Reverting 3/2 Volatility Model
Hsuan-Ku Liu

Market Models with Optimal Arbitrage
Huy N. Chau and Peter Tankov

Default Clustering in Large Pools: Large Deviations
Konstantinos Spiliopoulos and Richard B. Sowers

The Existence of Optimal Bang-Bang Controls for GMxB Contracts
P. Azimzadeh and P. A. Forsyth


Valuation and Parities for Exchange Options
Constantinos Kardaras


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


On Iteratively Reweighted Algorithms for Nonsmooth Nonconvex Optimization in Computer Vision
Peter Ochs, Alexey Dosovitskiy, Thomas Brox, and Thomas Pock

Space-Time Regularization for Video Decompression
Hayden Schaeffer, Yi Yang, and Stanley Osher

Scale Invariant Metrics of Volumetric Datasets
Dan Raviv and Ramesh Raskar

Proximal Heterogeneous Block Implicit-Explicit Method and Application to Blind Ptychographic Diffraction Imaging
Robert Hesse, D. Russell Luke, Shoham Sabach, and Matthew K. Tam

Detection of Long Edges on a Computational Budget: A Sublinear Approach
Inbal Horev, Boaz Nadler, Ery Arias-Castro, Meirav Galun, and Ronen Basri


Optical Flow on Moving Manifolds
Martin Bauer, Markus Grasmair, and Clemens Kirisits

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


A Convex, Lower Semicontinuous Approximation of Euler's Elastica Energy
Kristian Bredies, Thomas Pock, and Benedikt Wirth

No Touchdown at Zero Points of the Permittivity Profile for the MEMS Problem
Jong-Shenq Guo and Philippe Souplet

Isothermal Navier--Stokes Equations and Radon Transform
P. I. Plotnikov and W. Weigant

A Hypergeometric Basis for the Alpert Multiresolution Analysis

Jeffrey S. Geronimo and Plamen Iliev

On the Area of the Symmetry Orbits in Weakly Regular Einstein--Euler Spacetimes with Gowdy Symmetry
Nastasia Grubic and Philippe G. LeFloch

Inside-Outside Duality and the Determination of Electromagnetic Interior Transmission Eigenvalues
Armin Lechleiter and Marcel Rennoch

Inverse Scattering Transform for the Defocusing Manakov System with Nonzero Boundary Conditions
Gino Biondini and Daniel Kraus

Finite Time Singularities for Hyperbolic Systems
Geng Chen, Tao Huang, and Chun Liu

Sampling, Metric Entropy, and Dimensionality Reduction
Dmitry Batenkov, Omer Friedland, and Yosef Yomdinsima

Asymptotic Analysis of the SVD for the Truncated Hilbert Transform with Overlap
Rima Alaifari, Michel Defrise, and Alexander Katsevich

Finite Speed of Propagation and Waiting Times for the Stochastic Porous Medium Equation: A Unifying Approach
Julian Fischer and Günther Grün

Principal Eigenvalues of Generalized Convolution Operators on the Circle and Spreading Speeds of Noncompact Evolution Systems in Periodic Media
Weiwei Ding and Xing Liang

Multi-solitons and Related Solutions for the Water-waves System
Mei Ming, Frederic Rousset, and Nikolay Tzvetkov

Generalized Scale-Invariant Solutions to the Two-Dimensional Stationary Navier--Stokes Equations
Julien Guillod and Peter Wittwer


On the Convexity of Injectivity Domains on Nonfocal Manifolds
Alessio Figalli, Thomas O. GallouŽt, and Ludovic Rifford



SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


Randomized Approximation of the Gram Matrix: Exact Computation and Probabilistic Bounds
John T. Holodnak and Ilse C. F. Ipsen

Tropical Roots as Approximations to Eigenvalues of Matrix Polynomials
Vanni Noferini, Meisam Sharify, and Françoise Tisseur

Singular Vector Perturbation Under Gaussian Noise
Rongrong Wang

Stability Analysis of Implicit Difference Equations Under Restricted Perturbations

Volker Mehrmann and Do Duc Thuan

Singular Value Decompositions for Single-Curl Operators in Three-Dimensional Maxwell's Equations for Complex Media
Ruey-Lin Chern, Han-En Hsieh, Tsung-Ming Huang, Wen-Wei Lin, and Weichung Wang


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


Almost Sure Exponential Stability in the Numerical Simulation of Stochastic Differential Equations
Xuerong Mao

Perturbation-Resilient Iterative Methods with an Infinite Pool of Mappings
T. Nikazad and M. Abbasi

Div First-Order System LL* (FOSLL*) for Second-Order Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
Zhiqiang Cai, Rob Falgout, and Shun Zhang

Preconditioned Douglas--Rachford Splitting Methods for Convex-concave Saddle-point Problems
Kristian Bredies and Hongpeng Sun

Analysis of a Combined CG1-DG2 Method for the Transport Equation
Roland Becker, Melanie Bittl, and Dmitri Kuzmin

Stability of Implicit-Explicit Backward Difference Formulas For Nonlinear Parabolic Equations
Georgios Akrivis

Implicit Runge--Kutta Methods and Discontinuous Galerkin Discretizations for Linear Maxwell's Equations
Marlis Hochbruck and Tomislav Pažur

L2-Stability Independent of Diffusion for a Finite Element--Finite Volume Discretization of a Linear Convection-Diffusion Equation
Paul Deuring, Robert Eymard, and Marcus Mildner

Numerical Analysis of a Hyperbolic Hemivariational Inequality Arising in Dynamic Contact
Mikaël Barboteu, Krzysztof Bartosz, Weimin Han, and Tomasz Janiczko

Finite Element Approximation of the p(·)-Laplacian
Dominic Breit, Lars Diening, and Sebastian Schwarzacher

Analysis of Schwarz Methods for a Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin Discretization

Martin J. Gander and Soheil Hajian

Multigrid Algorithms for hp-Discontinuous Galerkin Discretizations of Elliptic Problems
Paola F. Antonietti, Marco Sarti, and Marco Verani

An Iteration Free Backward Semi-Lagrangian Scheme for Guiding Center Problems

Xiangfan Piao, SangDong Kim, Philsu Kim, Jae-Min Kwon, and Dokkyun Yi

The L1-Potts Functional for Robust Jump-Sparse Reconstruction

Andreas Weinmann, Martin Storath, and Laurent Demaret

Schemes with Well-Controlled Dissipation
Jan Ernest, Philippe G. LeFloch, and Siddhartha Mishra


Higher-Order Exponential Integrators for Quasi-Linear Parabolic Problems. Part I: Stability
Cesáreo González and Mechthild Thalhammer

A FETI-DP Type Domain Decomposition Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Incompressible Stokes Equations

Xuemin Tu and Jing Li


SIAM Journal on Optimization


Asynchronous Stochastic Coordinate Descent: Parallelism and Convergence Properties
Ji Liu and Stephen J. Wright

Semidefinite Representations of Noncompact Convex Sets
Feng Guo, Chu Wang, and Lihong Zhi

Lipschitzian Properties and Stability of a Class of First-Order Stochastic Dominance Constraints
M. Claus and R. Schultz

Hölder Stable Minimizers, Tilt Stability, and Hölder metric Regularity of Subdifferentials
Xi Yin Zheng and Kung Fu Ng

Constrained Best Euclidean Distance Embedding on a Sphere: A Matrix Optimization Approach
Shuanghua Bai, Huo-Duo Qi, and Naihua Xiu

SIAM Review

SIREV 57-1


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


Numerical Methods for Stochastic Delay Differential Equations Via the Wong--Zakai Approximation
Wanrong Cao, Zhongqiang Zhang, and George Em Karniadakis

Newton Methods for the Optimal Control of Closed Quantum Spin Systems
G. Ciaramella, A. Borzì, G. Dirr, and D. Wachsmuth

A Temporal Consistent Monolithic Approach to Fluid-Structure Interaction Enabling Single Field Predictors
Matthias Mayr, Thomas Klöppel, Wolfgang A. Wall, and Michael W. Gee

Efficient and Scalable Algorithms for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics on Hybrid Shared/Distributed-Memory Architectures
Pedro Gonnet

To Be or Not to be Intrusive? The Solution of Parametric and Stochastic Equations---Proper Generalized Decomposition
Loïc Giraldi, Dishi Liu, Hermann G. Matthies, and Anthony Nouy

Edge-Enhancing Reconstruction Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Tomography
L. Harhanen, N. Hyvönen, H. Majander, and S. Staboulis

The Multisymplectic Diamond Scheme
R. I. McLachlan and M. C. Wilkins

Matrix Reordering Using Multilevel Graph Coarsening for ILU Preconditioning
Daniel Osei-Kuffuor, Ruipeng Li, and Yousef Saad

A Second-Order Positivity-Preserving Finite Volume Scheme for Diffusion Equations on General Meshes
Zhiming Gao and Jiming Wu

New Scaling-Squaring Taylor Algorithms for Computing the Matrix Exponential
J. Sastre, J. Ibán͂ez, E. Defez, and P. Ruiz

New Algorithms for Computing the Matrix Sine and Cosine Separately or Simultaneously
Awad H. Al-Mohy, Nicholas J. Higham, and Samuel D. Relton

Robust Numerical Coupling of Pressure and Pressureless Gas Dynamics Equations for Eulerian Spray DNS and LES
M. Boileau, C. Chalons, and M. Massot

Orthogonal Rank-One Matrix Pursuit for Low Rank Matrix Completion
Zheng Wang, Ming-Jun Lai, Zhaosong Lu, Wei Fan, Hasan Davulcu, and Jieping Ye

An Augmented-RBF Method for Solving Fractional Sturm--Liouville Eigenvalue Problems

Pedro R. S. Antunes and Rui A. C. Ferreira

Homotopy for Rational Riccati Equations Arising in Stochastic Optimal Control
Liping Zhang, Hung-Yuan Fan, Eric King-wah Chu, and Yimin Wei

Minimization of ℓ1-2 for Compressed Sensing
Penghang Yin, Yifei Lou, Qi He, and Jack Xin

Efficient and Accurate Parallel Inversion of the Gamma Distribution
Thomas Luu


Fast Multidimensional Convolution in Low-Rank Tensor Formats via Cross Approximation
M. V. Rakhuba and I. V. Oseledets

High Order Maximum-Principle-Preserving Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Convection-Diffusion Equations
Tao Xiong and Jing-Mei Qiu

Efficient Rare Event Simulation for Failure Problems in Random Media
Jingchen Liu, Jianfeng Lu, and Xiang Zhou

Goal-Oriented A Posteriori Error Estimation For The Travel Time Functional In Porous Media Flows
K. A. Cliffe, J. Collis, and P. Houston

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


The ROMES Method for Statistical Modeling of Reduced-Order-Model Error
Martin Drohmann and Kevin Carlberg

Sequential Bayesian Polynomial Chaos Model Selection for Estimation of Sensitivity Indices
Matthias Hwai Yong Tan

A Posteriori Error Estimates for Mixed Finite Element and Finite Volume Methods for Parabolic Problems Coupled through a Boundary
T. Arbogast, D. Estep, B. Sheehan, and S. Tavener


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 58-4


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