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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


Babich-Like Ansatz for Three-Dimensional Point-Source Maxwell's Equations in an Inhomogeneous Medium at High Frequencies
Wangtao Lu, Jianliang Qian, and Robert Burridge

A Multiscale Method for Porous Microstructures
Donald L. Brown and Daniel Peterseim

Moment Tensor Potentials: A Class of Systematically Improvable Interatomic Potentials
Alexander V. Shapeev


Macroscopic Model for Cross-Linked Fibers with Alignment Interactions: Existence Theory and Numerical Simulations
D. Peurichard

Parabolic Free Boundary Price Formation Models Under Market Size Fluctuations
Peter Markowich, Josef Teichmann, and Marie-Therese Wolfram

The Effective Vlasov--Poisson System for the Finite Larmor Radius Regime
Mihaï Bostan and Aurélie Finot

A Multiscale Finite Element Method for Oscillating Neumann Problem on Rough Domain
Pingbing Ming and Xianmin Xu

Sequential Homogenization of Reactive Transport in Polydisperse Porous Media
Svyatoslav Korneev and Ilenia Battiato

Finding Dominant Structures of Nonreversible Markov Processes
Nataša Djurdjevac Conrad, Marcus Weber, and Christof Schütte

Hybrid Multiscale Finite Volume Method for Advection-Diffusion Equations Subject to Heterogeneous Reactive Boundary Conditions
David A. Barajas-Solano and A. M. Tartakovsky


SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


Existence of Periodic Solutions of the FitzHugh--Nagumo Equations for an Explicit Range of the Small Parameter
Aleksander Czechowski and Piotr Zgliczyński

Investigating Irregular Behavior in a Model for the El Nin͂o Southern Oscillation with Positive and Negative Delayed Feedback
Andrew Keane, Bernd Krauskopf, and Claire Postlethwaite

Validated Saddle-Node Bifurcations and Applications to Lattice Dynamical Systems
Evelyn Sander and Thomas Wanner

The Effects of Time-Varying Temperature on Delays in Genetic Networks
Marcella M. Gomez, Richard M. Murray, and Matthew R. Bennett

Ballistic Orbits and Front Speed Enhancement for ABC Flows
Tyler McMillen, Jack Xin, Yifeng Yu, and Andrej Zlatoš


Existence, Stability, and Symmetry of Relative Equilibria with a Dominant Vortex
Anna M. Barry and Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel

Twisting Somersault
Holger R. Dullin and William Tong

A Mechanism for Turing Pattern Formation with Active and Passive Transport
Heather A. Brooks and Paul C. Bressloff

Stability of Systems with Stochastic Delays and Applications to Genetic Regulatory Networks
Marcella M. Gomez, Mehdi Sadeghpour, Matthew R. Bennett, Gábor Orosz, and Richard M. Murray

Characterization and Computation of Partial Synchronization Manifolds for Diffusive Delay-Coupled Systems
E. Steur, H. U. Ünal, C. van Leeuwen, and W. Michiels


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


Diffusive Approximation of a Time-Fractional Burger's Equation in Nonlinear Acoustics
Bruno Lombard and Denis Matignon

Multiphase Conductors Realizing Aleksandrov's Mean

Martín I. Idiart

On a Boltzmann Mean Field Model for Knowledge Growth
Martin Burger, Alexander Lorz, and Marie-Therese Wolfram

Homogenization of Reaction--Diffusion Processes in a Two-Component Porous Medium with Nonlinear Flux Conditions at the Interface
M. Gahn, M. Neuss-Radu, and P. Knabner

A PDE-DDE Model for Cell Polarization in Fission Yeast

Bin Xu and Paul C. Bressloff

Windowed Green Function Method for Layered-Media Scattering
Oscar P. Bruno, Mark Lyon, Carlos Pérez-Arancibia, and Catalin Turc

Nonlinear Quasi-Static Surface Plasmons
Ryan G. Halabi and John K. Hunter


Design and Stability of a Family of Deployable Structures
Thomas Lessinnes and Alain Goriely

Deterministic and Stochastic Analysis of the Lithiation/Delithiation Dynamics of a Cathode Nanoparticle

Chang Wang, Cameron L. Hall, and Peter D. Howell

Large Time Approximation for Shearing Motions
Giuseppe Saccomandi and Luigi Vergori

Synchronization of Heterogeneous Oscillators Under Network Modifications: Perturbation and Optimization of the Synchrony Alignment Function
Dane Taylor, Per Sebastian Skardal, and Jie Sun

The Geometry of C60: A Rigorous Approach via Molecular Mechanics
Manuel Friedrich, Paolo Piovano, and Ulisse Stefanelli

The Linear Stability of a Wavetrain Propagating on Water of Variable Depth

Girish K. Rajan and Diane M. Henderson

Final Size of an Epidemic for a Two-Group SIR Model
Pierre Magal, Ousmane Seydi, and Glenn Webb

Reduction to a Single Closed Equation for 2-by-2 Reaction-Diffusion Systems of Lotka--Volterra Type
Martin Strugarek and Nicolas Vauchelet

On Autoignition of Co-Flow Laminar Jets
Peter V. Gordon, Uday G. Hegde, Michael C. Hicks, and Michael J. Kulis


SIAM Journal on Computing


A Complete Dichotomy Rises from the Capture of Vanishing Signatures
Jin-Yi Cai, Heng Guo, and Tyson Williams

A Strongly Polynomial Algorithm for a Class of Minimum-Cost Flow Problems with Separable Convex Objectives
László A. Végh

Frequent Directions: Simple and Deterministic Matrix Sketching
Mina Ghashami, Edo Liberty, Jeff M. Phillips, and David P. Woodruff

Adaptive Hardness and Composable Security in the Plain Model from Standard Assumptions
Ran Canetti, Huijia Lin, and Rafael Pass

Rectangles Are Nonnegative Juntas
Mika Göös, Shachar Lovett, Raghu Meka, Thomas Watson, and David Zuckerman

Minimizing Co-location Potential of Moving Entities
William Evans, David Kirkpatrick, Maarten Löffler, and Frank Staals


Total Space in Resolution
Ilario Bonacina, Nicola Galesi, and Neil Thapen


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


Variational Analysis and Regularity of the Minimum Time Function for Differential Inclusions
Luong V. Nguyen

Pursuit of a Moving Target with Known Constant Speed on a Directed Acyclic Graph under Partial Information
Krishnamoorthy Kalyanam, David W. Casbeer, and Meir Pachter

Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Solvabilities for Stochastic Linear Quadratic Optimal Control Problems
Jingrui Sun, Xun Li, and Jiongmin Yong

Portfolio Optimization with Ambiguous Correlation and Stochastic Volatilities
Jean-Pierre Fouque, Chi Seng Pun, and Hoi Ying Wong

Self-Tuning Consensus on Directed Graphs in the Case of Unknown Control Directions
Miloje Radenkovic and Mohsen Tadi

Pointwise Convergence of the Lloyd I Algorithm in Higher Dimension
Gilles Pagès and Jun Yu

A Small-Gain Theorem for Nonlinear Stochastic Systems with Inputs and Outputs I: Additive White Noise
Jifa Jiang and Xiang Lv

A Priori Error Estimates for Three Dimensional Parabolic Optimal Control Problems with Pointwise Control
Dmitriy Leykekhman and Boris Vexler

Stabilization of One-dimensional Wave Equation with Van Der Pol Type Boundary Condition
Hongyinping Feng

Modeling and Analysis of Switching Diffusion Systems: Past-Dependent Switching with a Countable State Space
Dang Hai Nguyen and George Yin

On the Monotonicity Principle of Optimal Skorokhod Embedding Problem

Gaoyue Guo, Xiaolu Tan, and Nizar Touzi

Optimal Control of the Inhomogeneous Relativistic Maxwell--Newton--Lorentz Equations
C. Meyer, S. M. Schnepp, and O. Thoma

Exponential Convergence of hp-Finite Element Discretization of Optimal Boundary Control Problems with Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
D. Wachsmuth and J.-E. Wurst

Optimal Stopping for Lévy Processes with One-Sided Solutions
Ernesto Mordecki and Yuliya Mishura


State-Constrained Stochastic Optimal Control Problems via Reachability Approach
Olivier Bokanowski, Athena Picarelli, and Hasnaa Zidani

Robust Feedback Switching Control: Dynamic Programming and Viscosity Solutions
Erhan Bayraktar, Andrea Cosso, and Huyên Pham

Approximate Solutions of Continuous-Time Stochastic Games
Yurii Averboukh

On Some Optimal Stopping Problems with Constraint
J. L. Menaldi and M. Robin

First Order Mean Field Games with Density Constraints: Pressure Equals Price
Pierre Cardaliaguet, Alpár R. Mészáros, and Filippo Santambrogio

Necessary Optimality Conditions for Optimal Control Problems with Equilibrium Constraints
Lei Guo and Jane J. Ye

State-Space Modeling of Two-Dimensional Vector-Exponential Trajectories
P. Rapisarda and A. C. Antoulas

Optimal State Estimation for Non-Time Invertible Evolutionary Systems
Bao-Zhu Guo and Huaiqiang Yu

Impulse and Sampled-Data Optimal Control of Heat Equations, and Error Estimates
Emmanuel Trélat, Lijuan Wang, and Yubiao Zhang

Controllability Radii of Linear Systems with Constrained Controls Under Structured Perturbations
Nguyen Khoa Son and Do Duc Thuan

Stationary and Ergodic Properties of Stochastic NonLinear Systems Controlled over Communication Channels
Serdar Yüksel

On Convergence Rate of Distributed Stochastic Gradient Algorithm for Convex Optimization with Inequality Constraints
Deming Yuan, Daniel W. C. Ho, and Yiguang Hong

On Symmetric Continuum Opinion Dynamics
Julien M. Hendrickx and Alex Olshevsky

Almost-Riemannian Geometry on Lie Groups

Victor Ayala and Philippe Jouan


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


Combinatorial Hopf Algebras of Simplicial Complexes
Carolina Benedetti, Joshua Hallam, and John Machacek

Covering Intersecting Bi-set Families under Matroid Constraints

Kristóf Bérczi, Tamás Király, and Yusuke Kobayashi

Single Commodity-Flow Algorithms for Lifts of Graphic and CoGraphic Matroids
Bertrand Guenin and Leanne Stuive

Nonhomogeneous Beatty Sequences Leading to Invariant Games
Julien Cassaigne, Eric Duchêne, and Michel Rigo

Transversal Game on Hypergraphs and the ¾-Conjecture on the Total Domination Game
Csilla Bujtás, Michael A. Henning, and Zsolt Tuza

Improved Bounds on Induced Acyclic Subgraphs in Random Digraphs
Kunal Dutta and C. R. Subramanian

Large Area Convex Holes in Random Point Sets
Octavio Arizmendi and Gelasio Salazar

Induced Matchings in Graphs of Bounded Maximum Degree
Felix Joos

Chromatic Roots and Minor-Closed Families of Graphs
Thomas Perrett


Codegree Thresholds for Covering 3-Uniform Hypergraphs
Victor Falgas-Ravry and Yi Zhao

Dyck Algebras, Interval Temporal Logic, and Posets of Intervals
Luca Ferrari

Coloring Powers and Girth
Ross J. Kang and François Pirot

Representing Permutations with Few Moves
Sergey Bereg, Alexander E. Holroyd, Lev Nachmanson, and Sergey Pupyrev

An Algorithmic View of Voting

Ronald Fagin, Ravi Kumar, Mohammad Mahdian, D. Sivakumar, and Erik Vee

Incidence Bounds for Block Designs
Ben Lund and Shubhangi Saraf

Disjoint Spread Systems and Fault Location
Charles J. Colbourn, Bingli Fan, and Daniel Horsley


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


Asymptotic Analysis of Forward Performance Processes in Incomplete Markets and Their Ill-Posed HJB Equations
Mykhaylo Shkolnikov, Ronnie Sircar, and Thaleia Zariphopoulou

Generalized Arbitrage-Free SVI Volatility Surfaces
Gaoyue Guo, Antoine Jacquier, Claude Martini, and Leo Neufcourt

A Structural Jump Threshold Framework for Credit Risk
Pierre Garreau and Alec Kercheval

Optimal Consumption and Sale Strategies for a Risk Averse Agent
David Hobson and Yeqi Zhu

General Smile Asymptotics with Bounded Maturity
Francesco Caravenna and Jacopo Corbetta


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


Noninvasive Imaging of Three-Dimensional Micro and Nanostructures by Topological Methods
A. Carpio, T. G. Dimiduk, M. L. Rapún, and V. Selgas

A Concise Parametrization of Affine Transformation
Shizuo Kaji and Hiroyuki Ochiai

Spectral Decompositions Using One-Homogeneous Functionals
Martin Burger, Guy Gilboa, Michael Moeller, Lina Eckardt, and Daniel Cremers

A New Approach for Robust Segmentation of the Noisy or Textured Images
Zhenzhou Wang

Digital Affine Shear Transforms: Fast Realization and Applications in Image/Video Processing
Xiaosheng Zhuang

Convergence Study on the Symmetric Version of ADMM with Larger Step Sizes
Bingsheng He, Feng Ma, and Xiaoming Yuan

Poisson Noise Reduction with Higher-Order Natural Image Prior Model
Wensen Feng, Hong Qiao, and Yunjin Chen


The Linearized Inverse Problem in Multifrequency Electrical Impedance Tomography
Giovanni S. Alberti, Habib Ammari, Bangti Jin, Jin-Keun Seo, and Wenlong Zhang

A Fast Relaxed Normal Two Split Method and an Effective Weighted TV Approach for Euler's Elastica Image Inpainting
Maryam Yashtini and Sung Ha Kang

Spherical Conformal Parameterization of Genus-0 Point Clouds for Meshing
Gary Pui-Tung Choi, Kin Tat Ho, and Lok Ming Lui

A D-Bar Algorithm with A Priori Information for 2-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Tomography
Melody Alsaker and Jennifer L. Mueller

Fast Phase Retrieval from Local Correlation Measurements
Mark A. Iwen, Aditya Viswanathan, and Yang Wang

Coherent Imaging without Phases
Miguel Moscoso, Alexei Novikov, and George Papanicolaou

Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction from Compton Camera Data
Peter Kuchment and Fatma Terzioglu

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


Coherent Quantum Tomography
Joonas Ilmavirta

Existence and Uniqueness Results for a Kinetic Model in Bulk-Surface Surfactant Dynamics
J. R. Fernández, P. Kalita, S. Migórski, M. C. Mun͂iz, and C. Nún͂ez

Global Classical Solutions and Large-Time Behavior of the Two-Phase Fluid Model
Young-Pil Choi

Boundary Layer for a Non-Newtonian Flow Over a Rough Surface
David Gérard-Varet and Aneta Wróblewska-Kamińska

Nonlinear Parabolic Equations with Variable Exponent Growth in Nonsmooth Domains

Sun-Sig Byun and Jihoon Ok

A Generalized Poisson--Nernst--Planck--Navier--Stokes Model on the Fluid with the Crowded Charged Particles: Derivation and Its Well-Posedness
Yong Wang, Chun Liu, and Zhong Tan

Two-Dimensional Theta Functions and Crystallization among Bravais Lattices
Laurent Bétermin

Local Well-Posedness for the Einstein--Vlasov System
David Fajman

On Anomalous Localized Resonance for the Elastostatic System
Hongjie Li and Hongyu Liu

Slow Convergence in Periodic Homogenization Problems for Divergence-Type Elliptic Operators

Hayk Aleksanyan

Hydrodynamic Limits of the Kinetic Self-Organized Models
Ning Jiang, Linjie Xiong, and Teng-Fei Zhang

Ground States of a Two Phase Model with Cross and Self Attractive Interactions
M. Cicalese, L. De Luca, M. Novaga, and M. Ponsiglione


Nonlinear Instability of Vlasov--Maxwell Systems in the Classical and Quasineutral Limits
Daniel Han-Kwan and Toan T. Nguyen

Existence and BV-Regularity for Neutron Transport Equation in NonConvex Domain
Yan Guo and Xiongfeng Yang

Systems Describing Electrothermal Effects with p(x)-Laplacian-like Structure for Discontinuous Variable Exponents
Miroslav Bulíček, Annegret Glitzky, and Matthias Liero

On Asymptotic Speed of Solutions to Level-Set Mean Curvature Flow Equations with Driving and Source Terms
Yoshikazu Giga, Hiroyoshi Mitake, and Hung V. Tran

Fast Diffusion Limit for Reaction-Diffusion Systems with Stochastic Neumann Boundary Conditions
Wael W. Mohammed and Dirk Blömker

Shape Optimization for a Class of Semilinear Variational Inequalities with Applications to Damage Models
Christian Heinemann and Kevin Sturm

Two Lax systems for the Painlevé II Equation, and Two Related Kernels in Random Matrix Theory
Karl Liechty and Dong Wang


SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


The Kähler Mean of Block-Toeplitz Matrices with Toeplitz Structured Blocks
B. Jeuris and R. Vandebril

Schubert Varieties and Distances between Subspaces of Different Dimensions
Ke Ye and Lek-Heng Lim

Guarantees of Riemannian Optimization for Low Rank Matrix Recovery
Ke Wei, Jian-Feng Cai, Tony F. Chan, and Shingyu Leung

HOID: Higher Order Interpolatory Decomposition for Tensors Based on Tucker Representation
Arvind K. Saibaba

Modulus-Type Inner Outer Iteration Methods for Nonnegative Constrained Least Squares Problems
Ning Zheng, Ken Hayami, and Jun-Feng Yin

On the Stability of Some Hierarchical Rank Structured Matrix Algorithms
Yuanzhe Xi and Jianlin Xia

Krylov-Subspace Recycling via the POD-Augmented Conjugate-Gradient Method
Kevin Carlberg, Virginia Forstall, and Ray Tuminaro

Low-Rank Approximation and Completion of Positive Tensors

Anil Aswani


Near Normal Dilations of Nonnormal Matrices and Linear Operators
Anne Greenbaum, Trevor Caldwell, and Kenan Li

Improving the Numerical Stability of Fast Matrix Multiplication
Grey Ballard, Austin R. Benson, Alex Druinsky, Benjamin Lipshitz, and Oded Schwartz

Algebraic Two-Level Convergence Theory for Singular Systems
Yvan Notay

Bounds on the Spectral Norm and the Nuclear Norm of a Tensor Based on Tensor Partitions
Zhening Li

Matrix Inverse Trigonometric and Inverse Hyperbolic Functions: Theory and Algorithms
Mary Aprahamian and Nicholas J. Higham

First Order Asymptotic Expansions for Eigenvalues of Multiplicatively Perturbed Matrices

Fredy Sosa and Julio Moro

On the Description and Stability of Orthogonal Transformations of Rank Structured Matrices
Michael Stewart


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


L2 Error Estimates for High Order Finite Volume Methods on Triangular Meshes
Xiang Wang and Yonghai Li

Uniformly Stable Discontinuous Galerkin Discretization and Robust Iterative Solution Methods for the Brinkman Problem
Qingguo Hong and Johannes Kraus

Large Time Step TVD Schemes for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

Sofia Lindqvist, Peder Aursand, Tore Flåtten, and Anders Aase Solberg

Strong Stability Preserving Explicit Linear Multistep Methods with Variable Step Size
Yiannis Hadjimichael, David I. Ketcheson, Lajos Lóczi, and Adrián Németh

Stability and Convergence Analysis of a Decoupled Algorithm for a Fluid-Fluid Interaction Problem
Yuhong Zhang, Yanren Hou, and Li Shan

Higher-Order Exponential Integrators for Quasi-Linear Parabolic Problems. Part II: Convergence
Cesáreo González and Mechthild Thalhammer

Integral Equation Methods for Elastance and Mobility Problems in Two Dimensions
Manas Rachh and L. Greengard

On the Rate of Convergence of Flux Reconstruction for Steady-State Problems
Kartikey Asthana, Jerry Watkins, and Antony Jameson

Convergence Analysis of Newton-Like Methods for Inverse Eigenvalue Problems with Multiple Eigenvalues
WeiPing Shen, Chong Li, and Jen-Chih Yao

Locking-Free Finite Element Methods for Poroelasticity
Ricardo Oyarzúa and Ricardo Ruiz-Baier


A Posteriori Error Analysis of Two-Stage Computation Methods with Application to Efficient Discretization and the Parareal Algorithm
Jehanzeb Hameed Chaudhry, Don Estep, Simon Tavener, Varis Carey, and Jeff Sandelin

C1 Analysis of Hermite Subdivision Schemes on Manifolds
Caroline Moosmüller

Stability and Convergence Analysis of the Extensions of the Kinematically Coupled Scheme for the Fluid-Structure Interaction
Martina Bukac and Boris Muha

A Convergent Numerical Method for the Full Navier--Stokes--Fourier System in Smooth Physical Domains
Eduard Feireisl, Radim Hošek, and Martin Michálek

Centered-Potential Regularization for the Advection Upstream Splitting Method
Martin Parisot and Jean-Paul Vila

A Linear Degenerate Elliptic Equation Arising from Two-Phase Mixtures
Todd Arbogast and Abraham L. Taicher


SIAM Journal on Optimization


From Empirical Observations to Tree Models for Stochastic Optimization: Convergence Properties
Georg Ch. Pflug and Alois Pichler

Scaling Techniques for ε-Subgradient Methods

S. Bonettini, A. Benfenati, and V. Ruggiero

Projection onto a Polyhedron that Exploits Sparsity

William W. Hager and Hongchao Zhang

A Dynamic Programming Approach for a Class of Robust Optimization Problems

Agostinho Agra, Marcio Costa Santos, Dritan Nace, and Michael Poss

The Rate of Convergence of Nesterov's Accelerated Forward-Backward Method is Actually Faster Than 1/k2
Hedy Attouch and Juan Peypouquet

On the Convergence of Decentralized Gradient Descent
Kun Yuan, Qing Ling, and Wotao Yin

Quantitative Stability Analysis for Distributionally Robust Optimization with Moment Constraints
Jie Zhang, Huifu Xu, and Liwei Zhang

Linear Convergence of Descent Methods for the Unconstrained Minimization of Restricted Strongly Convex Functions
Frank Schöpfer

Second-Order Optimality Conditions for Boundary Control Problems with Mixed Pointwise Constraints
N. H. Son, B. T. Kien, and A. Rösch

On the Turing Model Complexity of Interior Point Methods for Semidefinite Programming
Etienne de Klerk and Frank Vallentin

Relaxing Nonconvex Quadratic Functions by Multiple Adaptive Diagonal Perturbations
Hongbo Dong


Trust-Region Methods Without Using Derivatives: Worst Case Complexity and the NonSmooth Case
R. Garmanjani, D. Júdice, and L. N. Vicente

A Globally Convergent LP-Newton Method
Andreas Fischer, Markus Herrich, Alexey F. Izmailov, and Mikhail V. Solodov

Augmented Lagrangian Methods for the Solution of Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems
Christian Kanzow and Daniel Steck

On the Computational Complexity of Minimum-Concave-Cost Flow in a Two-Dimensional Grid
Shabbir Ahmed, Qie He, Shi Li, and George L. Nemhauser

Taking All Positive Eigenvectors Is Suboptimal in Classical Multidimensional Scaling
Jeffrey Tsang and Rajesh Pereira

A Method for Constrained Multiobjective Optimization Based on SQP Techniques
Jörg Fliege and A. Ismael F. Vaz

On Robust Solutions to Uncertain Linear Complementarity Problems and their Variants
Yue Xie and Uday V. Shanbhag

On Lipschitzian Properties of Implicit Multifunctions
Helmut Gfrerer and Jiří V. Outrata

Computing All Solutions of Nash Equilibrium Problems with Discrete Strategy Sets
Simone Sagratella

Towards Supremum-Sum Subdifferential Calculus Free of Qualification Conditions
R. Correa, A. Hantoute, and M. A. López

Ergodic Convergence of a Stochastic Proximal Point Algorithm
Pascal Bianchi


SIAM Review

SIREV 58-3


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


Locally Implicit Discontinuous Galerkin Time Domain Method for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Dispersive Media Applied to Numerical Dosimetry in Biological Tissues
Stéphane Descombes, Stéphane Lanteri, and Ludovic Moya

Randomized Alternating Least Squares for Canonical Tensor Decompositions: Application to A PDE With Random Data

Matthew J. Reynolds, Alireza Doostan, and Gregory Beylkin

Smoothed Corners and Scattered Waves
Charles L. Epstein and Michael O'Neil

Error Analysis of a High Order Method for Time-Fractional Diffusion Equations
Chunwan Lv and Chuanju Xu

The Forward-Backward Stochastic Heat Equation: Numerical Analysis and Simulation
Thomas Dunst and Andreas Prohl

Nonlinear Preconditioning Techniques for Full-Space Lagrange--Newton Solution of PDE-Constrained Optimization Problems
Haijian Yang, Feng-Nan Hwang, and Xiao-Chuan Cai

Accelerating Markov Chain Monte Carlo with Active Subspaces
Paul G. Constantine, Carson Kent, and Tan Bui-Thanh

Analysis on a Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Its Applications
Yat Tin Chow, Kazufumi Ito, and Jun Zou

Primal-Dual Interior Point Multigrid Method for Topology Optimization
Michal Kočvara and Sudaba Mohammed

A Dual-Porosity-Stokes Model and Finite Element Method for Coupling Dual-Porosity Flow and Free Flow
Jiangyong Hou, Meilan Qiu, Xiaoming He, Chaohua Guo, Mingzhen Wei, and Baojun Bai

Pipelined, Flexible Krylov Subspace Methods
P. Sanan, S.M. Schnepp, and D.A. May

Fast Iterative Solvers for Linear Systems Arising from Time-Dependent Space-Fractional Diffusion Equations
Jianyu Pan, Michael K. Ng, and Hong Wang

An Accelerated Greedy Missing Point Estimation Procedure

R. Zimmermann and K. Willcox

A Fast Algorithm for Simulating Multiphase Flows Through Periodic Geometries of Arbitrary Shape
Gary R. Marple, Alex Barnett, Adrianna Gillman, and Shravan Veerapaneni

A Tetrahedral Space-Filling Curve for Nonconforming Adaptive Meshes
Carsten Burstedde and Johannes Holke

ARock: An Algorithmic Framework for Asynchronous Parallel Coordinate Updates
Zhimin Peng, Yangyang Xu, Ming Yan, and Wotao Yin

Adaptive Coarse Spaces for FETI-DP in Three Dimensions
Axel Klawonn, Martin Kühn, and Oliver Rheinbach

Well-Balanced Unstaggered Central Schemes for the Euler Equations with Gravitation
R. Touma, U. Koley, and C. Klingenberg

Upscaling of Mixed Finite Element Discretization Problems by the Spectral AMGe Method
D. Z. Kalchev, C. S. Lee, U. Villa, Y. Efendiev, and P. S. Vassilevski

A Multilevel Approach for Computing the Limited-Memory Hessian and its Inverse in Variational Data Assimilation

Kirsty L. Brown, Igor Gejadze, and Alison Ramage

Optimized Schwarz Methods for Model Problems with Continuously Variable Coefficients

Martin J. Gander and Yingxiang Xu

High Order Positivity-Preserving Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Radiative Transfer Equations
Daming Yuan, Juan Cheng, and Chi-Wang Shu

Computing Partial Spectra with Least-Squares Rational Filters
Yuanzhe Xi and Yousef Saad

A Two-Stage Fourth Order Time-Accurate Discretization for Lax--Wendroff Type Flow Solvers I. Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
Jiequan Li and Zhifang Du

Implicit-Explicit Difference Schemes for Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations with Nonsmooth Solutions
Wanrong Cao, Fanhai Zeng, Zhongqiang Zhang, and George Em Karniadakis


A High Order Stable Conservative Method for Solving Hyperbolic Conservation Laws on Arbitrarily Distributed Point Clouds
Jie Du and Chi-Wang Shu

Entropy Stable Staggered Grid Discontinuous Spectral Collocation Methods of any Order for the Compressible Navier--Stokes Equations
Matteo Parsani, Mark H. Carpenter, Travis C. Fisher, and Eric J. Nielsen

Optimal Model Management for Multifidelity Monte Carlo Estimation
Benjamin Peherstorfer, Karen Willcox, and Max Gunzburger

Optimized Schwarz Methods with Overlap for the Helmholtz Equation
Martin J. Gander and Hui Zhang

A Matrix Dependent/Algebraic Multigrid Approach for Extruded Meshes with Applications to Ice Sheet Modeling

R. Tuminaro, M. Perego, I. Tezaur, A. Salinger, and S. Price

hp-Adaptation Driven by Polynomial-Degree-Robust A Posteriori Error Estimates for Elliptic Problems
Vít Dolejší, Alexandre Ern, and Martin Vohralík

On Well-Conditioned Spectral Collocation and Spectral Methods by the Integral Reformulation
Kui Du

Parallel Statistical Multiresolution Estimation for Image Reconstruction
Stephan C. Kramer, Johannes Hagemann, Lutz Künneke, and Jan Lebert

Interpolation-Restart Strategies for Resilient Eigensolvers
E. Agullo, L. Giraud, P. Salas, and M. Zounon

Three-Dimensional Mapped-Grid Finite Volume Modeling of Poroelastic-Fluid Wave Propagation
Grady I. Lemoine

Energy Stable Numerical Schemes for a Hydrodynamic Model of Nematic Liquid Crystals
Jia Zhao, Xiaofeng Yang, Jun Li, and Qi Wang

Scalable Robust Matrix Recovery: Frank--Wolfe Meets Proximal Methods
Cun Mu, Yuqian Zhang, John Wright, and Donald Goldfarb

Optimal Local Approximation Spaces for Component-Based Static Condensation Procedures
Kathrin Smetana and Anthony T. Patera

Estimating the Largest Elements of a Matrix
Nicholas J. Higham and Samuel D. Relton

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


Sparse Adaptive Tensor Galerkin Approximations of Stochastic PDE-Constrained Control Problems
Angela Kunoth and Christoph Schwab

Shapley Effects for Global Sensitivity Analysis: Theory and Computation
Eunhye Song, Barry L. Nelson, and Jeremy Staum

A Sparse Stochastic Collocation Technique for High-Frequency Wave Propagation with Uncertainty
G. Malenova, M. Motamed, O. Runborg, and R. Tempone

Accelerating Stochastic Collocation Methods for Partial Differential Equations with Random Input Data
D. Galindo, P. Jantsch, C. G. Webster, and G. Zhang

Adaptive A-Optimal Experimental Design for Linear Dynamical Systems
J. Fohring and E. Haber


A Multiscale Strategy for Bayesian Inference Using Transport Maps
Matthew Parno, Tarek Moselhy, and Youssef Marzouk

Fast Sampling in a Linear-Gaussian Inverse Problem
Colin Fox and Richard A. Norton

An Adaptive Multilevel Monte Carlo Method with Stochastic Bounds for Quantities of Interest with Uncertain Data
Martin Eigel, Christian Merdon, and Johannes Neumann

Optimal Approximation of the First-Order Corrector in Multiscale Stochastic Elliptic PDE
Caroline Geiersbach, Clemens Heitzinger, and Gerhard Tulzer


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 60-3


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