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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


A Global Jacobian Method for Mortar Discretizations of a Fully Implicit Two-Phase Flow Model
Benjamin Ganis, Kundan Kumar, Gergina Pencheva, Mary F. Wheeler, and Ivan Yotov

A Combined Finite Element and Multiscale Finite Element Method for the Multiscale Elliptic Problems
Weibing Deng and Haijun Wu

Extraction of Intrawave Signals Using the Sparse Time-Frequency Representation Method
Peyman Tavallali, Thomas Y. Hou, and Zuoqiang Shi

Asymptotic Approximation of the Dirichlet to Neumann Map of High Contrast Conductive Media
Liliana Borcea, Yuliya Gorb, and Yingpei Wang

Redheffer Products and Numerical Approximation of Currents in One-Dimensional Semiconductor Kinetic Models
Laurent Gosse

Multiscale Analysis and Computation for a Stationary Schrödinger--Poisson System in Heterogeneous Nanostructures
Lei Zhang, Liqun Cao, and Jianlan Luo


Numerical Integrators for Motion under a Strong Constraining Force
Christian Lubich and Daniel Weiss

Numerical Simulations of X-Ray Free Electron Lasers (XFEL)
Paolo Antonelli, Agissilaos Athanassoulis, Zhongyi Huang, and Peter A. Markowich

High Dimensional Finite Elements for Multiscale Wave Equations
Bingxing Xia and Viet Ha Hoang

Mass Conservative Domain Decomposition Preconditioners for Multiscale Finite Volume Method
Hui Xie and Xuejun Xu

Generalized Multiscale Finite Element Methods for Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous Media
Eric T. Chung, Yalchin Efendiev, and Wing Tat Leung

Toward the Finite-Time Blowup of the 3D Axisymmetric Euler Equations: A Numerical Investigation
Guo Luo and Thomas Y. Hou

The Clausius--Mossotti Formula in a Dilute Random Medium with Fixed Volume Fraction
Y. Almog

On the Compressive Spectral Method

Alan Mackey, Hayden Schaeffer, and Stanley Osher


SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


Decomposition of Nonlinear Delayed Networks around Cluster States with Applications to Neurodynamics
Gábor Orosz

Border Collision Bifurcations of Stroboscopic Maps in Periodically Driven Spiking Models
A. Granados, M. Krupa, and F. Clément

Complete Entrainment of Lohe Oscillators under Attractive and Repulsive Couplings

Sun-Ho Choi and Seung-Yeal Ha

Qualitative Analysis of a Nonautonomous Beverton--Holt Ricker Model
Thorsten Hüls and Christian Pötzsche

Traveling Waves in a One-Dimensional Elastic Continuum Model of Cell Layer Migration with Stretch-Dependent Proliferation
Tracy L. Stepien and David Swigon


Periodic Traveling Waves in Integrodifferential Equations for Nonlocal Dispersal
Jonathan A. Sherratt

Codimension-Two Bifurcations in Animal Aggregation Models with Symmetry
Pietro-Luciano Buono and Raluca Eftimie

Noise Reduction in Coarse Bifurcation Analysis of Stochastic Agent-Based Models: An Example of Consumer Lock-In
Daniele Avitabile, Rebecca Hoyle, and Giovanni Samaey

Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Neural Fields on Product Spaces
Paul C. Bressloff and Samuel R. Carroll


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


Density of States for Platonic Crystals and Clusters
M. J. A. Smith, M. H. Meylan, and R. C. McPhedran

Asymptotic Behavior and Numerical Simulations for an Infection Load-Structured Epidemiological Model: Application to the Transmission of Prion Pathologies

Antoine Perasso and Ulrich Razafison

Molecular Transport in Viscoelastic Materials: Mechanistic Properties and Chemical Affinities

J. A. Ferreira, Paula de Oliveira, P. M. da Silva, and Laurent Simon

Optimization of Running Strategies Based on Anaerobic Energy and Variations of Velocity
Amandine Aftalion and J. Frédéric Bonnans

On Gaussian Beams Described by Jacobi's Equation
Steven T. Smith

Pulsatile Localized Dynamics in Delayed Neural Field Equations in Arbitrary Dimension
Grégory Faye and Jonathan Touboul

Cloaking Due to Anomalous Localized Resonance in Plasmonic Structures of Confocal Ellipses
Daewon Chung, Hyeonbae Kang, Kyoungsun Kim, and Hyundae Lee


Characterization of the Transonic Stationary Solutions of the Hydrodynamic Escape Problem
John M. Hong, Chien-Chang Yen, and Bo-Chih Huang

Nonlinear Oscillatory Acoustic Vacuum
Leonid I. Manevitch and Alexander F. Vakakis

Modeling Impulsive Insulin Delivery in Insulin Pump with Time Delays
Xinyu Song, Mingzhan Huang, and Jiaxu Li

Dynamics of Mosquitoes Populations with Different Strategies for Releasing Sterile Mosquitoes
Liming Cai, Shangbing Ai, and Jia Li

Epidemiological Consequences of Imperfect Vaccines for Immunizing Infections
F. M. G. Magpantay, M. A. Riolo, M. Domenech de Cellès, A. A. King, and P. Rohani

Optimizing Electrode Positions in Electrical Impedance Tomography
Nuutti Hyvönen, Aku Seppänen, and Stratos Staboulis


SIAM Journal on Computing


Time Hierarchies for Sampling Distributions
Thomas Watson

Polynomial-Time Computation of Homotopy Groups and Postnikov Systems in Fixed Dimension
Martin Čadek, Marek Krčál, Jiří Matoušek, Lukáš Vokřínek, and Uli Wagner

Optimal Dynamic Sequence Representations

Gonzalo Navarro and Yakov Nekrich

Matroid Secretary for Regular and Decomposable Matroids
Michael Dinitz and Guy Kortsarz


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


Measure Valued Directional Sparsity for Parabolic Optimal Control Problems
Karl Kunisch, Konstantin Pieper, and Boris Vexler

Computational Complexity of Inexact Gradient Augmented Lagrangian Methods: Application to Constrained MPC
Valentin Nedelcu, Ion Necoara, and Quoc Tran-Dinh

On the Robust Optimal Stopping Problem
Erhan Bayraktar and Song Yao

On Attack-Resilient Distributed Formation Control in Operator-Vehicle Networks
Minghui Zhu and Sonia Martínez

Contraction Analysis for a Class of NonDifferentiable Systems with Applications to Stability and Network Synchronization
Mario di Bernardo, Davide Liuzza, and Giovanni Russo

Common Information Based Markov Perfect Equilibria for Linear-Gaussian Games with Asymmetric Information
Abhishek Gupta, Ashutosh Nayyar, Cédric Langbort, and Tamer Başar

Reach Control on Simplices by Piecewise Affine Feedback
Mireille E. Broucke and Marcus Ganness

NonDissipative Torque and Shear Force Controls of a Rotating Flexible Structure
Xin Chen, Boumediène Chentouf, and Jun-Min Wang

Discovering Multiple Lyapunov Functions for Switched Hybrid Systems
Zhikun She and Bai Xue

Existence of Minimizers for NonLevel Convex Supremal Functionals
Ana Margarida Ribeiro and Elvira Zappale

Shape Optimization in Contact Problems with Coulomb Friction and a Solution-Dependent Friction Coefficient
P. Beremlijski, J. Haslinger, J. V. Outrata, and R. Pathó

Optimal Control of Evolutionary Quasi-Newtonian Fluids

Nadir Arada


Necessary Conditions for a Weak Minimum in Optimal Control Problems with Integral Equations Subject to State and Mixed Constraints
A. V. Dmitruk and N. P. Osmolovskii

Inertial-Sensor Bias Estimation from Brightness/Depth Images and Based on SO(3)-Invariant Integro/Partial Differential Equations on the Unit Sphere
Nadège Zarrouati-Vissière, Karine Beauchard, and Pierre Rouchon

Stability and Recurrence of Regime-Switching Diffusion Processes

Jinghai Shao and Fubao Xi

Forward Backward Semimartingale Systems for Utility Maximization
Marina Santacroce and Barbara Trivellato

A Refinement of the Generalized Chordal Distance
Amol Sasane

Multiphase Shape Optimization Problems
Dorin Bucur and Bozhidar Velichkov

Infinite-Dimensional Predictive Control for Hyperbolic Systems
Van Thang Pham, Didier Georges, and Gildas Besançon

Generalizing the KYP Lemma to Multiple Frequency Intervals
Goele Pipeleers, Tetsuya Iwasaki, and Shinji Hara

Stability and Observer Design for Lur'e Systems with Multivalued, Nonmonotone, Time-Varying Nonlinearities and State Jumps
Aneel Tanwani, Bernard Brogliato, and Christophe Prieur

On the Convexity of the Value Function for a Class of Nonconvex Variational Problems: Existence and Optimality Conditions

F. Flores-Bazán, A. Jourani, and G. Mastroeni

Characterization and Identification of Matrix Fraction Descriptions for LTI Systems
Bi-Qiang Mu, Han-Fu Chen, Le Yi Wang, and George Yin

Dependence of High-Frequency Waves with Respect to Potentials
Belhassen Dehman and Sylvain Ervedoza


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


Enumeration of 2-Polymatroids on up to Seven Elements
Thomas J. Savitsky

Sink-Stable Sets of Digraphs
Dóra Erdös, András Frank, and Krisztián Kun

On List Coloring and List Homomorphism of Permutation and Interval Graphs
Jessica Enright, Lorna Stewart, and Gábor Tardos

On Packing Two Graphs with Bounded Sum of Sizes and Maximum Degree
Andrzej Żak

Testing Similar Means
Reut Levi, Dana Ron, and Ronitt Rubinfeld

Fully Polynomial Time Approximation Schemes for Stochastic Dynamic Programs
Nir Halman, Diego Klabjan, Chung-Lun Li, James Orlin, and David Simchi-Levi

Combinatorial Conditions for the Unique Completability of Low-Rank Matrices
Bill Jackson, Tibor Jordán, and Shin-ichi Tanigawa

On Mod (2s+1)-Orientations of Graphs

Ping Li and Hong-Jian Lai

Oracle Tractability of Skew Bisubmodular Functions
Anna Huber and Andrei Krokhin

Spectral Extremal Problems for Hypergraphs
Peter Keevash, John Lenz, and Dhruv Mubayi

A Min-Max Theorem for Transversal Submodular Functions and Its Implications
Satoru Fujishige and Shin-ichi Tanigawa

k-Blocks: A Connectivity Invariant for Graphs
J. Carmesin, R. Diestel, M. Hamann, and F. Hundertmark

Planar Graphs with Δ ≥ 9 are Entirely (Δ + 2)-Colorable
Yiqiao Wang, Xiaoxue Hu, and Weifan Wang


On a Family of Diamond-Free Strongly Regular Graphs
A. Mohammadian and B. Tayfeh-Rezaie

On the Enumeration of Minimal Dominating Sets and Related Notions
Mamadou Moustapha Kanté, Vincent Limouzy, Arnaud Mary, and Lhouari Nourine

A Finite Family of Pseudodiscs Must Include a “Small” Pseudodisc
Rom Pinchasi

Upper Bound Constructions for Untangling Planar Geometric Graphs
Javier Cano, Csaba D. Tóth, and Jorge Urrutia

An Improved Kalai--Kleitman Bound for the Diameter of a Polyhedron
Michael J. Todd

Making Octants Colorful and Related Covering Decomposition Problems

Jean Cardinal, Kolja Knauer, Piotr Micek, and Torsten Ueckerdt


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


Forward Exponential Performances: Pricing and Optimal Risk Sharing
Michail Anthropelos

Quasi--Self-Dual Exponential Lévy Processes
Thorsten Rheinländer and Michael Schmutz

A Pricing Measure to Explain the Risk Premium in Power Markets
Fred Espen Benth and Salvador Ortiz-Latorre


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


Illusory Shapes via Corner Fusion
Sung Ha Kang, Wei Zhu, and Jackie Jianhong Shen

A Total Variation Spectral Framework for Scale and Texture Analysis
Guy Gilboa

Variable Density Sampling with Continuous Trajectories
Nicolas Chauffert, Philippe Ciuciu, Jonas Kahn, and Pierre Weiss

Video Inpainting of Complex Scenes
Alasdair Newson, Andrés Almansa, Matthieu Fradet, Yann Gousseau, and Patrick Pérez

NMF with Sparse Regularizations in Transformed Domains
Jérémy Rapin, Jérôme Bobin, Anthony Larue, and Jean-Luc Starck

Resolution-Controlled Conductivity Discretization in Electrical Impedance Tomography
Robert Winkler and Andreas Rieder

Pulsatile Localized Dynamics in Delayed Neural Field Equations in Arbitrary Dimension
Grégory Faye and Jonathan Touboul


Efficient Point-to-Subspace Query in ℓ1 with Application to Robust Object Instance Recognition
Ju Sun, Yuqian Zhang, and John Wright

Solving Quasi-Variational Inequalities for Image Restoration with Adaptive Constraint Sets
F. Lenzen, J. Lellmann, F. Becker, and C. Schnörr

A Relaxed Problem of Registration Based on the Saint Venant--Kirchhoff Material Stored Energy for the Mapping of Mouse Brain Gene Expression Data to a Neuroanatomical Mouse Atlas
Ratiba Derfoul and Carole Le Guyader

Space Variant Blind Image Restoration

Saima Ben Hadj, Laure Blanc-Féraud, and Gilles Aubert

Total Variation Regularization for Manifold-Valued Data
Andreas Weinmann, Laurent Demaret, and Martin Storath

On Infimal Convolution of TV-Type Functionals and Applications to Video and Image Reconstruction
Martin Holler and Karl Kunisch

Asymptotic Analysis of Inpainting via Universal Shearlet Systems
Martin Genzel and Gitta Kutyniok

A Nonlocal Variational Formulation for the Improvement of Tone Mapped Images
Praveen Cyriac, Thomas Batard, and Marcelo Bertalmío

Landmark- and Intensity-Based Registration with Large Deformations via Quasi-conformal Maps
Ka Chun Lam and Lok Ming Lui

On Covariant Derivatives and Their Applications to Image Regularization
Thomas Batard and Marcelo Bertalmío

A New Spherical Mixture Model for Head Detection in Depth Images
Denis Brazey and Bruno Portier

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


Linear Models for Composite Thin-Walled Beams by Γ-Convergence. Part I: Open Cross Sections
C. Davini, L. Freddi, and R. Paroni

Linear Models for Composite Thin-Walled Beams by Γ-Convergence. Part II: Closed Cross-Sections
C. Davini, L. Freddi, and R. Paroni

Aubry Sets for Weakly Coupled Systems of Hamilton--Jacobi Equations

Andrea Davini and Maxime Zavidovique

Uniqueness Results for an ODE Related to a Generalized Ginzburg--Landau Model for Liquid Crystals
Radu Ignat, Luc Nguyen, Valeriy Slastikov, and Arghir Zarnescu

The Two-Dimensional Incompressible Boussinesq Equations with General Critical Dissipation
Quansen Jiu, Changxing Miao, Jiahong Wu, and Zhifei Zhang

Subsonic Solutions for Steady Euler--Poisson System in Two-Dimensional Nozzles
Myoungjean Bae, Ben Duan, and Chunjing Xie

Localized Solutions of a Semilinear Parabolic Equation with a Recurrent Nonstationary Asymptotics
Peter Poláčik and Eiji Yanagida

On a Helmholtz Style Decomposition for an Exterior Domain
Tomas Schonbek

A Relative Entropy Approach to Convergence of a Low Order Approximation to a Nonlinear Elasticity Model with Viscosity and Capillarity
Jan Giesselmann

Weak Time Regularity and Uniqueness for a Q-Tensor Model
Francisco Guillén-González and MarÍa Ángeles RodrÍguez-Bellido

On the Consistency of Compressed Modes for Variational Problems Associated with the Schrödinger Operator
Farzin Barekat


Effects of Concavity on the Motion of a Body Immersed in a Vlasov Gas
Francesco Sisti and Costantino Ricciuti

Existence and Nonexistence of Semidiscrete Shocks for a Car-Following Model in Traffic Flow
A. Ghorbel and R. Monneau

Meander and Pearling of Single-Curvature Bilayer Interfaces in the Functionalized Cahn--Hilliard Equation
Arjen Doelman, Gurgen Hayrapetyan, Keith Promislow, and Brian Wetton

Traveling Waves for Monotone Semiflows with Weak Compactness
Jian Fang and Xiao-Qiang Zhao

Reconstruction of a Conformally Euclidean Metric from Local Boundary Diffraction Travel Times
Maarten V. de Hoop, Sean F. Holman, Einar Iversen, Matti Lassas, and Bjørn Ursin

Nonlinear Stability through Algebraically Decaying Point Spectrum: Applications to Nonlocal Interaction Equations
James H. von Brecht and Scott G. McCalla

On a Two Species Chemotaxis Model with Slow Chemical Diffusion
Mihaela Negreanu and J. Ignacio Tello

Analytical Approximation of the Blasius Similarity Solution with Rigorous Error Bounds
O. Costin and S. Tanveer

Asymptotic Behavior of Gradient Flows Driven by Nonlocal Power Repulsion and Attraction Potentials in One Dimension
Marco Di Francesco, Massimo Fornasier, Jan-Christian Hütter, and Daniel Matthes


SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


Nonnegative Tensor Factorization, Completely Positive Tensors, and a Hierarchical Elimination Algorithm
Liqun Qi, Changqing Xu, and Yi Xu

The Canonical Decomposition of CN/d and Numerical Gröbner and Border Bases
Kim Batselier, Philippe Dreesen, and Bart De Moor

An Algorithm For Generic and Low-Rank Specific Identifiability of Complex Tensors
Luca Chiantini, Giorgio Ottaviani, and Nick Vannieuwenhoven

On the Decay of the Elements of Inverse Triangular Toeplitz Matrices
Neville J. Ford, Dmitry V. Savostyanov, and Nickolai L. Zamarashkin

Relative Perturbation Theory for Diagonally Dominant Matrices
Megan Dailey, Froilán M. Dopico, and Qiang Ye


Projected Krylov Methods for Saddle-Point Systems
Nick Gould, Dominique Orban, and Tyrone Rees

A Moment-Matching Arnoldi Iteration for Linear Combinations of φ Functions

Antti Koskela and Alexander Ostermann

Communication-Avoiding Symmetric-Indefinite Factorization
Grey Ballard, Dulceneia Becker, James Demmel, Jack Dongarra, Alex Druinsky, Inon Peled, Oded Schwartz, Sivan Toledo, and Ichitaro Yamazaki

Computing Extremal Points of Symplectic Pseudospectra and Solving Symplectic Matrix Nearness Problems
Nicola Guglielmi, Daniel Kressner, and Christian Lubich

Orbit Closure Hierarchies of Skew-symmetric Matrix Pencils

Andrii Dmytryshyn and Bo Kågström


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


An Absolutely Stable Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Indefinite Time-Harmonic Maxwell Equations with Large Wave Number
Xiaobing Feng and Haijun Wu

A Robin-type Domain Decomposition Method with Red-Black Partition
Yongxiang Liu and Xuejun Xu

Coupled Finite And Boundary Element Methods for Fluid-Solid Interaction Eigenvalue Problems
A. Kimeswenger, O. Steinbach, and G. Unger

A Coupled Prediction Scheme for Solving the Navier--Stokes and Convection-Diffusion Equations
J. Deteix, A. Jendoubi, and D. Yakoubi

The Control of Parasitism in G-symplectic Methods
John C. Butcher, Yousaf Habib, Adrian T. Hill, and Terence J. T. Norton

Handling Convexity-Like Constraints in Variational Problems

Quentin Mérigot and Édouard Oudet

A Uniformly Accurate Multiscale Time Integrator Pseudospectral Method for the Klein--Gordon Equation in the Nonrelativistic Limit Regime
Weizhu Bao, Yongyong Cai, and Xiaofei Zhao

A Discontinuous Petrov--Galerkin Method for Time-Fractional Diffusion Equations
K. Mustapha, B. Abdallah, and K. M. Furati

A Fast Fourier--Galerkin Method Solving a Boundary Integral Equation for the Biharmonic Equation
Ying Jiang, Bo Wang, and Yuesheng Xu

Superconvergence of Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Linear Hyperbolic Equations
Waixiang Cao, Zhimin Zhang, and Qingsong Zou

Optimal Error Estimates of a Linearized Backward Euler FEM for the Landau--Lifshitz Equation
Huadong Gao

Erratum: Finite Element Approximation of the Cahn--Hilliard--Cook Equation
Mihály Kovács, Stig Larsson, and Ali Mesforush


A Crank--Nicolson ADI Spectral Method for a Two-Dimensional Riesz Space Fractional Nonlinear Reaction-Diffusion Equation
Fanhai Zeng, Fawang Liu, Changpin Li, Kevin Burrage, Ian Turner, and V. Anh

Linearized FE Approximations to a Nonlinear Gradient Flow

Buyang Li and Weiwei Sun

Spectral Approximation on the Unit Ball
Huiyuan Li and Yuan Xu

Higher Order QMC Petrov--Galerkin Discretization for Affine Parametric Operator Equations with Random Field Inputs
Josef Dick, Frances Y. Kuo, Quoc T. Le Gia, Dirk Nuyens, and Christoph Schwab

Ultra-weak Formulation of a Hypersingular Integral Equation on Polygons and DPG Method with Optimal Test Functions
Norbert Heuer and Felipe Pinochet

Effective Discretization of Direct Reconstruction Schemes For Photoacoustic Imaging In Spherical Geometries
Frank Filbir, Stefan Kunis, and Ruben Seyfried

Mixed Methods for Elastodynamics with Weak Symmetry
Douglas N. Arnold and Jeonghun J. Lee

Stability Theory for Difference Approximations of Euler--Korteweg Equations and Application to Thin Film Flows
Pascal Noble and Jean-Paul Vila


SIAM Journal on Optimization


Full Stability of Locally Optimal Solutions in Second-Order Cone Programs
Boris S. Mordukhovich, Jiří V. Outrata, and M. Ebrahim Sarabi

A Generalized Proximal Point Algorithm and Its Convergence Rate
Etienne Corman and Xiaoming Yuan

KKT Reformulation and Necessary Conditions for Optimality in Nonsmooth Bilevel Optimization

Stephan Dempe and Alain B. Zemkoho

A Cutting Surface Algorithm for Semi-Infinite Convex Programming with an Application to Moment Robust Optimization
Sanjay Mehrotra and Dávid Papp

Constant Factor Lasserre Integrality Gaps for Graph Partitioning Problems
Venkatesan Guruswami, Ali Kemal Sinop, and Yuan Zhou

An Inexact Proximal Path-Following Algorithm for Constrained Convex Minimization

Quoc Tran-Dinh, Anastasios Kyrillidis, and Volkan Cevher

Exactness of Semidefinite Relaxations for Nonlinear Optimization Problems with Underlying Graph Structure
Somayeh Sojoudi and Javad Lavaei

Optimal Primal-Dual Methods for a Class of Saddle Point Problems
Yunmei Chen, Guanghui Lan, and Yuyuan Ouyang

Nonsmooth Algorithms and Nesterov's Smoothing Technique for Generalized Fermat--Torricelli Problems
Nguyen Mau Nam, Nguyen Thai An, R. Blake Rector, and Jie Sun

Acceleration Method Combining Broadcast and Incremental Distributed Optimization Algorithms
Hideaki Iiduka and Kazuhiro Hishinuma

Gradient Formulae for Nonlinear Probabilistic Constraints with Gaussian and Gaussian-Like Distributions
Wim van Ackooij and René Henrion


Numerical Analysis of VU-Decomposition, U-Gradient, and U-Hessian Approximations
W. Hare

Strong Stationarity for Optimal Control of the Obstacle Problem with Control Constraints

Gerd Wachsmuth

Finitely Convergent Decomposition Algorithms for Two-Stage Stochastic Pure Integer Programs

Minjiao Zhang and Si̇mge Küçükyavuz

Variational Convergence of Bifunctions: Motivating Applications
Alejandro Jofré and Roger J.-B. Wets

SIAM Review

SIREV 56-2


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


Maximum-Principle-Satisfying Third Order Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes for Fokker--Planck Equations
Hailiang Liu and Hui Yu

An IMEX-Scheme for Pricing Options under Stochastic Volatility Models with Jumps
Santtu Salmi, Jari Toivanen, and Lina von Sydow

FATODE: A Library for Forward, Adjoint, and Tangent Linear Integration of ODEs
Hong Zhang and Adrian Sandu

A Robust Multigrid Preconditioner for SNDG Approximation of Monochromatic, Isotropic Radiation Transport Problems
G. Kanschat and J.-C. Ragusa

Multicore Performance of Block Algebraic Iterative Reconstruction Methods
Hans Henrik B. Sørensen and Per Christian Hansen

Low-Rank Tensor Methods with Subspace Correction for Symmetric Eigenvalue Problems
Daniel Kressner, Michael Steinlechner, and André Uschmajew

Fourth-Order Interface Tracking in Two Dimensions via an Improved Polygonal Area Mapping Method
Qinghai Zhang and Aaron Fogelson

Entropy Stable Spectral Collocation Schemes for the Navier--Stokes Equations: Discontinuous Interfaces
Mark H. Carpenter, Travis C. Fisher, Eric J. Nielsen, and Steven H. Frankel

Multivariate Discrete Least-Squares Approximations with a New Type of Collocation Grid
Tao Zhou, Akil Narayan, and Zhiqiang Xu

Solving an Ill-Posed Cauchy Problem for a Two-Dimensional Parabolic PDE with Variable Coefficients Using a Preconditioned GMRES Method
Zohreh Ranjbar and Lars Eldén

Local and Parallel Finite Element Algorithms Based on the Partition of Unity for the Stokes Problem
Jiaping Yu, Feng Shi, and Haibiao Zheng

Advection-Diffusion-Reaction Equations: Hyperbolization and High-Order ADER Discretizations
Eleuterio F. Toro and Gino I. Montecinos

Simultaneous Input and Output Matrix Partitioning for Outer-Product--Parallel Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication
Kadir Akbudak and Cevdet Aykanat

Semi-Lagrangian Methods for Parabolic Problems in Divergence Form
L. Bonaventura and R. Ferretti

Causal Domain Restriction for Eikonal Equations
Z. Clawson, A. Chacon, and A. Vladimirsky

Implementation of Parallel Adaptive-Krylov Exponential Solvers for Stiff Problems
J. Loffeld and M. Tokman

Special Section on Two Themes: Planet Earth and Big Data
Tamara G. Kolda and Irad Yaneh

Stochastic Algorithms for Inverse Problems Involving PDEs and many Measurements
Farbod Roosta-Khorasani, Kees van den Doel, and Uri Ascher

A Scalable Fully Implicit Compressible Euler Solver for Mesoscale Nonhydrostatic Simulation of Atmospheric Flows
Chao Yang and Xiao-Chuan Cai

Counting Triangles in Massive Graphs with MapReduce
Tamara G. Kolda, Ali Pinar, Todd Plantenga, C. Seshadhri, and Christine Task

Quantile Regression for Large-Scale Applications
Jiyan Yang, Xiangrui Meng, and Michael W. Mahoney

Efficient Dimensionality Reduction for Canonical Correlation Analysis
Haim Avron, Christos Boutsidis, Sivan Toledo, and Anastasios Zouzias

Four-Field Finite Element Solver and Sensitivities for Quasi-Newtonian Flows
N. Martin and J. Monnier

Model Reduction With MapReduce-enabled Tall and Skinny Singular Value Decomposition
Paul G. Constantine, David F. Gleich, Yangyang Hou, and Jeremy Templeton

3D Frequency-Domain Seismic Inversion with Controlled Sloppiness
Tristan van Leeuwen and Felix J. Herrmann

Geophysical Imaging of Fluid Flow in Porous Media
J. Fohring, E. Haber, and L. Ruthotto

Fast Methods for Denoising Matrix Completion Formulations, with Applications to Robust Seismic Data Interpolation
Aleksandr Aravkin, Rajiv Kumar, Hassan Mansour, Ben Recht, and Felix J. Herrmann

A Hessian-Based Method for Uncertainty Quantification in Global Ocean State Estimation
Alexander G. Kalmikov and Patrick Heimbach


Lattice Boltzmann Formulation for Linear Viscoelastic Fluids Using an Abstract Second Stress
Paul J. Dellar

A Combined Preconditioning Strategy for Nonsymmetric Systems
B. Ayuso de Dios, A. T. Barker, and P. S. Vassilevski

Explicit Coupling Schemes for a Fluid-Fluid Interaction Problem Arising in Hemodynamics

Miguel A. Fernández, Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau, and Saverio Smaldone

Efficient Localization of Discontinuities in Complex Computational Simulations
Alex Gorodetsky and Youssef Marzouk

A Fast Direct Solver for High Frequency Scattering from a Large Cavity in Two Dimensions
Jun Lai, Sivaram Ambikasaran, and Leslie F. Greengard

Spectral and Discontinuous Spectral Element Methods for Fractional Delay Equations
Mohsen Zayernouri, Wanrong Cao, Zhongqiang Zhang, and George Em Karniadakis

Higher Order Strong Approximations of Semilinear Stochastic Wave Equation with Additive Space-time White Noise
Xiaojie Wang, Siqing Gan, and Jingtian Tang

A New Active Set Method For Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Chao Zhang, Liping Jing, and Naihua Xiu

Applications of the Cross-Entropy Method to Importance Sampling and Optimal Control of Diffusions
Wei Zhang, Han Wang, Carsten Hartmann, Marcus Weber, and Christof Schütte

On Monotonicity-Preserving Stabilized Finite Element Approximations of Transport Problems
Santiago Badia and Alba Hierro

Preconditioning Techniques for Diagonal-times-Toeplitz Matrices in Fractional Diffusion Equations
Jianyu Pan, Rihuan Ke, Michael K. Ng, and Hai-Wei Sun

To Be or Not to Be Intrusive? The Solution of Parametric and Stochastic Equations---the “Plain Vanilla” Galerkin Case
Loïc Giraldi, Alexander Litvinenko, Dishi Liu, Hermann G. Matthies, and Anthony Nouy

A Rescaled Localized Radial Basis Function Interpolation on Non-Cartesian and Nonconforming Grids
Simone Deparis, Davide Forti, and Alfio Quarteroni

SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


Predicting Dynamic Trends of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation for Transient and Stochastic Forcing Effects
A. Pampell, A. B. Aceves, and G. Srinivasan

A Combined Probabilistic/Nonprobabilistic Decision Analysis for Contaminant Remediation
D. O'Malley and V. V. Vesselinov


A Preconditioner for Fictitious Domain Formulations of Elliptic PDEs on Uncertain Parameterized Domains
Andrew Gordon and Catherine E. Powell

An MCMC Algorithm for Parameter Estimation in Signals with Hidden Intermittent Instability
Nan Chen, Dimitrios Giannakis, Radu Herbei, and Andrew J. Majda

A Generalized ANOVA Dimensional Decomposition for Dependent Probability Measures
Sharif Rahman

Rare-Event Simulation for the Stochastic Korteweg--de Vries Equation
Gongjun Xu, Guang Lin, and Jingchen Liu


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 58-4


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