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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


Global Regularity and Multiscale Approach for Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer
Jizu Huang and Liqun Cao

Quasi-linear Compressed Sensing
Martin Ehler, Massimo Fornasier, and Juliane Sig

Stability Analysis of Unsteady, Nonuniform Base States in Thin Film Equations
Marion Dziwnik, Maciek Korzec, Andreas Münch, and Barbara Wagner

Metropolis Integration Schemes for Self-Adjoint Diffusions
Nawaf Bou-Rabee, Aleksandar Donev, and Eric Vanden-Eijnden

Paraxial Coupling of Propagating Modes in Three-Dimensional Waveguides with Random Boundaries
Liliana Borcea and Josselin Garnier

Homogenization of Heat Diffusion in a Cracked Medium
Xavier Blanc and Benjamin-Edouard Peigney

A Pathway-Based Mean-Field Model for E. coli Chemotaxis: Mathematical Derivation and Its Hyperbolic and Parabolic Limits

Guangwei Si, Min Tang, and Xu Yang


Locating Multiple Multiscale Acoustic Scatterers
Jingzhi Li, Hongyu Liu, and Jun Zou

Approximation of Polyatomic FPU Lattices by KdV Equations
Jeremy Gaison, Shari Moskow, J. Douglas Wright, and Qimin Zhang

Direct and Inverse Acoustic Scattering by a Collection of Extended and Point-Like Scatterers
Guanghui Hu, Andrea Mantile, and Mourad Sini

Minimizers That Are Not Also Relaxed Minimizers
M. Palladino and R. B. Vinter

An MsFEM Type Approach for Perforated Domains
Claude Le Bris, Frédéric Legoll, and Alexei Lozinski

An Adaptive Multiscale Finite Element Method

Patrick Henning, Mario Ohlberger, and Ben Schweizer


SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


An Energy-Optimal Methodology for Synchronization of Excitable Media
Dan Wilson and Jeff Moehlis

An Elementary Approach to Rigorous Approximation of Invariant Measures
Stefano Galatolo and Isaia Nisoli

Stability of Plane Wave Solutions in Complex Ginzburg--Landau Equation with Delayed Feedback
D. Puzyrev, S. Yanchuk, A. G. Vladimirov, and S. V. Gurevich

Ulam's Method for Lasota--Yorke Maps with Holes
Christopher Bose, Gary Froyland, Cecilia González-Tokman, and Rua Murray


Smooth Hamiltonian Systems with Soft Impacts
M. Kloc and V. Rom-Kedar

Synchrony and Periodicity in Excitable Neural Networks with Multiple Subpopulations
Lee DeVille and Yi Zeng


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


Nearly Cloaking the Electromagnetic Fields
Gang Bao and Hongyu Liu

Modeling Wolbachia Spread in Mosquitoes Through Delay Differential Equations
Bo Zheng, Moxun Tang, and Jianshe Yu

Gaussian Beam Methods for the Helmholtz Equation
Hailiang Liu, James Ralston, Olof Runborg, and Nicolay M. Tanushev

Stability Analysis of Flock and Mill Rings for Second Order Models in Swarming
G. Albi, D. Balagué, J. A. Carrillo, and J. von Brecht

The Influence of the Exterior Surface on Grain Boundary Mobility Measurements
Anna Zigelman, Amy Novick-Cohen, and Arkady Vilenkin

Product-Form Solutions for a Class of Structured Multidimensional Markov Processes
Jori Selen, Ivo J.B.F. Adan, and Johan S.H. van Leeuwaarden

A Mathematical Model for the Spatial Spread and Biocontrol of the Asian Longhorned Beetle
Stephen A. Gourley and Yijun Lou

Stationary Wigner Equation with Inflow Boundary Conditions: Will a Symmetric Potential Yield a Symmetric Solution?

Ruo Li, Tiao Lu, and Zhangpeng Sun

Modeling HIV-1 Virus Dynamics with Both Virus-to-Cell Infection and Cell-to-Cell Transmission
Xiulan Lai and Xingfu Zou


The Combinatorics of Scattering in Layered Media
Peter C. Gibson

Bounds on the Size of an Inclusion Using the Translation Method for Two-Dimensional Complex Conductivity
Hyeonbae Kang, Kyoungsun Kim, Hyundae Lee, Xiaofei Li, and Graeme W. Milton

Spatial Dynamics of an Age-Structured Population Model of Asian Clams
Jian Fang, Kunquan Lan, Gunog Seo, and Jianhong Wu

Phase Separation Dynamics in Isotropic Ion-Intercalation Particles
Yi Zeng and Martin Z. Bazant

Oscillatory Longwave Marangoni Convection in a Binary Liquid. Part 2: Square Patterns
Sergey Shklyaev, Alexander A. Nepomnyashchy, and Alexander Oron

Dynamics of a Damped Wave Equation Arising from MEMS
Gilberto Flores

Quasi Similarity Solutions for One Phase Stefan Problems with Time-Dependent Boundary Conditions

Malik Mamode


SIAM Journal on Computing


Vertex Sparsifiers: New Results from Old Techniques
Matthias Englert, Anupam Gupta, Robert Krauthgamer, Harald Räcke, Inbal Talgam-Cohen, and Kunal Talwar

Utilitarian Mechanism Design for Multiobjective Optimization
Fabrizio Grandoni, Piotr Krysta, Stefano Leonardi, and Carmine Ventre

Position-Based Cryptography
Nishanth Chandran, Vipul Goyal, Ryan Moriarty, and Rafail Ostrovsky

Approximating Minimum-Cost k-Node Connected Subgraphs via Independence-Free Graphs
Joseph Cheriyan and László A. Végh



SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


A Chain Observer for Nonlinear Systems with Multiple Time-Varying Measurement Delays
Filippo Cacace, Alfredo Germani, and Costanzo Manes

Global Finite-Time Stabilization via Time-Varying Feedback for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems

Yungang Liu

Controllability and Stabilizability of a Class of Continuous Piecewise Affine Dynamical Systems
Le Quang Thuan and M. Kanat Camlibel

An Exponential Turnpike Theorem for Dissipative Discrete Time Optimal Control Problems
Tobias Damm, Lars Grüne, Marleen Stieler, and Karl Worthmann

Optimal Control on the Doubly Infinite Continuous Time Axis and Coprime Factorizations
Mark R. Opmeer and Olof J. Staffans

Approximations of Elliptic Optimal Control Problems with Controls Acting on a Lower Dimensional Manifold
Wei Gong, Gengsheng Wang, and Ningning Yan


Exact Boundary Controllability of 1-D Parabolic and Hyperbolic Degenerate Equations
Mamadou Gueye

Controllability of the Heat Equation with an Inverse-Square Potential Localized on the Boundary
Cristian Cazacu

Two Person Zero-Sum Game in Weak Formulation and Path Dependent Bellman--Isaacs Equation
Triet Pham and Jianfeng Zhang

Optimal Shape Design of a Cavity for Radar Cross Section Reduction

Gang Bao and Jun Lai

Regularity Theory and Adjoint-Based Optimality Conditions for a Nonlinear Transport Equation with Nonlocal Velocity
Michael Gröschel, Alexander Keimer, Günter Leugering, and Zhiqiang Wang

Minimizers That Are Not Also Relaxed Minimizers
M. Palladino and R. B. Vinter

Characterization of the Optimal Boundaries in Reversible Investment Problems
Salvatore Federico and Huyên Pham

A Class of Solvable Optimal Stopping Problems of Spectrally Negative Jump Diffusions
Luis H. R. Alvarez, Pekka Matomäki, and Teppo A. Rakkolainen

Optimal Bilaplacian Eigenvalues
Pedro R. S. Antunes

Positively Invariant Families of Sets for Interconnected and Time-Delay Discrete-Time Systems
S. V. Raković and R. H. Gielen

Control of Interface Evolution in Multiphase Fluid Flows
L'ubomír Baňas, Markus Klein, and Andreas Prohl

New Type of Stability Criteria for Stochastic Functional Differential Equations via Lyapunov Functions

Xueyan Zhao and Feiqi Deng

Variational Stability of Some Optimal Control Problems Describing Hysteresis Effects

Sergey A. Timoshin

Modeling and Stabilizability of Voltage-Actuated Piezoelectric Beams with Magnetic Effects
K. A. Morris and A. Ö. Özer



SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


Graphs Admitting k-NU Operations. Part 2: The Irreflexive Case
Tomás Feder, Pavol Hell, Benoît Larose, Mark Siggers, and Claude Tardif

Phase Transition for Glauber Dynamics for Independent Sets on Regular Trees

Ricardo Restrepo, Daniel Štefankovič, Juan C. Vera, Eric Vigoda, and Linji Yang

Matroids with a Modular 4-Point Line
Rohan Kapadia

Long Circuits and Large Euler Subgraphs
Fedor V. Fomin and Petr A. Golovach

Edge-Disjoint Cliques in Graphs with High Minimum Degree
Raphael Yuster

An Extension of the Moser--Tardos Algorithmic Local Lemma
Wesley Pegden

An Erdös--Ko--Rado Theorem for the Derangement Graph of PGL3(q) Acting on the Projective Plane
Karen Meagher and Pablo Spiga

Matching Problems with Delta-Matroid Constraints
Naonori Kakimura and Mizuyo Takamatsu

Hurwitzian Continued Fractions Containing a Repeated Constant and An Arithmetic Progression
Gábor Hetyei

Moving Robots Efficiently Using the Combinatorics of CAT(0) Cubical Complexes
Federico Ardila, Tia Baker, and Rika Yatchak


Generating Functions for the q-Bernstein Bases
Ron Goldman, Plamen Simeonov, and Yilmaz Simsek

On Reconstructing Graphs and Their Complements
William L. Kocay and Donald L. Kreher

On the Weight of Halfspaces over Hamming Balls
Philip M. Long and Rocco A. Servedio

On the Union of Arithmetic Progressions
Shoni Gilboa and Rom Pinchasi


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


Buy Low, Sell High: A High Frequency Trading Perspective
Álvaro Cartea, Sebastian Jaimungal, and Jason Ricci


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


Multiscale Analysis for Images on Riemannian Manifolds
Felipe Calderero and Vicent Caselles

Self-Similar Prior and Wavelet Bases for Hidden Incompressible Turbulent Motion
P. Héas, F. Lavancier, and S. Kadri-Harouna

Role of Scattering in Virtual Source Array Imaging

Josselin Garnier and George Papanicolaou

The Linearized Bregman Method via Split Feasibility Problems: Analysis and Generalizations
Dirk A. Lorenz, Frank Schöpfer, and Stephan Wenger

Bijective Mappings of Meshes with Boundary and the Degree in Mesh Processing
Yaron Lipman

Image Zooming by Curvature Interpolation and Iterative Refinement
Youngjoon Cha, Gi Yun Lee, and Seongjai Kim

A New Detail-Preserving Regularization Scheme
Weihong Guo, Jing Qin, and Wotao Yin

Numerical Implementation of Geodesic X-Ray Transforms and Their Inversion

François Monard

Imaging Strong Localized Scatterers with Sparsity Promoting Optimization
Anwei Chai, Miguel Moscoso, and George Papanicolaou

iPiano: Inertial Proximal Algorithm for Nonconvex Optimization
Peter Ochs, Yunjin Chen, Thomas Brox, and Thomas Pock

Successive Nonnegative Projection Algorithm for Robust Nonnegative Blind Source Separation
Nicolas Gillis


Efficient Image Segmentation and Restoration Using Parametric Curve Evolution with Junctions and Topology Changes
Heike Benninghoff and Harald Garcke

Adapted Basis for Nonlocal Reconstruction of Missing Spectrum
Antonin Chambolle and Khalid Jalalzai

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


Doubly Nonlinear Equations as Convex Minimization
Goro Akagi and Ulisse Stefanelli

Global Smooth Solutions in R3 to Short Wave-Long Wave Interactions Systems for Viscous Compressible Fluids
Hermano Frid, Ronghua Pan, and Weizhe Zhang

Global Weak Solutions in a PDE-ODE System Modeling Multiscale Cancer Cell Invasion
Christian Stinner, Christina Surulescu, and Michael Winkler

Interconversion Relationships for Completely Monotone Functions
R. J. Loy and R. S. Anderssen

Cascade of Minimizers for a Nonlocal Isoperimetric Problem in Thin Domains
Massimiliano Morini and Peter Sternberg

Synchrosqueezed Curvelet Transform for Two-Dimensional Mode Decomposition

Haizhao Yang and Lexing Ying

Well-Posedness and Decay of the Viscous Surface Wave
Lei Wu

L-Stability of Continuous Shock Waves in a Radiating Gas Model
Masashi Ohnawa

High Frequency Waves and the Maximal Smoothing Effect for Nonlinear Scalar Conservation Laws
Stéphane Junca

One-dimensional Compressible Navier--Stokes Equations with Temperature Dependent Transport Coefficients and Large Data
Hongxia Liu, Tong Yang, Huijiang Zhao, and Qingyang Zou

Exact and Approximate Expansions with Pure Gaussian Wave Packets
Maarten V. de Hoop, Karlheinz Gröchenig, and José Luis Romero

Fundamental Solution of Kinetic Fokker--Planck Operator with Anisotropic Nonlocal Dissipativity
Xicheng Zhang


Random Attractors for Stochastic Evolution Equations Driven by Fractional Brownian Motion
Hongjun Gao, María J. Garrido-Atienza, and Björn Schmalfuss

Local and Global Minimality Results for a Nonlocal Isoperimetric Problem on RN
M. Bonacini and R. Cristoferi

An Extension of Greene's Criterion for Conformally Symplectic Systems and a Partial Justification
Renato C. Calleja, Alessandra Celletti, Corrado Falcolini, and Rafael de la Llave

On a Differential Inclusion Related to the Born--Infeld Equations

Stefan Müller and Mariapia Palombaro

On the Riemann Problem for a Scalar Zeldovich--von Neumann--Döring Combustion Model
Geng Lai

Asymptotic Growth Rates and Strong Bending of Turbulent Flame Speeds of G-Equation in Steady Two-Dimensional Incompressible Periodic Flows
Jack Xin and Yifeng Yu

Analyticity and Nonanalyticity of Solutions of Delay-Differential Equations
John Mallet-Paret and Roger D. Nussbaum

Subsonic Free Surface Waves in Linear Elasticity

Sönke Hansen

Closure and Commutability Results for Γ-Limits and the Geometric Linearization and Homogenization of Multiwell Energy Functionals
Martin Jesenko and Bernd Schmidt

Symmetrization of Vlasov--Poisson Equations
Bruno Després

Global Nonstationary Navier--Stokes Motion with Large Flux

Joanna Rencławowicz and Wojciech M. Zajączkowski

Weak Solutions for An Incompressible, Generalized Newtonian Fluid Interacting with a Linearly Elastic Koiter Type Shell
Daniel Lengeler

Reconstruction of Interfaces from the Elastic Farfield Measurements Using CGO Solutions

Manas Kar and Mourad Sini


SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


Numerical Optimization of Eigenvalues of Hermitian Matrix Functions
Emre Mengi, E. Alper Yildirim, and Mustafa Kiliç

A Fast Semidirect Least Squares Algorithm for Hierarchically Block Separable Matrices

Kenneth L. Ho and Leslie Greengard

Rank-One Corrections of Nonnegative Matrices, With an Application to Matrix Population Models
Vladimir Yu. Protasov and Dmitrii O. Logofet

Rayleigh--Ritz Approximation For the Linear Response Eigenvalue Problem
Lei-Hong Zhang, Jungong Xue, and Ren-Cang Li

Compressed Threshold Pivoting for Sparse Symmetric Indefinite Systems
J. D. Hogg and J. A. Scott


Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems with Specified Eigenvalues
Michael Karow, Daniel Kressner, and Emre Mengi

Nearly Linear Time Algorithms for Preconditioning and Solving Symmetric, Diagonally Dominant Linear Systems
Daniel A. Spielman and Shang-Hua Teng

On Generic Nonexistence of the Schmidt--Eckart--Young Decomposition for Complex Tensors
N. Vannieuwenhoven, J. Nicaise, R. Vandebril, and K. Meerbergen

A New Perturbation Bound for the LDU Factorization of Diagonally Dominant Matrices

Megan Dailey, Froilán M. Dopico, and Qiang Ye

A Symmetry Preserving Algorithm for Matrix Scaling
Philip A. Knight, Daniel Ruiz, and Bora Uçar

Birkhoff--von Neumann Theorem for Multistochastic Tensors

Lu-Bin Cui, Wen Li, and Michael K. Ng

A Fast Randomized Eigensolver with Structured LDL Factorization Update
Yuanzhe Xi, Jianlin Xia, and Raymond Chan

An Algebraic Analysis of the Graph Modularity

Dario Fasino and Francesco Tudisco


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


A Finite Volume Ventcell-Schwarz Algorithm for Advection-Diffusion Equations
Laurence Halpern and Florence Hubert

Inhomogeneous Dirichlet Boundary-Value Problems of Space-Fractional Diffusion Equations and their Finite Element Approximations
Hong Wang, Danping Yang, and Shengfeng Zhu

Analysis of Operator Splitting in the Nonasymptotic Regime for Nonlinear Reaction-Diffusion Equations. Application to the Dynamics of Premixed Flames
Stéphane Descombes, Max Duarte, Thierry Dumont, Frédérique Laurent, Violaine Louvet, and Marc Massot

A Posteriori Error Control for DPG Methods
Carsten Carstensen, Leszek Demkowicz, and Jay Gopalakrishnan

An Eulerian Space-Time Finite Element Method for Diffusion Problems on Evolving Surfaces

Maxim A. Olshanskii, Arnold Reusken, and Xianmin Xu

Modified Trigonometric Integrators
Robert I. McLachlan and Ari Stern

Combined DG--CG Time Stepping for Wave Equations

Noel J. Walkington

Fourth Order Accurate Scheme for the Space Fractional Diffusion Equations
Minghua Chen and Weihua Deng

A Kaczmarz Version of the REGINN-Landweber Iteration for Ill-Posed Problems in Banach Spaces
Fábio Margotti, Andreas Rieder, and Antonio Leitão

An Implicit Midpoint Spectral Approximation of Nonlocal Cahn--Hilliard Equations
Barbora Benešová, Christof Melcher, and Endre Süli


Robin Schwarz Algorithm for the NICEM Method: The Pq Finite Element Case
Caroline Japhet, Yvon Maday, and Frédéric Nataf

Two-Level Discretization Techniques for Ground State Computations of Bose-Einstein Condensates
Patrick Henning, Axel, and Daniel Peterseim

Numerical Solution of Bivariate and Polyanalytic Polynomial Systems

Laurent Sorber, Marc Van Barel, and Lieven De Lathauwer

Anisotropic Fast-Marching on Cartesian Grids Using Lattice Basis Reduction
Jean-Marie Mirebeau

High Order Numerical Approximation of the Invariant Measure of Ergodic SDEs

Assyr Abdulle, Gilles Vilmart, and Konstantinos C. Zygalakis

Verified Error Bounds for Isolated Singular Solutions of Polynomial Systems
Nan Li and Lihong Zhi

Asymptotically Compatible Schemes and Applications to Robust Discretization of Nonlocal Models
Xiaochuan Tian and Qiang Du

Study of a Finite Volume Scheme for the Drift-Diffusion System. Asymptotic Behavior in the Quasi-Neutral Limit
M. Bessemoulin-Chatard, C. Chainais-Hillairet, and M.-H. Vignal


SIAM Journal on Optimization


A Study on the Computational Complexity of the Bilevel Knapsack Problem
Alberto Caprara, Margarida Carvalho, Andrea Lodi, and Gerhard J. Woeginger

A Sequential Quadratic Optimization Algorithm with Rapid Infeasibility Detection
James V. Burke, Frank E. Curtis, and Hao Wang

Decomposition in Conic Optimization with Partially Separable Structure
Yifan Sun, Martin S. Andersen, and Lieven Vandenberghe

Optimality Conditions for Disjunctive Programs Based on Generalized Differentiation with Application to Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints
Helmut Gfrerer


Entropic Approximation for Mathematical Programs with Robust Equilibrium Constraints
Yongchao Liu and Huifu Xu

A Linesearch-Based Derivative-Free Approach for Nonsmooth Constrained Optimization
G. Fasano, G. Liuzzi, S. Lucidi, and F. Rinaldi

Stochastic Programming of Time-Consistent Extensions of AVaR

M. Densing

A Strictly Contractive Peaceman--Rachford Splitting Method for Convex Programming
Bingsheng He, Han Liu, Zhaoran Wang, and Xiaoming Yuan

An Inexact Sequential Quadratic Optimization Algorithm for Nonlinear Optimization
Frank E. Curtis, Travis C. Johnson, Daniel P. Robinson, and Andreas Wächter

The Dual Normal CHIP and Linear Regularity for Infinite Systems of Convex Sets in Banach Spaces

Chong Li and K. F. Ng

SIAM Review

SIREV 56-2


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


Dimensionality Reduction of High-Dimensional Data with a NonLinear Principal Component Aligned Generative Topographic Mapping
M. Griebel and A. Hullmann

Fitting a Bandlimited Curve to Points in a Plane
Daniel Beylkin and Vladimir Rokhlin

Error Analysis for Constrained First-Order System Least-Squares Finite-Element Methods
J. H. Adler and P. S. Vassilevski

A Hybrid Classical-Quantum Transport Model for the Simulation of Carbon Nanotube Transistors

C. Jourdana and P. Pietra

A Locally Parametrized Reduced-Order Model for the Linear Frequency Domain Approach to Time-Accurate Computational Fluid Dynamics

R. Zimmermann

Model Reduction Based on Proper Generalized Decomposition for the Stochastic Steady Incompressible Navier--Stokes Equations
L. Tamellini, O. Le Maître, and A. Nouy

Isogeometric BDDC Preconditioners with Deluxe Scaling
L. Beirão da Veiga, L. F. Pavarino, S. Scacchi, O. B. Widlund, and S. Zampini

Applications of Multigrid Algorithms to Finite Difference Schemes for Elliptic Equations with Variable Coefficients
Rong-Qing Jia

Adaptive Construction of Surrogates for the Bayesian Solution of Inverse Problems
Jinglai Li and Youssef M. Marzouk

A Simple and Efficient Segregated Smoother for the Discrete Stokes Equations
Francisco J. Gaspar, Yvan Notay, Cornelis W. Oosterlee, and Carmen Rodrigo

An Algorithm for the Convolution of Legendre Series

Nicholas Hale and Alex Townsend

Are the Snapshot Difference Quotients Needed in the Proper Orthogonal Decomposition?
Traian Iliescu and Zhu Wang

Calibration of the Stochastic Multicloud Model Using Bayesian Inference
Michèle De La Chevrotière, Boualem Khouider, and Andrew J. Majda

Analysis of the Two-Regime Method on Square Meshes
Mark B. Flegg, S. Jonathan Chapman, Likun Zheng, and Radek Erban

Immersed Boundary Method for Variable Viscosity and Variable Density Problems Using Fast Constant-Coefficient Linear Solvers II: Theory
Thomas G. Fai, Boyce E. Griffith, Yoichiro Mori, and Charles S. Peskin

Inexact Interior-Point Method for PDE-Constrained Nonlinear Optimization
Marcus J. Grote, Johannes Huber, Drosos Kourounis, and Olaf Schenk

Double Absorbing Boundary Formulations for Acoustics and Elastodynamics
Daniel Baffet, Thomas Hagstrom, and Dan Givoli

An Improved DQDS Algorithm
Shengguo Li, Ming Gu, and Beresford N. Parlett

Rosenbrock--Krylov Methods for Large Systems of Differential Equations
Paul Tranquilli and Adrian Sandu

Approximate Bayesian Computation by Subset Simulation
Manuel Chiachio, James L. Beck, Juan Chiachio, and Guillermo Rus

Reinforcement Learning and Wavelet Adapted Vortex Methods for Simulations of Self-propelled Swimmers
Mattia Gazzola, Babak Hejazialhosseini, and Petros Koumoutsakos

A Monge--Ampère-Solver for Free-Form Reflector Design
C. R. Prins, J. H. M. Thije Boonkkamp, J. van Roosmalen, W. L. Jzerman, and T. W. Tukker

Non-Galerkin Coarse Grids for Algebraic Multigrid
Robert D. Falgout and Jacob B. Schroder


Nested Newton Strategies for Energy-Corrected Finite Element Methods
U. Rüde, C. Waluga, and B. Wohlmuth

Manifold Evolution with Tangential Redistribution of Points
Karol Mikula, Mariana Remešíková, Peter Sarkoci, and Daniel Ševčovič

Tree Adaptive Approximation in the Hierarchical Tensor Format
Jonas Ballani and Lars Grasedyck

A Wavelet-Based Multilevel Approach for Blind Deconvolution Problems
Malena I. Español and Misha E. Kilmer

Exact Penalty Decomposition Method for Zero-Norm Minimization Based on MPEC Formulation
Shujun Bi, Xiaolan Liu, and Shaohua Pan

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


Perturbation Analysis for the Darcy Problem with Log-Normal Permeability
Francesca Bonizzoni and Fabio Nobile

Sobol' Indices and Shapley Value
Art B. Owen


Gauss von Mises Distribution for Improved Uncertainty Realism in Space Situational Awareness
Joshua T. Horwood and Aubrey B. Poore

Response Statistics for Random Heterogeneous Microstructures

M. Grigoriu

Mixed Finite Elements for Spatial Regression with PDE Penalization
Laura Azzimonti, Fabio Nobile, Laura M. Sangalli, and Piercesare Secchi

A Bayesian Approach for Global Sensitivity Analysis of (Multifidelity) Computer Codes
Loic Le Gratiet, Claire Cannamela, and Bertrand Iooss


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 58-2


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