SIAM Policy on Substitute Speakers and Remote Presentations

SIAM expects those who agree to present at a SIAM conference or workshop to attend the meeting and present the talk in person. Exceptions can be made only in the rarest of circumstances, on a case by case basis. 

If an invited plenary speaker or prize speaker finds he/she cannot attend to present, he/she should inform the conference co-chairs immediately. If there is sufficient lead time, the co-chairs can find a replacement speaker who can attend. However, if the plenary speaker or prize speaker cannot attend due to a last-minute emergency, then the co-chairs and SIAM can consider options for remote presentation. All remote presentations require advanced approval from the SIAM VP for Programs. Each situation will have unique circumstances. The co-chairs and SIAM should consider whether the venue is suitable for a remote presentation and should ensure there is sufficient AV and internet/phone as necessary to support a remote presentation. SIAM will allow co-chairs to explore all reasonable options, including Skype-like sessions and prerecorded presentations with the speaker available for questions by phone and a session chair to run the presentation. SIAM will consider the cost implications, but cost considerations will be secondary to the quality of the conference attendee experience.

Remote presentations for minisymposium, contributed talk, or posters will not be considered, except in extenuating circumstances (as outlined in the next paragraph). If a presenter for a minisymposium, contributed talk, or poster cannot present for any reason, the best option is to have a co-author in attendance give the presentation. Minisymposia presenters may also work with their minisymposia organizers to find another qualified person to give the presentation if necessary. Contributed talk and poster presenters can work with the meeting co-chairs to find another qualified person to give the presentation if necessary. In the cases mentioned above, the one talk per presenter rule will be waived. In most cases, if there is no suitable replacement, then minisymposium, contributed talk or poster speakers, should work with the session chairs and the conference meeting manager to cancel the talk.  

There is one case where SIAM will consider a remote presentation: if a speaker is from a country whose citizens are currently banned from entering the United States, the speaker and minisymposia organizers or the co-chairs should first explore options for a replacement speaker. If none can be found, the conference co-chairs may consider a remote presentation for a minisymposium or contributed talk subject to the above requirements, including approval in advance by the SIAM VP for programs. Poster presenters who are citizens of countries banned from entering the US can work with the conference co-chairs or the meeting manager to ship their poster to the meeting. It will be hung for viewing, even if the presenter cannot attend.

Replacement speakers and speakers presenting remotely should be registered for the meeting. Reimbursement of registration fees are subject to the guidelines posted on the meeting registration information page.

If the meeting is outside the US or handled by local organizers, SIAM encourages the organizers to adapt these guidelines in a way that is appropriate to the circumstances in that country.

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