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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


Network-Based Assessments of Percolation-Induced Current Distributions in Sheared Rod Macromolecular Dispersions
Feng Shi, Simi Wang, M. Gregory Forest, Peter J. Mucha, and Ruhai Zhou

On the Infinite Particle Limit in Lagrangian Dynamics and Convergence of Optimal Transportation Meshfree Methods
Bernd Schmidt

Mathematical Analysis of Temperature Accelerated Dynamics
David Aristoff and Tony Lelièvre

Computing the Minimal Rebinding Effect Included in a Given Kinetics
M. Weber and K. Fackeldey

Analysis of Control Volume Heterogeneous Multiscale Methods for Single Phase Flow in Porous Media
Sergey Alyaev, Eirik Keilegavlen, and Jan Martin Nordbotten

Connection of Kinetic Monte Carlo Model for Surfaces to One-Step Flow Theory in 1+1 Dimensions
Paul N. Patrone and Dionisios Margetis

Multiscale Modeling of Wear Degradation in Cylinder Liners
Alvaro Moraes, Fabrizio Ruggeri, Raúl Tempone, and Pedro Vilanova


Numerical Study of Quantized Vortex Interactions in the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation on Bounded Domains
Weizhu Bao and Qinglin Tang

Homogenization Driven by a Fractional Brownian Motion: The Shear Layer Case
Tomasz Komorowski, Alexei Novikov, and Lenya Ryzhik

Image Restoration with Mixed or Unknown Noises
Zheng Gong, Zuowei Shen, and Kim-Chuan Toh

Bloch-Wave Homogenization on Large Time Scales and Dispersive Effective Wave Equations
T. Dohnal, A. Lamacz, and B. Schweizer

Multiscale Modeling of Weakly Compressible Elastic Materials in the Harmonic Regime and Applications to Microscale Structure Estimation
Alfonso Caiazzo and Joaquín Mura

Flow on Sweeping Networks
Pierre Degond, Michael Herty, and Jian-Guo Liu


SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


Optimal Chaotic Desynchronization for Neural Populations
Dan Wilson and Jeff Moehlis

Global Isochrons and Phase Sensitivity of Bursting Neurons
Alexandre Mauroy, Blane Rhoads, Jeff Moehlis, and Igor Mezić

Construction of Bifurcation Diagrams Using POD on the Fly

Filippo Terragni and José M. Vega

Existence of Traveling Wave Solutions for a Model of Tumor Invasion
K. Harley, P. van Heijster, R. Marangell, G. J. Pettet, and M. Wechselberger

Stationary States and Asymptotic Behavior of Aggregation Models with Nonlinear Local Repulsion
Martin Burger, Razvan Fetecau, and Yanghong Huang

Eulerian Opinion Dynamics with Bounded Confidence and Exogenous Inputs
Anahita Mirtabatabaei, Peng Jia, and Francesco Bullo

Stabilizing Populations with Adaptive Limiters: Prospects and Fallacies
Daniel Franco and Frank M. Hilker

Large-Time Dynamics of Kuramoto Oscillators under the Effects of Inertia and Frustration
Seung-Yeal Ha, Yongduck Kim, and Zhuchun Li

Dimensionality Reduction of Dynamical Systems with Parameters: A Geometric Approach
Chris Welshman and John Martin Brooke

A Quadratic Approximation to Budyko's Ice-Albedo Feedback Model with Ice Line Dynamics
Richard McGehee and Esther Widiasih

Global Attractivity of the Zero Solution for Wright's Equation
Balázs Bánhelyi, Tibor Csendes, Tibor Krisztin, and Arnold Neumaier

The Stability of Localized Spot Patterns for the Brusselator on the Sphere
Ignacio Rozada, Steven J. Ruuth, and M. J. Ward


Existence of Compressible Bilayers in the Functionalized Cahn--Hilliard Equation
K. Promislow and L. Yang

Prey Switching with a Linear Preference Trade-Off
Sofia H. Piltz, Mason A. Porter, and Philip K. Maini

Calcium and Metabolic Oscillations in Pancreatic Islets: Who's Driving the Bus?

Margaret Watts, Bernard Fendler, Matthew J. Merrins, Leslie S. Satin, Richard Bertram, and Arthur Sherman


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


An Effective Model for Nematic Liquid Crystal Composites with Ferromagnetic Inclusions
M. C. Calderer, A. DeSimone, D. Golovaty, and A. Panchenko

Nodal Flow Simulations by the Immersed Boundary Method
Yongsam Kim, Joohee Lee, and Sookkyung Lim

Viscous Regularization of the Euler Equations and Entropy Principles
Jean-Luc Guermond and Bojan Popov

Traveling Solitary Waves in the Periodic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Finite Band Potentials
Tomáš Dohnal

Shock Solutions for High Concentration Particle-Laden Thin Films
Li Wang and Andrea L. Bertozzi

The Lack of Exponential Stability in Certain Transmission Problems with Localized Kelvin--Voigt Dissipation
Margareth Alves, Jaime Muñoz Rivera, Mauricio Sepúlveda, and Octavio Vera Villagrán

Higher-Order Averaging of Fokker--Planck Equations for Nonlinear Fiber Lay-Down Processes

L. L. Bonilla, A. Klar, and S. Martin

Phaseless Inverse Scattering Problems in Three Dimensions
Michael V. Klibanov

Asymptotic and Transient Mean-Square Properties of Stochastic Systems Arising in Ecology, Fluid Dynamics, and System Control
Evelyn Buckwar and Cónall Kelly


Global Dynamics of a Lotka--Volterra Model with Two Predators Competing for One Prey
Jaume Llibre and Dongmei Xiao

Extraction of Uniformly Accurate Phase Functions Across Smooth Shadow Boundaries in High Frequency Scattering Problems
Andreas Asheim and Daan Huybrechs

Discrete Models of Fluids: Spatial Averaging, Closure, and Model Reduction
Alexander Panchenko, Alexandre Tartakovsky, and Kevin Cooper

A Macroscopic Model Including Membrane Exchange for Diffusion MRI
Julien Coatléven, Houssem Haddar, and Jing-Rebecca Li


SIAM Journal on Computing


Fixed-Parameter Tractability of Multicut Parameterized by the Size of the Cutset
Dániel Marx and Igor Razgon

Coin Flipping with Constant Bias Implies One-Way Functions
Iftach Haitner and Eran Omri

Approximate Shortest Descending Paths
Siu-Wing Cheng and Jiongxin Jin

Computing the Discrete Fréchet Distance in Subquadratic Time
Pankaj K. Agarwal, Rinat Ben Avraham, Haim Kaplan, and Micha Sharir

Nonmalleable Extractors with Short Seeds and Applications to Privacy Amplification

Gil Cohen, Ran Raz, and Gil Segev

Linear-Time Compression of Bounded-Genus Graphs into Information-Theoretically Optimal Number of Bits

Hsueh-I Lu

Expanders via Random Spanning Trees
Alan Frieze, Navin Goyal, Luis Rademacher, and Santosh Vempala

Monotone Submodular Maximization over a Matroid via Non-Oblivious Local Search
Yuval Filmus and Justin Ward


Improved Bounds for the Union of Locally Fat Objects in the Plane
Boris Aronov, Mark de Berg, Esther Ezra, and Micha Sharir

Constraint Satisfaction Parameterized by Solution Size
Andrei A. Bulatov and Dániel Marx

Self-Improving Algorithms for Coordinatewise Maxima and Convex Hulls
Kenneth L. Clarkson, Wolfgang Mulzer, and C. Seshadhri



SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


Small-Time Local Controllability and Stabilizability of Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics under CMG Actuation
Sanjay P. Bhat and Aditya A. Paranjape

The Multiplayer Nonzero-Sum Dynkin Game in Continuous Time
Said Hamadène and Hassani Mohammed

Controllability of Some Coupled Stochastic Parabolic Systems with Fractional Order Spatial Differential Operators by One Control in the Drift
Xu Liu

Variational Approach to Second-Order Sufficient Optimality Conditions in Optimal Control
Daniel Hoehener

BSDEs with Singular Terminal Condition and a Control Problem with Constraints
Stefan Ankirchner, Monique Jeanblanc, and Thomas Kruse

Synchronization of Beads on a Ring by Feedback Control
Sara Susca, Pushkarini Agharkar, Sonia Martínez, and Francesco Bullo

Sub-Riemannian Geometry of Stiefel Manifolds
Christian Autenried and Irina Markina

Robust Eigenstructure Assignment in Geometric Control Theory
Lorenzo Ntogramatzidis and Robert Schmid

Consensus with Ternary Messages
Alex Olshevsky

Second-Order and Stability Analysis for State-Constrained Elliptic Optimal Control Problems with Sparse Controls
Eduardo Casas and Fredi Tröltzsch

Generalized Solutions for the Sum of Two Maximally Monotone Operators
Heinz H. Bauschke, Warren L. Hare, and Walaa M. Moursi

Identifying the Free Boundary of a Stochastic, Irreversible Investment Problem via the Bank--El Karoui Representation Theorem
Maria B. Chiarolla and Giorgio Ferrari

Stability Results for Doubly Nonlinear Differential Inclusions by Variational Convergence
Thomas Roche, Riccarda Rossi, and Ulisse Stefanelli

Multivariate Cauchy Estimator with Scalar Measurement and Process Noises
Moshe Idan and Jason L. Speyer


On Near-Controllability, Nearly Controllable Subspaces, and Near-Controllability Index of a Class of Discrete-Time Bilinear Systems: A Root Locus Approach
Lin Tie

Second-Order Necessary Optimality Conditions for a Class of Semilinear Elliptic Optimal Control Problems with Mixed Pointwise Constraints
B. T. Kien and V. H. Nhu

Dynamic Programming for Optimal Control Problems with Delays in the Control Variable

Salvatore Federico and Elisa Tacconi

The Hamiltonian Inclusion for Nonconvex Velocity Sets
Richard B. Vinter


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


Transversals of Longest Paths and Cycles
Dieter Rautenbach and Jean-Sébastien Sereni

Analysis of an Exhaustive Search Algorithm in Random Graphs and the nc log n-Asymptotics
Cyril Banderier, Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Vlady Ravelomanana, and Vytas Zacharovas

Hypergraphs of Bounded Disjointness
Alex Scott and Elizabeth Wilmer

A Weak Version of Rota's Bases Conjecture for Odd Dimensions
Ron Aharoni and Daniel Kotlar

Degree and Algebraic Properties of Lattice and Matrix Ideals
Liam O'Carroll, Francesc Planas-Vilanova, and Rafael H. Villarreal

MacWilliams Identities for m-tuple Weight Enumerators
Nathan Kaplan

Optimal Matching Forests and Valuated Delta-Matroids

Kenjiro Takazawa

Induced Matchings in Subcubic Graphs
Felix Joos, Dieter Rautenbach, and Thomas Sasse

Construction and Comparison of Authentication Codes
Jeroen Schillewaert and Koen Thas

Fast Deterministic Algorithms for Matrix Completion Problems
Tasuku Soma

Immersions in Highly Edge Connected Graphs
Dániel Marx and Paul Wollan

4-Critical Graphs on Surfaces Without Contractible (≤4)-Cycles
Zdeněk Dvořák and Bernard Lidický

Lower Bounds for the Isoperimetric Numbers of Random Regular Graphs
Brett Kolesnik and Nick Wormald


A Graph Reduction Step Preserving Element-Connectivity and Packing Steiner Trees and Forests
Chandra Chekuri and Nitish Korula

Robinson--Schensted--Knuth Algorithm, Jeu de Taquin, and Kerov--Vershik Measures on Infinite Tableaux
Piotr Śniady

Blocking Quadruple: A New Obstruction to Circular-Arc Graphs
Mathew Francis, Pavol Hell, and Juraj Stacho

Shortest-Weight Paths in Random Regular Graphs
Hamed Amini and Yuval Peres


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


Time-Consistent Portfolio Selection under Short-Selling Prohibition: From Discrete to Continuous Setting
A. Bensoussan, K. C. Wong, S. C. P. Yam, and S. P. Yung

A Probabilistic Numerical Method for Optimal Multiple Switching Problems in High Dimension
René Aïd, Luciano Campi, Nicolas Langrené, and Huyên Pham


Dynamics of Bankrupt Stocks
Xiao Li, Michael D. Lipkin, and Richard B. Sowers

Transaction Costs, Shadow Prices, and Duality in Discrete Time
Christoph Czichowsky, Johannes Muhle-Karbe, and Walter Schachermayer


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


A New Convex Optimization Model for Multiplicative Noise and Blur Removal
Xi-Le Zhao, Fan Wang, and Michael K. Ng

Synthesizing and Mixing Stationary Gaussian Texture Models
Gui-Song Xia, Sira Ferradans, Gabriel Peyré, and Jean-François Aujol

On Time Reversal in Photoacoustic Tomography for Tissue Similar to Water
Richard Kowar

Intensity Nonuniformity Correction for Brain MR Images with Known Voxel Classes

Yunho Kim and Hemant D. Tagare

Numerical Reconstruction of Electromagnetic Inclusions in Three Dimensions
Gang Bao, Junshan Lin, and Séraphin M. Mefire


A Direct Differential Approach to Photometric Stereo with Perspective Viewing
Roberto Mecca, Ariel Tankus, Aaron Wetzler, and Alfred M. Bruckstein

Processing Stationary Noise: Model and Parameter Selection in Variational Methods
Jérôme Fehrenbach and Pierre Weiss

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


On the Transport Equations with Singular/Regular Nonlocal Velocities
Dongho Chae

Well-Posedness for a One-Dimensional Fluid-Particle Interaction Model
Boris Andreianov, Frédéric Lagoutière, Nicolas Seguin, and Takéo Takahashi

Exponential Stability of Nonmonotone Traveling Waves for Nicholson's Blowflies Equation
Chi-Kun Lin, Chi-Tien Lin, Yanping Lin, and Ming Mei

Power-Law Approximation under Differential Constraints
Nadia Ansini and Francesca Prinari

Newtonian Limit for Weakly Viscoelastic Fluid Flows
Didier Bresch and Christophe Prange

Uniform Persistence in a Model for Bluetongue Dynamics

Stephen A. Gourley, Gergely Röst, and Horst R. Thieme

Bifurcations and Enumeration of Classes of Relative Equilibria in the Planar Restricted Four-Body Problem
Jean F. Barros and Eduardo S. G. Leandro

Point Electrode Problems in Piecewise Smooth Plane Domains
Otto Seiskari

Approaching the Ideal Free Distribution in Two-Species Competition Models with Fitness-Dependent Dispersal
Yuan Lou, Youshan Tao, and Michael Winkler

Global Well-Posedness and Stability of Electrokinetic Flows
Dieter Bothe, André Fischer, and Jürgen Saal

An Approach to Nonlinear Viscoelasticity via Metric Gradient Flows
Alexander Mielke, Christoph Ortner, and Yasemin Şengül

Algebro-geometric Quasi-periodic Solutions to the Three-Wave Resonant Interaction Hierarchy
Guoliang He, Xianguo Geng, and Lihua Wu

Multiscale Time Averaging, Reloaded

Shmuel Fishman and Avy Soffer

Positive Steady States of Evolution Equations with Finite Dimensional Nonlinearities
Àngel Calsina and József Z. Farkas

The Cauchy--Dirichlet Problem for the Porous Media Equation in Cone-Like Domains
Daniele Andreucci and Anatoli F. Tedeev

Incompressible Limits of Fluids Excited by Moving Boundaries

Eduard Feireisl, Ondřej Kreml, Šárka Nečasová, Jiří Neustupa, and Jan Stebel

Transonic Evaporation Waves in a Spherically Symmetric Nozzle
Xiaobiao Lin and Martin Wechselberger


Dispersive Perturbations of Burgers and Hyperbolic Equations I: Local Theory
Felipe Linares, Didier Pilod, and Jean-Claude Saut

A General Condition for Monge Solutions in the Multi-Marginal Optimal Transport Problem
Young-Heon Kim and Brendan Pass

Coupled Cell Networks and Their Hidden Symmetries
Bob Rink and Jan Sanders



SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


Robust Low-Rank Tensor Recovery: Models and Algorithms
Donald Goldfarb and Zhiwei (Tony) Qin

On the Inverse Symmetric Quadratic Eigenvalue Problem
Peter Lancaster and Ion Zaballa

Stability of Two Direct Methods for Bidiagonalization and Partial Least Squares
Ake Björck

Subspace Methods for Computing the Pseudospectral Abscissa and the Stability Radius
Daniel Kressner and Bart Vandereycken

Erratum: Preconditioning Stochastic Galerkin Saddle Point Systems
Catherine E. Powell and Elisabeth Ullmann


Aggressively Truncated Taylor Series Method for Accurate Computation of Exponentials of Essentially Nonnegative Matrices
Meiyue Shao, Weiguo Gao, and Jungong Xue

The Antitriangular Factorization of Saddle Point Matrices
J. Pestana and A. J. Wathen

FEAST As A Subspace Iteration Eigensolver Accelerated By Approximate Spectral Projection
Ping Tak Peter Tang and Eric Polizzi

Lifted Polytope Methods for Computing the Joint Spectral Radius
Raphaël M. Jungers, Antonio Cicone, and Nicola Guglielmi

Computing a Partial Schur Factorization of Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems Using the Infinite Arnoldi Method
Elias Jarlebring, Karl Meerbergen, and Wim Michiels

M-Tensors and Some Applications
Liping Zhang, Liqun Qi, and Guanglu Zhou

Structured Eigenvalue Backward Errors of Matrix Pencils and Polynomials with Hermitian and Related Structures
Shreemayee Bora, Michael Karow, Christian Mehl, and Punit Sharma

Adaptive Tangential Interpolation in Rational Krylov Subspaces for MIMO Dynamical Systems
V. Druskin, V. Simoncini, and M. Zaslavsky


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


Numerical Solution of Projected Algebraic Riccati Equations
Peter Benner and Tatjana Stykel

Adaptive FEM with Optimal Convergence Rates for a Certain Class of Nonsymmetric and Possibly Nonlinear Problems

M. Feischl, T. Führer, and D. Praetorius

A Two-Dimensional Version of the Godunov Scheme for Scalar Balance Laws
Laurent Gosse

Conditioning Analysis of Nonlocal Integral Operators in Fractional Sobolev Spaces
Burak Aksoylu and Zuhal Unlu

Efficient, Unconditionally Stable, and Optimally Accurate FE Algorithms for Approximate Deconvolution Models
Keith J. Galvin, Leo G. Rebholz, and Catalin Trenchea

Quasi-optimal Error Estimates for Implicit Discretizations of Rate-Independent Evolutions
Sören Bartels

Stochastic Aspects of Nonlinear Refinement Schemes
Oliver Ebner


An Age-Structured Population Model with State-Dependent Delay: Derivation and Numerical Integration
F. M. G. Magpantay, N. Kosovalić, and J. Wu

Convergence Analysis of a Discontinuous Galerkin/Strang Splitting Approximation for the Vlasov--Poisson Equations
Lukas Einkemmer and Alexander Ostermann

Edge Element Methods for Maxwell's Equations with Strong Convergence for Gauss' Laws
Patrick Ciarlet, Jr., Haijun Wu, and Jun Zou

Computation of the Schrödinger Equation in the Semiclassical Regime on an Unbounded Domain
Xu Yang and Jiwei Zhang

Rational Gauss Quadrature

Miroslav S. Pranić and Lothar Reichel

New POD Error Expressions, Error Bounds, and Asymptotic Results for Reduced Order Models of Parabolic PDEs
John R. Singler

Error Bounds for the Numerical Integration of Functions with Limited Smoothness
Kai Diethelm

First-Order System Least Squares on Curved Boundaries: Lowest-Order Raviart--Thomas Elements

Fleurianne Bertrand, Steffen Münzenmaier, and Gerhard Starke

Semi-Implicit Euler Schemes for Ordinary Differential Inclusions
Janosch Rieger


SIAM Journal on Optimization


A Derivative-Free Trust-Region Method for Biobjective Optimization
Jong-hyun Ryu and Sujin Kim

Proximal Normal Cone Analysis on Smooth Banach Spaces and Applications

Xi Yin Zheng and Kung Fu Ng

On the Identification of the Optimal Partition of Second Order Cone Optimization Problems
Tamás Terlaky and Zhouhong Wang

Stationary Point Sets: Convex Quadratic Optimization Is Universal in Nonlinear Optimization
Harald Günzel

Operator Preconditioning for a Class of Inequality Constrained Optimal Control Problems
Anton Schiela and Stefan Ulbrich

Quantitative Stability Analysis of Stochastic Generalized Equations
Yongchao Liu, Werner Römisch, and Huifu Xu

Analysis of the Convergence Rate for the Cyclic Projection Algorithm Applied to Basic Semialgebraic Convex Sets
Jonathan M. Borwein, Guoyin Li, and Liangjin Yao

Scalable Nonlinear Programming via Exact Differentiable Penalty Functions and Trust-Region Newton Methods
Victor M. Zavala and Mihai Anitescu


Constraint Qualifications in Semi-Infinite Systems and Their Applications in Nonsmooth Semi-Infinite Problems with Mixed Constraints
Nader Kanzi

Semiconvex Regression for Metamodeling-Based Optimization
Lauren A. Hannah, Warren B. Powell, and David B. Dunson

A First-Order Smoothing Technique for a Class of Large-Scale Linear Programs
Jieqiu Chen and Samuel Burer

Reducing the Number of Function Evaluations in Mesh Adaptive Direct Search Algorithms
Charles Audet, Andrea Ianni, Sébastien Le Digabel, and Christophe Tribes

Cutting-Planes for Optimization of Convex Functions over Nonconvex Sets
Daniel Bienstock and Alexander Michalka

From the Farkas Lemma to the Hahn--Banach Theorem
N. Dinh, M. A. Goberna, M. A. López, and T. H. Mo

On Extensions of Kenderov's Single-Valuedness Result for Monotone Maps and Quasimonotone Maps
D. Aussel and Y. García

A Symmetric Reduction of the NT Direction
Florian Jarre and Chantal Hergenroede

Constrained Bundle Methods for Upper Inexact Oracles with Application to Joint Chance Constrained Energy Problems
Wim van Ackooij and Claudia Sagastizábal

SIAM Review

SIREV 56-1


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


A Posteriori Error Estimation for DEIM Reduced Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
D. Wirtz, D. C. Sorensen, and B. Haasdonk

LSRN: A Parallel Iterative Solver for Strongly Over- or Underdetermined Systems

Xiangrui Meng, Michael A. Saunders, and Michael W. Mahoney

Interior Eigenvalues from Density Matrix Expansions in Quantum Mechanical Molecular Dynamics
Emanuel H. Rubensson and Anders M. N. Niklasson

Energy Norm A Posteriori Error Estimation for Parametric Operator Equations
Alex Bespalov, Catherine E. Powell, and David Silvester

On Upper and Lower Bounds for Quantity of Interest in Problems Subject to Epistemic Uncertainty
Jing Li, Xin Qi, and Dongbin Xiu

High-Order Asymptotic-Preserving Methods for Fully Nonlinear Relaxation Problems

Sebastiano Boscarino, Philippe G. LeFloch, and Giovanni Russo

Cauchy Fast Multipole Method for General Analytic Kernels
Pierre-David Létourneau, Cris Cecka, and Eric Darve

Evaluation of Layer Potentials Close to the Boundary for Laplace and Helmholtz Problems on Analytic Planar Domains
Alex H. Barnett

Good Path Generation Methods in Quasi-Monte Carlo for Pricing Financial Derivatives
Zhijian He and Xiaoqun Wang

Indirect Multiple Shooting for Nonlinear Parabolic Optimal Control Problems with Control Constraints
T. Carraro, M. Geiger, and R. Rannacher

Sampling Unnormalized Probabilities: An Alternative to the Metropolis--Hastings Algorithm
Stephen G. Walker

A Stochastic Collocation Algorithm with Multifidelity Models
Akil Narayan, Claude Gittelson, and Dongbin Xiu

Efficient Characterization of Uncertain Model Parameters with a Reduced-Order Ensemble Kalman Filter
Binghuai Lin and Dennis McLaughlin

A Global Jacobian Method for Mortar Discretizations of Nonlinear Porous Media Flows
Benjamin Ganis, Mika Juntunen, Gergina Pencheva, Mary F. Wheeler, and Ivan Yotov

A Parallel Full Geometric Multigrid Solver for Time Harmonic Maxwell Problems
M. Chanaud, L. Giraud, D. Goudin, J. J. Pesqué, and J. Roman

Pyramid Algorithms for Bernstein--Bézier Finite Elements of High, Nonuniform Order in Any Dimension
Mark Ainsworth

Can Local Single-Pass Methods Solve Any Stationary Hamilton--Jacobi--Bellman Equation?
Simone Cacace, Emiliano Cristiani, and Maurizio Falcone

An Augmented Incomplete Factorization Approach for Computing the Schur Complement in Stochastic Optimization
Cosmin G. Petra, Olaf Schenk, Miles Lubin, and Klaus Gäertner


Design and Analysis of a Lightweight Parallel Adaptive Scheme for the Solution of the Monodomain Equation
Thomas Dickopf, Dorian Krause, Rolf Krause, and Mark Potse

Preconditioned Krylov Subspace Methods for Sampling Multivariate Gaussian Distributions
Edmond Chow and Yousef Saad

Generalized Arnoldi--Tikhonov Method for Sparse Reconstruction
Silvia Gazzola and James G. Nagy

On Positive Semidefinite Modification Schemes for Incomplete Cholesky Factorization
Jennifer Scott and Miroslav Tůma

Spatial Two-Level Interacting Particle Simulations and Information Theory--Based Error Quantification
Evangelia Kalligiannaki, Markos A. Katsoulakis, and Petr Plecháč

Discrete Periodic Extension Using an Approximate Step Function
Nathan Albin and Sureka Pathmanathan

An Asymptotic Parallel-in-Time Method for Highly Oscillatory PDEs
Terry Haut and Beth Wingate

A Dimensional Reduction Approach Based on the Application of Reduced Basis Methods in the Framework of Hierarchical Model Reduction
Mario Ohlberger and Kathrin Smetana

A Highly Scalable Parallel Implementation of Balancing Domain Decomposition by Constraints
Santiago Badia, Alberto F. Martín, and Javier Principe

Nonlinear FETI-DP and BDDC Methods
Axel Klawonn, Martin Lanser, and Oliver Rheinbach

Approaches for Adjoint-Based A Posteriori Analysis of Stabilized Finite Element Methods
Eric C. Cyr, John Shadid, and Tim Wildey

An Iterative Algorithm for Computing Measures of Generalized Voronoi Regions

Lisa J. Larsson, Rustum Choksi, and Jean-Christophe Nave

Compressed Multirow Storage Format for Sparse Matrices on Graphics Processing Units

Zbigniew Koza, Maciej Matyka, Sebastian Szkoda, and Łukasz Mirosław

Surrogate Based Method for Evaluation of Failure Probability under Multiple Constraints
Jing Li and Dongbin Xiu

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


A Newton--Galerkin Method for Fluid Flow Exhibiting Uncertain Periodic Dynamics
M. Schick, V. Heuveline, and O. P. Le Maître


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 58-1


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