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HAPPENING VIRTUALLY: SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE21)

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Broader Engagement Program

The Broader Engagement (BE) program will be @SIAM CSE for the fourth time!

The BE mission is to expand the CSE community by supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds while also catalyzing change in the community to create a more inclusive and diverse society. Benefits of the BE Program:

  • Helps participants develop a sense of belonging in the CSE community through:
    • program orientation
    • mentoring
    • motivational workshops/activities
  • Supports participant technical growth through:
    • small learning groups called “Guided Affinity Groups
    • entry-level tutorials
    • career and professional development sessions
  • Provides opportunities for the community to:
    • Get involved as a volunteer
    • Learn how to create a more inclusive and diverse society
    • Become an advocate

All BE sessions except meal functions, are open to all CSE21 attendees.
For more information about the BE program, to volunteer or apply for participation see:
Volunteer for BE @CSE21
Additional information and Sponsorship Opportunities can be found here.