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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


Multilevel Monte Carlo Approaches for Numerical Homogenization
Yalchin Efendiev, Cornelia Kronsbein, and Frédéric Legoll

Upscaling Interpretation of Nonlocal Fields, Gradients, and Divergences
Moongyu Park and John H. Cushman

Nonconforming Multiscale Finite Element Method for Stokes Flows in Heterogeneous Media. Part I: Methodologies and Numerical Experiments
B. P. Muljadi, J. Narski, A. Lozinski, and P. Degond

Search Time for a Small Ribbon and Application to Vesicular Release at Neuronal Synapses
C. Guerrier and D. Holcman

Stochastic Averaging of Dynamical Systems with Multiple Time Scales Forced with α-Stable Noise
W. F. Thompson, R. A. Kuske, and A. H. Monahan

Conditional Mean First Passage Times to Small Traps in a 3-D Domain with a Sticky Boundary: Applications to T Cell Searching Behavior in Lymph Nodes
M. I. Delgado, M. J. Ward, and D. Coombs

Pair Densities in Density Functional Theory
Huajie Chen and Gero Friesecke

Rare Event Simulation for Multiscale Diffusions in Random Environments
Konstantinos Spiliopoulos


Singular Behavior of Electric Field of High-Contrast Concentrated Composites
Yuliya Gorb

Constructing Surrogate Models of Complex Systems with Enhanced Sparsity: Quantifying the Influence of Conformational Uncertainty in Biomolecular Solvation
H. Lei, X. Yang, B. Zheng, G. Lin, and N. A. Baker


SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


Computation and Verification of Lyapunov Functions
Peter Giesl and Sigurdur Hafstein

The Tendency toward a Moving Equilibrium
Sheng-Yi Hsu and Mau-Hsiang Shih

Regularizations of Two-Fold Bifurcations in Planar Piecewise Smooth Systems Using Blowup
K. Uldall Kristiansen and S. J. Hogan

Oscillatory Convection in Rotating Spherical Shells: Low Prandtl Number and Non-Slip Boundary Conditions
F. Garcia, J. Sánchez, E. Dormy, and M. Net

Averaging, Folded Singularities, and Torus Canards: Explaining Transitions between Bursting and Spiking in a Coupled Neuron Model
Kerry-Lyn Roberts, Jonathan E. Rubin, and Martin Wechselberger

A New Derivation of Robin Boundary Conditions through Homogenization of a Stochastically Switching Boundary

Sean D. Lawley and James P. Keener

Symmetry-Breaking Bifurcations in Rings of Delay-Coupled Semiconductor Lasers
Pietro-Luciano Buono and Juancho A. Collera

Exact Neural Fields Incorporating Gap Junctions

Carlo R. Laing


The Leaky Oscillator: Properties of Inhibition-Based Rhythms Revealed through the Singular Phase Response Curve
Jonathan Cannon and Nancy Kopell

The Structure of Global Attractors for Dissipative Zakharov Systems with Forcing on the Torus
M. B. Erdoğan, J. L. Marzuola, K. Newhall, and N. Tzirakis

Traveling Waves for a Thin Film with Gravity and Insoluble Surfactant
Joachim Escher, Matthieu Hillairet, Philippe Laurençot, and Christoph Walker

Bifurcations in Forced Response Curves
Justin Wiser and Martin Golubitsky

Tipping Points Near a Delayed Saddle Node Bifurcation with Periodic Forcing
Jielin Zhu, Rachel Kuske, and Thomas Erneux


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


Steadily Translating Parabolic Dissolution Fingers
Paweł Kondratiuk and Piotr Szymczak

Reconstruction of a Fully Anisotropic Elasticity Tensor from Knowledge of Displacement Fields
Guillaume Bal, François Monard, and Gunther Uhlmann

Recovering the Density of a String from Only Lowest Frequency Data
William Rundell

An Exact Solution for Stokes Flow in a Channel with Arbitrarily Large Wall Permeability
G. Herschlag, J.-G. Liu, and A. T. Layton

Chemotactic Traveling Waves by Metric of Food
Sun-Ho Choi and Yong-Jung Kim

Electromagnetic Field Enhancement in Small Gaps: A Rigorous Mathematical Theory
Junshan Lin and Fernando Reitich

Local Well-Posedness of the Two-Layer Shallow Water Model with Free Surface
Ronan Monjarret

One-Dimensional Population Density Approaches to Recurrently Coupled Networks of Neurons with Noise
Wilten Nicola, Cheng Ly, and Sue Ann Campbell

Dynamic Transitions of Quasi-geostrophic Channel Flow
Henk Dijkstra, Taylan Sengul, Jie Shen, and Shouhong Wang

Erratum to: Persistence and Spread of A Species with A Shifting Habitat Edge
Bingtuan Li, Sharon Bewick, Jin Shang, and William F. Fagan


An Asymptotic Analysis of the Period-Doubling Secondary Bifurcation in a Film/Substrate Bilayer
Y. B. Fu and Z. X. Cai

Distribution Modes and Their Corresponding Parameter Regions in Stochastic Gene Transcription

Feng Jiao, Qiwen Sun, Moxun Tang, Jianshe Yu, and Bo Zheng

Epidemic Outbreaks in Networks with Equitable or Almost-Equitable Partitions

S. Bonaccorsi, S. Ottaviano, D. Mugnolo, and F. De Pellegrini

Convergence of the k-Means Minimization Problem using Γ-Convergence
Matthew Thorpe, Florian Theil, Adam M. Johansen, and Neil Cade

A Novel Compressed Sensing Scheme for Photoacoustic Tomography

M. Sandbichler, F. Krahmer, T. Berer, P. Burgholzer, and M. Haltmeier

Optimal Transport for Particle Image Velocimetry: Real Data and Postprocessing Algorithms
Louis-Philippe Saumier, Boualem Khouider, and Martial Agueh

On the Modeling and Simulation of Reaction-Transfer Dynamics in Semiconductor-Electrolyte Solar Cells
Yuan He, Irene M. Gamba, Heung-Chan Lee, and Kui Ren


SIAM Journal on Computing


Iterative Rounding Approximation Algorithms for Degree-Bounded Node-Connectivity Network Design
Takuro Fukunaga, Zeev Nutov, and R. Ravi

Quantum Locally Testable Codes
Dorit Aharonov and Lior Eldar

Optimal Impartial Selection
Felix Fischer and Max Klimm

Special Section on the Fifty-Third IEEE Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS 2012)
Tim Roughgarden

Making the Long Code Shorter
Boaz Barak, Parikshit Gopalan, Johan Håstad, Raghu Meka, Prasad Raghavendra, and David Steurer

On Non-Black-Box Simulation and the Impossibility of Approximate Obfuscation
Nir Bitansky and Omer Paneth

A Tight Linear Time (1/2)-Approximation for Unconstrained Submodular Maximization
Niv Buchbinder, Moran Feldman, Joseph Seffi Naor, and Roy Schwartz

Diffusive Influence Systems
Bernard Chazelle

New Limits to Classical and Quantum Instance Compression

Andrew Drucker

How to Compute in the Presence of Leakage
Shafi Goldwasser and Guy N. Rothblum

Lower Bounds on Information Complexity via Zero-Communication Protocols and Applications

Iordanis Kerenidis, Sophie Laplante, Virginie Lerays, Jérémie Roland, and David Xiao

Constructive Discrepancy Minimization by Walking on the Edges

Shachar Lovett and Raghu Meka


Approximating Boolean Functions with Depth-2 Circuits
Eric Blais and Li-Yang Tan

The Limits of Depth Reduction for Arithmetic Formulas: It's All About the Top Fan-In
Mrinal Kumar and Shubhangi Saraf

Optimal Local Routing on Delaunay Triangulations Defined by Empty Equilateral Triangles
Prosenjit Bose, Rolf Fagerberg, André van Renssen, and Sander Verdonschot

Quasi-Polynomial Time Approximation Scheme for Weighted Geometric Set Cover on Pseudodisks and Halfspaces
Nabil H. Mustafa, Rajiv Raman, and Saurabh Ray

From Affine to Two-Source Extractors via Approximate Duality
Eli Ben-Sasson and Noga Ron-Zewi

Interactive Information Complexity
Mark Braverman

Sample Complexity Bounds on Differentially Private Learning via Communication Complexity
Vitaly Feldman and David Xiao


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


Efficient Algorithms for the Consensus Decision Problem
P.-Y. Chevalier, J. M. Hendrickx, and R. M. Jungers

Optimal One-Dimensional Coverage by Unreliable Sensors
Paolo Frasca, Federica Garin, Balázs Gerencsér, and Julien M. Hendrickx

Inertial Game Dynamics and Applications to Constrained Optimization
Rida Laraki and Panayotis Mertikopoulos

H Control Problem for Discrete-Time Algebraic Dynamical Systems
Sebastian F. Tudor and Cristian Oară

Nonlinear Observer Based on Cascade Form and Output Injection
Hassan Hammouri and Mariem Sahnoun

Approximate Controllability for Nonlinear Evolution Hemivariational Inequalities in Hilbert Spaces
Zhenhai Liu, Xiuwen Li, and Dumitru Motreanu

Periodic Controls in an Oscillating Domain: Controls via Unfolding and Homogenization
A. K. Nandakumaran, Ravi Prakash, and Bidhan Chandra Sardar

Optimal Dividend Payment and Regime Switching in a Compound Poisson Risk Model
Pablo Azcue and Nora Muler

Kernels for Linear Time Invariant System Identification

Francesco Dinuzzo


Structured Inverse Modeling in Parabolic Diffusion Problems
Volker H. Schulz, Martin Siebenborn, and Kathrin Welker

Stochastic Approximation Based Consensus Dynamics over Markovian Networks
Minyi Huang, Tao Li, and Ji-Feng Zhang

Construction of Lyapunov Functions for Interconnected Parabolic Systems: An iISS Approach
Andrii Mironchenko and Hiroshi Ito

Sharp Time Estimates for Exact Boundary Controllability of Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems
Long Hu


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


Integer Factorization of a Positive-Definite Matrix
Joel A. Tropp

Graphs with Χ=Δ Have Big Cliques
Daniel W. Cranston and Landon Rabern

Deterministic Algorithms for Matching and Packing Problems Based on Representative Sets
Prachi Goyal, Neeldhara Misra, Fahad Panolan, and Meirav Zehavi

Minimally Unbalanced Diamond-Free Graphs and Dyck-Paths
Nicola Apollonio and Anna Galluccio

Explicit Linear Kernels via Dynamic Programming
Valentin Garnero, Christophe Paul, Ignasi Sau, and Dimitrios M. Thilikos

Improved Bounds on the Phase Transition for the Hard-Core Model in 2 Dimensions

Juan C. Vera, Eric Vigoda, and Linji Yang

Bergman Complexes of Lattice Path Matroids
Emanuele Delucchi and Martin Dlugosch

NP-Hardness and Fixed-Parameter Tractability of Realizing Degree Sequences with Directed Acyclic Graphs
Sepp Hartung and André Nichterlein

A Subexponential Parameterized Algorithm for Proper Interval Completion
Ivan Bliznets, Fedor V. Fomin, Marcin Pilipczuk, and Michał Pilipczuk

A Folkman Linear Family
Qizhong Lin and Yusheng Li

Number of Cliques in Graphs with a Forbidden Subdivision
Choongbum Lee and Sang-il Oum

Linear-Time Recognition of Probe Interval Graphs
Ross M. McConnell and Yahav Nussbaum

Identifying Codes in Hereditary Classes of Graphs and VC-Dimension
Nicolas Bousquet, Aurélie Lagoutte, Zhentao Li, Aline Parreau, and Stéphan Thomassé

Bounds on the Expected Size of the Maximum Agreement Subtree
Daniel Irving Bernstein, Lam Si Tung Ho, Colby Long, Mike Steel, Katherine St. John, and Seth Sullivant

Extension to Even Triangulations
Atsuhiro Nakamoto, Kenta Noguchi, and Kenta Ozeki

Extremal Theorems for Degree Sequence Packing and the Two-Color Discrete Tomography Problem
Jennifer Diemunsch, Michael Ferrara, Sogol Jahanbekam, and James M. Shook

Ihara Zeta Functions of Infinite Weighted Graphs
Anton Deitmar

Linear Bound in Terms of Maxmaxflow for the Chromatic Roots of Series-Parallel Graphs
Gordon F. Royle and Alan D. Sokal


A Planarity Criterion for Graphs
Kosta Došen and Zoran Petrić

Vector Flows and Integer Flows

Yi Wang, Jian Cheng, Rong Luo, and Cun-Quan Zhang

No Laplacian Perfect State Transfer in Trees
Gabriel Coutinho and Henry Liu

Three Generalizations of Davenport--Schinzel Sequences
Seth Pettie

Small Stretch Pairwise Spanners and Approximate D-Preservers
Telikepalli Kavitha and Nithin M. Varma

Rainbow Connection of Random Regular Graphs
Andrzej Dudek, Alan M. Frieze, and Charalampos E. Tsourakakis

Matroid Toric Ideals: Complete Intersection, Minors, and Minimal Systems of Generators
Ignacio García-Marco and Jorge Luis Ramírez Alfonsín

Huge Unimodular n-Fold Programs
Shmuel Onn and Pauline Sarrabezolles

Cyclic Inclusion-Exclusion
Valentin Féray

Fixed Points of Boolean Networks, Guessing Graphs, and Coding Theory
Maximilien Gadouleau, Adrien Richard, and Søren Riis

Cycles of Given Size in a Dense Graph

Daniel J. Harvey and David R. Wood


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


Affine LIBOR Models with Multiple Curves: Theory, Examples and Calibration
Zorana Grbac, Antonis Papapantoleon, John Schoenmakers, and David Skovmand


Long-Time Behavior of a Hawkes Process--Based Limit Order Book
Frédéric Abergel and Aymen Jedidi

Optimal Trade Execution for Time-Inconsistent Mean-Variance Criteria and Risk Functions
Torsten Schöneborn

Dynamic Conic Finance via Backward Stochastic Difference Equations
Tomasz R. Bielecki, Igor Cialenco, and Tao Chen


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


Analysis and Application of a Nonlocal Hessian
Jan Lellmann, Konstantinos Papafitsoros, Carola Schönlieb, and Daniel Spector

Lifting for Blind Deconvolution in Random Mask Imaging: Identifiability and Convex Relaxation
Sohail Bahmani and Justin Romberg

Inertial Proximal ADMM for Linearly Constrained Separable Convex Optimization
Caihua Chen, Raymond H. Chan, Shiqian Ma, and Junfeng Yang

On Convex Finite-Dimensional Variational Methods in Imaging Sciences and Hamilton--Jacobi Equations
Jérôme Darbon

Linearly Constrained Non-Lipschitz Optimization for Image Restoration
Wei Bian and Xiaojun Chen

Entropic Approximation of Wasserstein Gradient Flows
Gabriel Peyré

A Fractional Inpainting Model Based on the Vector-Valued Cahn--Hilliard Equation

Jessica Bosch and Martin Stoll

Multiscale Reverse-Time-Migration-Type Imaging Using the Dyadic Parabolic Decomposition of Phase Space
Fredrik Andersson, Maarten V. de Hoop, and Herwig Wendt

On the p-Laplacian and ∞-Laplacian on Graphs with Applications in Image and Data Processing
Abderrahim Elmoataz, Matthieu Toutain, and Daniel Tenbrinck

Interior Tomography Using 1D Generalized Total Variation. Part II: Multiscale Implementation
Minji Lee, Yoseob Han, John Paul Ward, Michael Unser, and Jong Chul Ye


A Total Fractional-Order Variation Model for Image Restoration with Nonhomogeneous Boundary Conditions and Its Numerical Solution
Jianping Zhang and Ke Chen

Efficient Blind Compressed Sensing Using Sparsifying Transforms with Convergence Guarantees and Application to Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Saiprasad Ravishankar and Yoram Bresler

Is Repeatability an Unbiased Criterion for Ranking Feature Detectors?

Ives Rey-Otero and Mauricio Delbracio

Limiting Aspects of Nonconvex TVφ Models

Michael Hintermüller, Tuomo Valkonen, and Tao Wu

Estimation of the Noise Level Function Based on a Nonparametric Detection of Homogeneous Image Regions
Camille Sutour, Charles-Alban Deledalle, and Jean-François Aujol

A Convex Approach for Image Restoration with Exact Poisson--Gaussian Likelihood
Emilie Chouzenoux, Anna Jezierska, Jean-Christophe Pesquet, and Hugues Talbot

Passive Synthetic Aperture Imaging
Josselin Garnier and George Papanicolaou

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


Discrete Cucker--Smale Flocking Model with a Weakly Singular Weight
Jan Peszek

Nonrelativistic Limit of the Compressible Navier--Stokes--Fourier--P1 Approximation Model Arising in Radiation Hydrodynamics
Song Jiang, Fucai Li, and Feng Xie

Analysis of the Diffuse Domain Approach for a Bulk-Surface Coupled PDE System
Helmut Abels, Kei Fong Lam, and Björn Stinner

Heat-Conducting, Compressible Mixtures with Multicomponent Diffusion: Construction of a Weak Solution
P. B. Mucha, M. Pokorný, and E. Zatorska

Time-Dependent Mean-Field Games with Logarithmic Nonlinearities
Diogo A. Gomes and Edgard Pimentel

Emergent Dynamics for the Hydrodynamic Cucker--Smale System in a Moving Domain
Seung-Yeal Ha, Moon-Jin Kang, and Bongsuk Kwon/

Oscillatory and Localized Perturbations of Periodic Structures and the Bifurcation of Defect Modes
V. Duchêne, I. Vukićević, and M. I. Weinstein

Mean-Field Limit of a Stochastic Particle System Smoothly Interacting Through Threshold Hitting-Times and Applications to Neural Networks with Dendritic Component
J. Inglis and D. Talay

On Regularity of the Time Derivative for Degenerate Parabolic Systems
Jens Frehse and Sebastian Schwarzacher

Traces for Functions of Bounded Variation on Manifolds with Applications to Conservation Laws on Manifolds with Boundary
Dietmar Kröner, Thomas Müller, and Lena Maria Strehlau

On Strong Dynamics of Compressible Nematic Liquid Crystals
Katharina Schade and Yoshihiro Shibata

Limiting Structure of Shrinking Solutions to the Stationary Shigesada--Kawasaki--Teramoto Model with Large Cross-Diffusion
Kousuke Kuto

Homogenization of Stokes Systems and Uniform Regularity Estimates
Shu Gu and Zhongwei Shen

Singular-Degenerate Multivalued Stochastic Fast Diffusion Equations
Benjamin Gess and Michael Röckner


Kullback--Leibler Approximation for Probability Measures on Infinite Dimensional Spaces
F. J. Pinski, G. Simpson, A. M. Stuart, and H. Weber

Uniform Regularity and Vanishing Viscosity Limit for the Compressible Navier--Stokes with General Navier-Slip Boundary Conditions in Three-Dimensional Domains
Yong Wang, Zhouping Xin, and Yan Yong

The Small Data Solutions of General 3D Quasilinear Wave Equations. I
Ding Bingbing, Liu Yingbo, and Yin Huicheng

Large Time Behavior in a Multidimensional Chemotaxis-Haptotaxis Model with Slow Signal Diffusion
Youshan Tao and Michael Winkler

Existence and Uniqueness of Multidimensional BSDEs and of Systems of Degenerate PDEs with Superlinear Growth Generator
K. Bahlali, E. Essaky, and M. Hassani

Compensated Convexity, Multiscale Medial Axis Maps and Sharp Regularity of the Squared-Distance Function
Kewei Zhang, Elaine Crooks, and Antonio Orlando

Singularity of Macroscopic Variables Near Boundary for Gases with Cutoff Hard Potential

I-Kun Chen and Chun-Hsiung Hsia

The Inviscid Limit to a Contact Discontinuity for the Compressible Navier--Stokes--Fourier System Using the Relative Entropy Method
Alexis Vasseur and Yi Wang

Asymptotic Analysis of a Neumann Problem in a Domain with Cusp. Application to the Collision Problem of Rigid Bodies in a Perfect Fluid
Alexandre Munnier and Karim Ramdani

Gradient Young Measures Generated by Quasi-Conformal Maps in the Plane
Barbora Benešová and Malte Kampschulte

A Compactness Lemma and Its Application to the Existence of Minimizers for the Liquid Drop Model
Rupert L. Frank and Elliott H. Lieb

A Surgery Result for the Spectrum of the Dirichlet Laplacian
Dorin Bucur and Dario Mazzoleni

Existence, Uniqueness, and Stability of Slowly Oscillating Periodic Solutions for Delay Differential Equations with Nonnegativity Constraints
David Lipshutz and Ruth J. Williams

Stable Determination of Time-Dependent Scalar Potential from Boundary Measurements in a Periodic Quantum Waveguide
Mourad Choulli, Yavar Kian, and Eric Soccorsi

A Nonlocal Free Boundary Problem
Serena Dipierro, Ovidiu Savin, and Enrico Valdinoci


SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


New Uniqueness Conditions for the Canonical Polyadic Decomposition of Third-Order Tensors
Mikael Sørensen and Lieven De Lathauwer

Exact and Heuristic Algorithms for Semi-Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Nicolas Gillis and Abhishek Kumar

Backward Error of Polynomial Eigenvalue Problems Solved by Linearization of Lagrange Interpolants
Piers W. Lawrence and Robert M. Corless

Explicit Hermite-type Eigenvectors of the Discrete Fourier Transform
Alexey Kuznetsov


Convex Relaxations for Permutation Problems
F. Fogel, R. Jenatton, F. Bach, and A. d'Aspremont

Maximization of Matrix Trace Function of Product Stiefel Manifolds
Xin-Guo Liu, Xue-Feng Wang, and Wei-Guo Wang

Multilinear PageRank
David F. Gleich, Lek-Heng Lim, and Yongyang Yu

Analyticity of Semisimple Eigenvalues and Corresponding Eigenvectors of Matrix-Valued Functions
Jiang Qian, Delin Chu, and Roger C. E. Tan

Generic Uniqueness Conditions for the Canonical Polyadic Decomposition and INDSCAL
Ignat Domanov and Lieven De Lathauwer

Convergence Properties of the Randomized Extended Gauss--Seidel and Kaczmarz Methods
Anna Ma, Deanna Needell, and Aaditya Ramdas

Pole Placement in Single-Input Linear Descriptor Systems
George S. Miminis


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


An Energy-Minimization Finite-Element Approach for the Frank--Oseen Model of Nematic Liquid Crystals
J. H. Adler, T. J. Atherton, D. B. Emerson, and S. P. MacLachlan

Uniformly Convergent Interior Penalty Methods Using Multilinear Approximations for Problems in Elasticity
B. J. Grieshaber, A. T. McBride, and B. D. Reddy

Optimal Control of a Free Boundary Problem with Surface Tension Effects: A Priori Error Analysis
Harbir Antil, Ricardo H. Nochetto, and Patrick Sodré

Stable Set-Valued Integration of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems using Affine Set-Parameterizations
Boris Houska, Mario E. Villanueva, and Benoît Chachuat

Root Following in Evans Function Computation
Jeffrey Humpherys and Joshua Lytle

Analysis of Fictitious Domain Approximations of Hard Scatterers
Fotios Kasolis, Eddie Wadbro, and Martin Berggren

Formulation and Analysis of a Parameter-Free Stabilized Finite Element Method
P. Bochev, M. Perego, and K. Peterson

Inexact Newton--Landweber Iteration in Banach Spaces with NonSmooth Convex Penalty Terms
Qinian Jin

A Posteriori Error Estimation of hp-dG Finite Element Methods for Highly Indefinite Helmholtz Problems
S. Sauter and J. Zech

Compressed Absorbing Boundary Conditions via Matrix Probing

R. Bélanger-Rioux and L. Demanet

A Note on Implementations of the Boosting Algorithm and Heterogeneous Multiscale Methods
John Maclean

On the Convergence Rate of Randomized Quasi--Monte Carlo for Discontinuous Functions

Zhijian He and Xiaoqun Wang


A Lyapunov-Type Theorem for Dissipative Numerical Integrators with Adaptive Time-Stepping
S. Sato, T. Matsuo, H. Suzuki, and D. Furihata

Maximum-Norm A Posteriori Error Estimates for Singularly Perturbed Reaction-Diffusion Problems on Anisotropic Meshes
Natalia Kopteva

Centroidal Power Diagrams, Lloyd's Algorithm, and Applications to Optimal Location Problems
D. P. Bourne and S. M. Roper

B-Convergence Theory of Runge--Kutta Methods for Stiff Volterra Functional Differential Equations with Infinite Integration Interval
Shoufu Li and Yunfei Li

The Finite Element Immersed Boundary Method with Distributed Lagrange Multiplier

Daniele Boffi, Nicola Cavallini, and Lucia Gastaldi

On the Error Analysis of Stabilized Finite Element Methods for the Stokes Problem
Rolf Stenberg and Juha Videman

Convergence of a Cell-Centered Finite Volume Discretization for Linear Elasticity

Jan Martin Nordbotten


SIAM Journal on Optimization


A Hybrid Proximal Extragradient Self-Concordant Primal Barrier Method for Monotone Variational Inequalities
Renato D. C. Monteiro, Mauricio R. Sicre, and B. F. Svaiter

Accelerated, Parallel, and Proximal Coordinate Descent
Olivier Fercoq and Peter Richtárik

The Cyclic Block Conditional Gradient Method for Convex Optimization Problems

Amir Beck, Edouard Pauwels, and Shoham Sabach

Continuity of Optimal Solution Functions and their Conditions on Objective Functions
Yasushi Terazono and Ayumu Matani

Scenario Min-Max Optimization and the Risk of Empirical Costs

A. Carè, S. Garatti, and M. C. Campi

Complete Characterizations of Tilt Stability in Nonlinear Programming under Weakest Qualification Conditions
Helmut Gfrerer and Boris S. Mordukhovich

A General Inertial Proximal Point Algorithm for Mixed Variational Inequality Problem
Caihua Chen, Shiqian Ma, and Junfeng Yang

Semidefinite Approximations of Projections and Polynomial Images of SemiAlgebraic Sets
Victor Magron, Didier Henrion, and Jean-Bernard Lasserre


Application of Quasi-Nonexpansive Operators to an Iterative Method for Variational Inequality
Andrzej Cegielski

Accelerating Block-Decomposition First-Order Methods for Solving Composite Saddle-Point and Two-Player Nash Equilibrium Problems
Yunlong He and Renato D. C. Monteiro

Equivariant Semidefinite Lifts and Sum-of-Squares Hierarchies
Hamza Fawzi, James Saunderson, and Pablo A. Parrilo

An Accelerated Randomized Proximal Coordinate Gradient Method and its Application to Regularized Empirical Risk Minimization
Qihang Lin, Zhaosong Lu, and Lin Xiao

On Full Jacobian Decomposition of the Augmented Lagrangian Method for Separable Convex Programming
Bingsheng He, Liusheng Hou, and Xiaoming Yuan

Operations that Preserve the Covering Property of the Lifting Region
Amitabh Basu and Joseph Paat

Linear Convergence of Subgradient Algorithm for Convex Feasibility on Riemannian Manifolds
Xiangmei Wang, Chong Li, Jinhua Wang, and Jen-Chih Yao

Computing the Signed Distance Between Overlapping Ellipsoids
Satoru Iwata, Yuji Nakatsukasa, and Akiko Takeda

A Solver for Nonconvex Bound-Constrained Quadratic Optimization
Hassan Mohy-ud-Din and Daniel P. Robinson

Stability of Over-Relaxations for the Forward-Backward Algorithm, Application to FISTA
J.-F. Aujol and Ch. Dossal

SIAM Review

SIREV 57-4


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


Variants of Alternating Least Squares Tensor Completion in the Tensor Train Format
Lars Grasedyck, Melanie Kluge, and Sebastian Krämer

Extension of Chebfun to Periodic Functions
Grady B. Wright, Mohsin Javed, Hadrien Montanelli, and Lloyd N. Trefethen

Parallel Triangular Mesh Refinement by Longest Edge Bisection
Bilal Hatipoglu and Can Ozturan

Parallel Maximum Clique Algorithms with Applications to Network Analysis
Ryan A. Rossi, David F. Gleich, and Assefaw H. Gebremedhin

Special Section: 2014 Copper Mountain Conference
Michele Benzi

Preconditioned Locally Harmonic Residual Method for Computing Interior Eigenpairs of Certain Classes of Hermitian Matrices
Eugene Vecharynski and Andrew Knyazev

A Generalized Krylov Subspace Method for ℓp-ℓq Minimization
A. Lanza, S. Morigi, L. Reichel, and F. Sgallari

A Multigrid Method for Adaptive Sparse Grids
Benjamin Peherstorfer, Stefan Zimmer, Christoph Zenger, and Hans-Joachim Bungartz

Least-Squares Finite Element Discretization of the Neutron Transport Equation in Spherical Geometry
C. Ketelsen, T. Manteuffel, and J. B. Schroder

Nested Krylov Methods for Shifted Linear Systems
Manuel Baumann and Martin B. van Gijzen

Algebraic Multigrid Domain and Range Decomposition (AMG-DD/AMG-RD)
R. Bank, R. Falgout, T. Jones, T. A. Manteuffel, S. F. McCormick, and J. W. Ruge

A Sparse Interpolation Algorithm for Dynamical Simulations in Computational Chemistry

J. Nance and C. T. Kelley

Energy Minimization for Liquid Crystal Equilibrium with Electric and Flexoelectric Effects
J. H. Adler, T. J. Atherton, T. R. Benson, D. B. Emerson, and S. P. MacLachlan

Preconditioning Techniques for Reduced Basis Methods for Parameterized Elliptic Partial Differential Equations

Howard C. Elman and Virginia Forstall

Multiple Galerkin Adaptive Algebraic Multigrid Algorithm for the Helmholtz Equations
I. Livshits

Preconditioning for Vector-Valued Cahn--Hilliard Equations

Jessica Bosch and Martin Stoll

Interweaving PFASST and Parallel Multigrid
M. L. Minion, R. Speck, M. Bolten, M. Emmett, and D. Ruprecht

A Domain Decomposition Method for the Steady-State Navier--Stokes--Darcy Model with Beavers--Joseph Interface Condition
Xiaoming He, Jian Li, Yanping Lin, and Ju Ming

A Fully Implicit Method for Lattice Boltzmann Equations

Jizu Huang, Chao Yang, and Xiao-Chuan Cai

Nested Iteration and First-Order Systems Least Squares for a Two-Fluid Electromagnetic Darwin Model
C. A. Leibs and T. A. Manteuffel

A Semismooth Newton-CG Method for Constrained Parameter Identification in Seismic Tomography

Christian Boehm and Michael Ulbrich

A Preconditioned Hybrid SVD Method for Accurately Computing Singular Triplets of Large Matrices
Lingfei Wu and Andreas Stathopoulos

Deblurring and Sparse Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images Using Multiple Point Spread Functions
Sebastian Berisha, James G. Nagy, and Robert J. Plemmons

Polynomial Preconditioned GMRES and GMRES-DR
Quan Liu, Ronald B. Morgan, and Walter Wilcox

Recycling BiCGSTAB with an Application to Parametric Model Order Reduction
Kapil Ahuja, Peter Benner, Eric de Sturler, and Lihong Feng

New Algorithms for Computing the Real Structured Pseudospectral Abscissa and the Real Stability Radius of Large and Sparse Matrices
Minghao W. Rostami

Preconditioning of Active-Set Newton Methods for PDE-constrained Optimal Control Problems
Margherita Porcelli, Valeria Simoncini, and Mattia Tani

FOSLL* for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Eunjung Lee, Thomas A. Manteuffel, and Chad R. Westphal

On Vector-Kronecker Product Multiplication with Rectangular Factors

Tuǧrul Dayar and M. Can Orhan

Preconditioning Linear Least-Squares Problems by Identifying a Basis Matrix
Mario Arioli and Iain S. Duff

A Hybrid LSMR Algorithm for Large-Scale Tikhonov Regularization
Julianne Chung and Katrina Palmer

Probabilistic Bounds for the Matrix Condition Number with Extended Lanczos Bidiagonalization
Sarah W. Gaaf and Michiel E. Hochstenbach

AmgX: A Library for GPU Accelerated Algebraic Multigrid and Preconditioned Iterative Methods
M. Naumov, M. Arsaev, P. Castonguay, J. Cohen, J. Demouth, J. Eaton, S. Layton, N. Markovskiy, I. Reguly, N. Sakharnykh, V. Sellappan, and R. Strzodka


Optimal Low-rank Approximations of Bayesian Linear Inverse Problems
Alessio Spantini, Antti Solonen, Tiangang Cui, James Martin, Luis Tenorio, and Youssef Marzouk

An Efficient Method for Uncertainty Propagation using Fuzzy Sets
Xiaoxiao Chen, Yanyan He, and Dongbin Xiu

A Fast and Stable Preconditioned Iterative Method for Optimal Control Problem of Wave Equations

Buyang Li, Jun Liu, and Mingqing Xiao

Modified Lagrange--Galerkin Methods to Integrate Time Dependent Incompressible Navier--Stokes Equations
R. Bermejo and L. Saavedra

Solution of Nonlinear Stokes Equations Discretized By High-Order Finite Elements on Nonconforming and Anisotropic Meshes, with Application to Ice Sheet Dynamics
Tobin Isaac, Georg Stadler, and Omar Ghattas

Parametrization of Random Vectors in Polynomial Chaos Expansions via Optimal Transportation
Faidra Stavropoulou and Johannes Müller

Measuring Impact of Random Jumps Without Sample Path Generation

Reiichiro Kawai

The Shifted-Inverse Iteration Based on the Multigrid Discretizations for Eigenvalue Problems
Yidu Yang, Hai Bi, Jiayu Han, and Yuanyuan Yu

Computing the Eigenvalues of Realistic Daphnia Models by Pseudospectral Methods
D. Breda, P. Getto, J. Sánchez Sanz, and R. Vermiglio

Contour Integral Solution of Elliptic PDEs in Cylindrical Domains
Nicholas Hale and J. A. C. Weideman

Efficient Time Integration of Maxwell's Equations with Generalized Finite Differences
Jukka Räbinä, Sanna Mönkölä, and Tuomo Rossi

SuperGlue: A Shared Memory Framework Using Data Versioning for Dependency-Aware Task-Based Parallelization

Martin Tillenius

High-Order Time Stepping for the Incompressible Navier--Stokes Equations
Jean-Luc Guermond and Peter Minev

High-Order Implicit Time-Marching Methods Based on Generalized Summation-By-Parts Operators
P. D. Boom and D. W. Zingg

A Generalized Spectral Collocation Method with Tunable Accuracy for Variable-Order Fractional Differential Equations

Fanhai Zeng, Zhongqiang Zhang, and George Em Karniadakis

Algorithms for Kullback--Leibler Approximation of Probability Measures in Infinite Dimensions
F. J. Pinski, G. Simpson, A. M. Stuart, and H. Weber

A Priori Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation on Implicitly Defined Surfaces
Franco Dassi, Simona Perotto, and Luca Formaggia

Optimal Shape Design by Partial Spectral Data
Habib Ammari, Yat Tin Chow, Keji Liu, and Jun Zou

A Task-Scheduling Approach for Efficient Sparse Symmetric Matrix-Vector Multiplication on a GPU

P. Mironowicz, A. Dziekonski, and M. Mrozowski

A Preconditioner for A Primal-Dual Newton Conjugate Gradient Method for Compressed Sensing Problems
Ioannis Dassios, Kimon Fountoulakis, and Jacek Gondzio

A Three-Dimensional Conservative Coupling Method Between an Inviscid Compressible Flow and a Moving Rigid Solid
Maria Adela Puscas and Laurent Monasse

An Efficient Output Error Estimation for Model Order Reduction of Parametrized Evolution Equations
Yongjin Zhang, Lihong Feng, Suzhou Li, and Peter Benner

A Least-Squares Method for Optimal Transport Using the Monge--Ampère Equation
C. R. Prins, R. Beltman, J. H. M. ten Thije Boonkkamp, W. L. Jzerman, and T. W. Tukker

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


Sequential Monte Carlo with Highly Informative Observations
Pierre Del Moral and Lawrence M. Murray

Stochastic Galerkin Finite Element Method with Local Conductivity Basis for Electrical Impedance Tomography
N. Hyvönen and M. Leinonen

Error Decomposition and Adaptivity for Response Surface Approximations from PDEs with Parametric Uncertainty
C. M. Bryant, S. Prudhomme, and T. Wildey

A Multilevel Stochastic Collocation Method for Partial Differential Equations with Random Input Data
A. L. Teckentrup, P. Jantsch, C. G. Webster, and M. Gunzburger


A Hierarchical Multilevel Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithm with Applications to Uncertainty Quantification in Subsurface Flow
T. J. Dodwell, C. Ketelsen, R. Scheichl, and A. L. Teckentrup

Polynomial Chaos Expansion of Random Coefficients and the Solution of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations in the Tensor Train Format
Sergey Dolgov, Boris N. Khoromskij, Alexander Litvinenko, and Hermann G. Matthies


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 59-4


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